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The best feature phones 2020 – ranking

Nobby 120


  •  For many elderly, visually and hearing impaired people, and schoolchildren who spend too much time surfing the Internet, a feature phone with its big buttons, loud sound and lack of Internet access (but not all models) is the best alternative to the most powerful smartphone.

  •  And if you are looking for the best feature phone, we will recommend 10 models with the best value for money.

10.Nokia 8110 4G


  • support for two SIM-cards
  • screen 2.45 ″, resolution 320 × 240
  • camera 2 MP
  • memory 4 GB, without slot for memory cards
  • 3G, 4G LTE, LTE-A, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  • RAM 512 MB
  • battery 1500 mAh
  • weight 117 g, WxHxT 49.30 × 133.45 × 14.90 mm

  •  The coolest push-button phone that the Finnish company Nokia has to offer. This is a modern clone of the legendary 8110 device that supports 4G networks, with 2 active SIM cards, and has a convenient ability to receive and end calls by simply opening and closing the flip.

  •  Its screen has good viewing angles, but is slightly inferior in brightness to other models from the list of the best feature phones. In addition, the Nokia 8110 4G can work as a Wi-Fi router, providing a stable connection (according to user reviews, it easily “squeezes out” 50 Mbps). However, in this mode, it can be discharged for 6-8 hours.

Pros: A feature phone with a good camera that has an MP3 player, radio, great speaker and good sound through headphones.

Cons: no blacklist, menu slows down, there are ads in applications, games are preinstalled that cannot be deleted.

9. ONEXT Lollipop 3G


  • telephone for the elderly
  • support for two SIM-cards
  • screen 2.4″
  • camera 0.80 MP
  • memory 32 MB, slot for memory card
  • 3G
  • battery 1450 mAh
  • WxHxD 56x127x15.50 mm

  •  Another bright model in the ranking of the best push-button phones. And although it is positioned as a phone for the elderly, it is also suitable for a child who loves bright and unusual things.

  •  ONEXT Lollipop 3G has a large color screen with easy-to-read fonts, a loud speaker and large multi-colored buttons that are easy to press.

  •  The camera, of course, is “for show”, but it’s hard to expect anything else from a device priced below 2000 rubles.

ProsA: Stylish, eye-catching design, 3.5mm headphone jack, simple interface.

Cons: 3G is only in one slot, in the second – only GSM.



  • support for two SIM-cards
  • screen 2.2 ″, resolution 220 × 176
  • camera 0.30 MP
  • memory 32 MB, slot for memory card
  • Bluetooth
  • RAM 32 MB
  • battery 1400 mAh
  • weight 117 g, WxHxT 58.50 × 123.30 × 14.30 mm

  •  This is a good push-button mobile phone for the elderly for several reasons.

  1. First, it is very loud.
  2. Secondly, it has large buttons with clearly visible letters and numbers.
  3. Thirdly, it has a fairly large and bright screen.
  4. Fourthly, this model comes with a charging stand, which means that a blind grandma or grandfather will not have to look for a connector to plug in the charging cord.
  5. Fifth, MAXVI B6 has a very bright flashlight.

Pros: there is an MP3 player, radio, stylish appearance.

Cons: the phone is tight in the docking station, you have to adjust to pull it out. There are many menu settings, so if you get MAXVI B6 as a gift for an elderly relative, it's better to set everything up yourself.

7 Philips Xenium E125


  • support for two SIM-cards
  • screen 1.77 ″, resolution 160 × 128
  • camera 0.10 MP
  • memory 32 MB, slot for memory card
  • RAM 32 MB
  • battery 2000 mAh
  • weight 91 g, WxHxD 48.50x117x15.60 mm

  •  This is a Philips push-button phone with the most powerful battery of all that are presented in our rating. At the same time, it has a small size, soundly made and catches the signal well.

  •  Therefore, if you need a simple and convenient dialer that will work for at least 3 days in the constant ringing mode, up to 7 days in the "periodic calls" mode, and up to 20 days in the standby mode, feel free to take the Philips Xenium E125, you won't be mistaken.

ProsA: There is an MP3 player, radio, support custom ringtones installed on the memory card, loud call.

Cons: No vibration, no Bluetooth.

6. INOI 244 Quatro


  • support for four SIM cards
  • screen 2.4 ″, resolution 320 × 240
  • 0.30 MP
  • memory 32 MB, slot for memory card
  • Bluetooth
  • RAM 32 MB
  • battery 800 mAh
  • weight 53 g, WxHxT 50 × 118.50 × 11.90 mm

  •  If you want to buy a good push-button phone that can hold several SIM cards at the same time, then it is in front of you. Its distinctive feature is the presence of 4 SIM cards at once. They are located very tightly to each other and it is very inconvenient to pull them out. But this is not surprising, given the compact body of the device.

  •  The screen is quite large for a budget button device – 2,4 inches. Rubber buttons are pressed very smoothly and tactilely pleasant, but not too big.

Pros: there is a radio, it quickly catches the network, good audibility, a convenient menu.

Cons: phone book for 500 contacts with 1 field for one contact, SIM cards cannot be assigned names.

5. Nokia 210


  • support for two SIM-cards
  • screen 2.4″
  • camera 0.30 MP
  • memory 16 MB, slot for memory card
  • battery 1020 mAh
  • WxHxT 53.49 × 120.80 × 13.81 mm
  • MP3 player, radio

  •  Another, but not the last representative of Nokia in the ranking of push-button phones. It features a bright display, loud sound and a very powerful battery for its size and characteristics, which can work for 18 hours of talk time.

  •  In addition, the Nokia 210 also vibrates as if it is preparing to jump out of your pocket, so you definitely won’t miss a call.

  •  And it also allows you to set any ringtone, for this you need to upload the desired sound file to the memory card.

Pros: You can assign 2 phone numbers to one contact, you can increase the font of the menu and messages.

Cons: small buttons, slippery body.

4. DIGMA LINX N331 mini


  • support for two SIM-cards
  • screen 1.77 ″, resolution 160 × 128
  • camera
  • memory 32 MB, slot for memory card
  • Bluetooth
  • RAM 32 MB
  • battery 800 mAh
  • weight 71 g, WxHxD 48.80x110x14.90 mm

  •  One of the cheapest push-button phones pleasantly surprises with the build quality of the body, comfortable keyboard and good call quality.

  •  But the font is small, so for those who have vision problems, it may be problematic to use the LINX N331 mini.

  •  Like other budget push-button phones, this model is equipped with only one speaker – conversational, it is also for calling. Therefore, when talking, the interlocutor will be heard not only by you, but also by those who are nearby. However, this is “treated” if you put the phone to your ear with the back side.

ProsFeatures: bright screen, 3.5mm headphone jack, support for two SIM cards and a memory card, simple and convenient menu, there is an MP3 player and radio.

Cons: small font.

3. Super Mini K8


  • screen 1″
  • rear camera 0,3MP
  • slot for memory cards up to 32 GB
  • battery 600 mAh
  • dimensions 67,2x29x18 mm

  •  This feature phone with a good battery looks like a miniature can of Coca-Cola. You can buy it on Aliexpress, while the menu isn, but there are no Russian letters on the buttons.

  •  In the most active mode (frequent and long calls) Super Mini K8 will last about a day. So, if you need a miniature dialer, which will not delay your pocket and is not ruinous for the most modest family budget, you won’t find a better option.

Pros: design, the presence of two SIM cards.

Cons: no speed dialing, weak speaker, but speakerphone.

2. Nokia 105SS (2019)


  • screen 1.77″
  • without camera
  • memory 4 MB, without slot for memory cards
  • battery 800 mAh
  • weight 74 g, WxHxD 49.20x119x14.40 mm

  •  This tiny phone has a 3.5 mm headphone jack, FM radio and a large battery, which, according to the manufacturer, will allow the Nokia 105 SS to live 619 hours of standby time.

  •  There is even a semblance of a black list (but only 10 numbers) and a contact book, in which you can add up to 2 thousand numbers. True, the 10-character limit when writing a contact name is depressing. And in the settings you can configure the ban on outgoing calls.

Pros: there is a radio, nice built-in melodies, good reception and conversation quality.

Cons: not very convenient menu, inconvenient central button, slippery case, several paid and one free game ("Snake") only clog memory.

1 Nobby 120


  • support for two SIM-cards
  • screen 1.77 ″, resolution 160 × 128
  • camera 0.10 MP
  • memory 32 MB, slot for memory card
  • Bluetooth
  • RAM 32 MB
  • battery 800 mAh
  • weight 66 g, WxHxD 51x116x13 mm

  •  Top push-button phones are headed by an inexpensive, lightweight and compact model with a tiny color screen, built-in voice recorder and FM radio. It is equipped with a removable battery that can last 15 hours of talk time and almost 21 days of standby time.

  •  Users praise Nobby 120 for simultaneous support of two SIM cards, loud and clear sound from the speaker, as well as convenient and easy operation. It is easy to deal with both a small child and an elderly person.

Pros: good assembly, there is a radio, it reliably keeps in touch.

Cons: not.