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DIGMA EVE 10 A400T – express review of a tablet computer with a keyboard



The concept of a device that can replace several devices remains on the wave of current trends in electronics. At the same time, prices for such gadgets often “bite”. The international manufacturer of digital devices and consumer electronics for home and business "enters the fray" with this stereotype DIGMA with EVE 10 A400T – a transformer that can turn from a tablet to a laptop and vice versa, without emptying the buyer's wallet. Let's take a closer look at it.


bttkx4faThe tablet is focused on practicality. Black color and visually pleasing coating of the case. No extra details or graphics. It is also worth noting the presence of all the main connectors: micro HDMI, USB, USB Type-C and headphone. In general, the designers were clearly guided by the principle "simplicity is the key to success." wznjeiv4

Ergonomics and dimensions

  •  Like all similar devices, the EVE 10 A400T is extremely compact. In addition, it weighs only 1 grams. So if your study or work intersects with constant movement, there is no doubt a big plus. In addition, the matte finish of the body is really good. As for the keyboard, it is not noisy, pressing is comfortable. So the ergonomics are at the level, it is convenient to use.


  •  The “stuffing” of this model is sharpened for relatively mundane tasks. She will not pull active gaming. However, movies, YouTube, not very demanding games, basic applications, sketching and so on are easy. Powered by Intel Atom Z8350 – a stable processor with good power efficiency. There is a modest but confident 4 GB of RAM. The drive holds 64 GB, on top you can add another 128 GB microSD. Windows 10 is installed as the OS, so there is no need to worry about the interface and connection with other devices.


xskhsbolThe image is displayed on a 10,1-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 1 x 280. The result is a decent picture. Surprisingly (at a fairly low price of this device), the color rendition did not actually suffer.


  •  The 6 mAh capacity shows a good result in tandem with the overall efficient power consumption. As a result, when working in Word or in social networks, the DIGMA EVE 000 A10T tablet will quietly “live” without recharging up to 400-8 hours.


  •  For professional photography, 2 megapixels is certainly not an option, but the presence of the main and front cameras provides all the conditions for video calls.


  •  Everything is standard here: the device supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the connection is stable. No problems were found with this.


  •  Complete with the gadget itself, you get a network adapter, a user manual and a one-year warranty card.

  •  As a result, among the main advantages can be noted:

  1. lightness, small size;
  2. low price;
  3. easy attachment / detachment of the keyboard;
  4. the ability to hold a charge for a long time;
  5. comfortable keyboard and touchpad.

  •  In general, the device turned out worthy for its money. So if you are looking for an inexpensive tool for work / study or just for home, be sure to pay attention to this device.