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The most expensive motorcycle helmets in the world



  •  Who will appreciate your cool bike worth a hundred thousand dollars if you have an ordinary inexpensive motorcycle helmet on your head? Apparently this is what luxury designers thought when they created the most expensive motorcycle helmets in the world.

  • Part of their value is due to the latest technology used in the creation of the helmet, as well as the use of premium quality materials.
  • Exterior finishes are also a major expense, as many high quality helmets are painted with a variety of reflective and highly visible finishes.
  • And, as you will see in this article, motorcycle helmets from famous brands are also expensive because they look very, very cool.

10. AGV Sportmodular

codfqrxuPrice – $850

  •  It is a helmet designed with AGV racing heritage in mind while still offering the comfort and convenience of modern modulars. The carbon fiber shell provides a lightweight construction (1390 grams) and a stylish look, and there are several simple yet bright colors to choose from.

  •  When creating this model, the manufacturer tried to achieve the highest level of sound insulation, good ventilation and optimal stability at different speeds. As a result, the AGV Sportmodular has become one of the best touring helmets, very similar to a sport helmet in terms of safety, technology and design.

9 Shoei X-Fourteen

  •  Shoei's flagship helmet was designed with input from the world's leading motorcycle racers such as Marc Marquez and Bradley Smith.

  •  It is equipped with a CWR-F visor with improved visibility, capable of absorbing 99% of UV rays. Inside the helmet is a removable liner that absorbs and wicks away sweat twice as fast as regular nylon liner. This expensive accessory was created using fiberglass and organic fibers so strong that they can only be damaged by a laser.

8. Veldt Foil Full Face

  •  Veldt helmets, with a carbon fiber shell with metal mounts, are modular, but not quite conventional. The fold-down face shield and chin piece unscrew, allowing you to quickly convert it to an open face helmet if that's what you're looking for.

  •  The total weight of the helmet reaches 1,3 kg (depending on size). There are a variety of finishes available for the case, either using pure carbon or hand-applied foil, as in the silver variant you see here.

7. Schuberth C4 Pro Carbon

  •  The C4 Pro Carbon is the pinnacle of the Schuberth motorcycle helmet range, which has been making head protection accessories for over 70 years.

  •  The C4 Pro Carbon uses the latest technology for maximum safety and convenience.

  • The helmet's capsule is made of carbon fiber as the name of the product reflects, it has excellent sound isolation and a microphone located near the cheek (this position increases the clarity of the sound).
  • The washable antibacterial lining provides the most comfortable helmet fit.
  • The inner shell of the helmet includes many layers of expanded polystyrene for optimal shock absorption.
  • With all its improvements, the helmet remains super light – 1,6 kg.

6. AGV Corsa R

  •  One of the most expensive motorcycle helmets out there, it features great visibility, great ventilation, superb aerodynamics and a lightweight shell. It's completely race-focused, so it's devoid of many bells and whistles like sunglasses or padded lining and headset space.

  •  Yes, and the sound insulation in it is poor, so you are unlikely to enjoy driving in such a helmet on a busy highway.

  •  At $1000, riders will be able to experience the racing heritage of each of the AGV helmets without having to spend money on the top PistaGp model of which the Corsa R is an external replica.

5. Arai Corsair-X

  •  One of the most comfortable and well ventilated helmets on the market today. But the research, technology and materials needed to create it are not cheap.

  •  The main features of the helmet:

  1. Floating axis of rotation of the visor.
  2. Superfibre shell and a range of other synthetic fibers designed specifically for Formula 1 visors.
  3. Soft and comfortable lining made of environmentally friendly material.
  4. Excellent aerodynamics and ventilation
  5. Good visibility of the VAS V MV visor regardless of weather conditions.

4. Hedon Heroine Racer Metallic Python

  •  The London-based company's elegant and timeless designs consistently impress users with both their look and value. The Hedon helmets are comfortable and fit well, and the Heroine Racer Metallic Python also has an amazing patinated metal look. First, the shell of the helmet is formed from carbon fiber and fiberglass, and then the helmet is baked in a patented autoclave.

  •  The look of the Heroine Racer Metallic Python has something of a post-apocalyptic, Mad Max feel to it, while maintaining the same high-end vibe as the rest of Hedon's line of helmets. Priced at $1080, this is the most expensive helmet in the company's lineup.

3 Ruby Castel Shibuya

  •  French company Ruby Helmets makes some of the most luxurious and fashionable motorcycle helmets on the market, and Shibuya's full-face design has become iconic in its own right. Its distinguishing features are high-quality paintwork, genuine calfskin leather interior trim and a branded crest in the center of the helmet.

  •  Each helmet is painted by hand. The color of the helmet is dedicated to the Shibuya district in Tokyo.

2. AGV Pista GP RR ECE DOT Limited Edition Special

  •  A 100% carbon fiber shell, metal-lined vents and a built-in hydration hose so you can sip water while racing are just some of the unique features of this top-of-the-line racing helmet.

  •  It is equipped with a quick release system, but lacks good sound insulation. In return, AGV provides the customer with a pair of earplugs.

1. Arai Corsair-X

  •  Take the technology used to create Formula 1 helmets, integrate them into the best motorcycle helmet, and what do you get? Corsair-X, aimed at professional motorcycle racers.

  •  It was created using a special blend of carbon fiber used in the latest generation of commercial airliners. It provides the helmet with amazing strength, while not weighing the product much. The weight of the helmet is 1645 grams.

  •  A unique feature of the Corsair-X is a small, adjustable spoiler at the back of the helmet. The spoiler can be raised and lowered, and then securely fixed. This piece is designed to provide adjustable pressure at higher speeds so that the helmet does not lift up or move forward depending on the position of the rider.


  •  At almost $4000, this is by far the most expensive helmet in the world, unless, of course, there is a helmet adorned with platinum and precious stones in the private collection of some billionaire.