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Book ranking 2023: new and bestsellers

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  •  The 2023 book ranking includes both the most read and discussed books in sales in physical and digital bookstores, as well as interesting novelties that the literary industry can boast of. In the review you will find books of various genres, for young and adult readers.

  •  And since it is a thankless and dubious task to evaluate the artistic and cognitive merits of books of different genres, the selection is arranged alphabetically. Enjoy reading!

30. Matyas Enar. "Annual Feast of the Burial Fellowship"


  •  An ethnologist student is transported from the lights of a big city to the French outback, where he hopes to find material for his diploma. At first, it seems to him that he has stumbled upon a gold mine: it turns out that the mayor of the city is a member of an ancient community with the not at all ominous name of the Burial Brotherhood.

  •  The average reader of thrillers would have picked up the hint and rushed back to civilization, but ethnologists are made of a different material – and the student bravely rushes straight into the abyss of French magical realism.

29. Edith Eva Eger; Esme Schwall-Weigand. "Choice. On the freedom and inner strength of man"


  •  In 1944, the ballerina Edith Eger was sent by the Nazis to Auschwitz. For her own survival, she had to dance in front of Mengele himself. Together with her sister, a sixteen-year-old girl had to endure all the horrors of Auschwitz. And now, 35 years after the war, Edith, who became a psychologist, returns to Auschwitz ...

28. Bodo Schaefer. "A dog named Mani"


  •  Not only does the Labrador named “Money” (yes, it’s “money”) turn out to be a talking one, he is also a real financial genius!

  •  The book of a modern German financier in an easy and entertaining way tells modern children what money is, about the main financial instruments and, of course, about where and how you can make money.

27. Dario Fo. "Daughter of the Pontiff"


  •  The books of the Italian Nobel laureate are almost unknown – and so the Limbus-Press publishing house decided to correct this. The book is dedicated to the beauty, intellectual, politician and part-time poisoner – Lucrezia Borgia.

26. Jonathan Franzen. "Crossroads"


  •  One of the novelties of 2023 is dedicated to the difficult issue of preserving marriage in modern conditions, when, it would seem, it has lost all value. The situation is further complicated by the fact that the marriage is long-standing, the children have grown up long ago, and the hero is an American priest.

  •  Franzen's books have long been known to readers who tend to think about simple questions that turn out to be very difficult to check.

25. Mosyan Tongsu. "Blessing of the Celestials"


  •  Tongshu is a recognized star of the danmei genre, who was able to break through from the net to paper. A colorful story about a handsome prince, who was awarded the title of a deity for the purity of his thoughts, but could not stay in the firmament, became a hit not only in his homeland, in China, but also. In addition, the book is beautifully illustrated.

24. Tatsuki Fujimoto. Chainsaw Man Books One and Two


  •  Eastern culture, in particular the art of manga, has confidently made its way to Russian shelves. So, according to the All-Russian Book Rating, a colorful work made its way to the top books of 2023 – the story of a simple Japanese who, for the sake of a piece of daily bread and paying off the debts of his late father, is forced to earn extra money by hunting demons. Of course, the chainsaw here is not only for the sake of a red word.

23. Joanna Stingray. Viktor Tsoi. Last Hero. Story"


  •  In early July (just in time for the 60th anniversary of his birth), a long-awaited book about Viktor Tsoi, a man, a musician, a legend, will hit the shelves. For the first time, the book will feature rare photographs, filming footage, memories of relatives, lovingly collected by an American who fell in love with Russian rock and became a popularizer of late Soviet and early Russian music in the West.

22. Anna Starobinets. "Fox Brody"


  •  Anna has diverse interests – she not only writes children's books, but is also the author of several wonderful science fiction works. "Fox Brody" is a cross between the first and second.

  •  The action takes place somewhere far in the east of Russia, in the place of the same name, where at the end of the war years everyone seeks to find what was lost – from the military to the werewolf foxes. This is one of the best books of summer 2023 – interesting, exciting and, of course, kind.

21. Alexander Sobolev. "Shadow over the right shoulder"


  •  A new novel from a lover of hoaxes and intellectual games. The author plunges headlong into the world of Russian classics, allegedly discovering Anna's diary, written in 1916, in the ruins of an antique shop. The young girl is captured by the whirlwind of revolutionary events – and without cuts and embellishment she describes her experience.

20. Sion Sigurdsson. "Skugga Baldur"


  •  The reincarnation of Skugga into a Russian text has been expected by bookworms for a long time. The songwriter for Björk, who was nominated for an Oscar for his lyrics to "Dancer in the Dark", in 2005 gave birth to "The Blue Fox" (that's how the book's title is translated from Icelandic) and received the Nordic Council Literary Prize for it.

  •  And "Skugga Baldur" is worth it – it's a stunning, mind-boggling mixture of Icelandic folklore, thriller, romance and mystical realism.

19. Jen Sincero. “NO SY. Be confident in your abilities and don't let doubts stop you from moving forward."


  •  Under the provocative name (don't think bad, it's actually Eastern wisdom) hides 25 effective techniques that, according to the author, can give the reader self-confidence, independence and getting rid of fear of the future.

18. Katerina Silvanova, Elena Malisova. "Summer in a Pioneer Tie"


  •  A heartbreaking story about the awakening of love in a pioneer camp, and forbidden ("same-sex") love, painted with a sweet veil of nostalgia and longing for lost opportunities, turned out to be very popular in the post-Soviet space. There were many connoisseurs of teenage romance in the expanses of Russian land – according to the All-Russian Book Rating, the book was sold for more than 56 million rubles.

17. JK Rowling. "Christmas pig"


  •  Rowling's work is not the only one famous for Harry Potter (although the first three books about the wizard boy are still firmly established in the top 5 sales of children's literature). Joan has released a new book – this time for children of primary school age. In order to save his toy friend Poka the pig, Jack has to make a journey to a mysterious country where a terrible monster reigns.

16. Rob Renzetti, Alex Hirsch. "Gravity Falls. Diary 3"


  •  The best gift for a teenager who loves the series of the same name. After all, this is the same diary that is constantly mentioned in Gravity Falls! Now you can pick it up and study it thoroughly – it contains not only descriptions of the mysterious creatures that live in the world of the series, but also information about other dimensions, and the device of the time machine, and much, much more.

15. Rene Remont. Religion and Society in Europe. The process of secularization in the XIX-XX centuries»


  •  How can a list of the best books of 2023 do without scientific research? The French historian Remont plunges headlong into the world of the French Revolution, and most of all he is interested in the process of restructuring relations between the church and society – from the end of the XNUMXth century to the present day.

14. Pu Sun-ling. "Tales of the Extraordinary"


  •  For more than three hundred years, the population of the Celestial Empire has been reading the magical stories of Pu Sung-ling. The venerable Confucian, who, in theory, should not have been interested in folk fables, lovingly collected grains of folklore, creatively processed them and populated the pages of his book with werefoxes, ghosts, wizards and various wonderful creatures. Now his books have become folklore in their own right – what more could a writer ask for?

13. Olga Primachenko. “Gentle to yourself. A book about how to value and protect yourself


  •  The undisputed leader in sales in the Russian Federation and one of the best books of 2023 was not a thrilling thriller, not a romantic story, not a children's book – but a creation from the category of popular psychology. Primachenko's book on how to hear yourself, your feelings, your desires, your body, and how to interact with the outside world based on what you heard, collected more than 56 million rubles.

12. Orhan Pamuk. "Plague Nights"


  •  The book of the Nobel laureate in literature, published in January, is devoted to a topic that is topical in our time – the pandemic. At the beginning of the XNUMXth century, the plague came to the Ottoman Empire. The number of victims was in the thousands. The Sultan sends a western-educated doctor and medical official to the most affected lands – with their combined efforts they must stop the disease. But this is not so easy to do – in addition to the epidemic itself, they will also have to face the main enemies of humanity: stupidity, ignorance and self-interest.

11. Richard Osman. "The Man Who Died Twice"


  •  In our time, you won’t surprise anyone with detective series. To interest the reader, the book must have a twist. Osman has it – the crimes in his books are investigated by the inhabitants of the nursing home, and the thread of the story is generously seasoned with humor. This time the circumstances are even more mysterious than in the first work of the cycle. The main character Elizabeth receives a mysterious letter from a man who died in front of her eyes ... but, it turns out that he is alive?

10. Fedor Nechitailo. "Land of Kings, Volume of Hearts", "Land of Kings. Club volume"


  •  This book is evidence that the foreign art of comics or manga (whatever you like) is becoming more and more popular in the Russian expanses. The novel in pictures by Nechitailo for the first time entered the list of bestsellers of the All-Russian Book Rating, and both volumes at once – both Hearts and Clubs. Chervovy turned out to be especially popular – it collected more than 43 million rubles in sales.

9. Haruki Murakami. "First Person"


  •  A collection of short stories, florid, melancholic and very magical. In it, Tokyo turns into an enchanted labyrinth, and the hero – of course, autobiographical, as in other works of the Japanese wizard – wanders through it, contemplating the views surrounding him.

  •  However, not everything is so arthouse – there are unexpected plot twists, and a bit of Kafkaesque reality, and emotional exposure. Like any good word artist, Murakami is versatile.

8. Sergey Lukyanenko. "A Month Beyond the Rubicon"


  •  One of the most prolific Russian science fiction writers regularly continues to supply his works to bookstores. “A Month Beyond the Rubicon” is a continuation of the story of Maxim Vorontsov, which began in the book “Changed”.

  •  The Earth was captured by the Insecs, who rob the captured civilizations (including the Earth) for the sake of a resource in order to wage an endless war with their eternal enemy. And Maxim will have to somehow solve this problem.

7. George Clason. "The richest man in Babylon"


  •  Or how to properly manage your finances and succeed in money matters. The basic principles of dealing with money are presented in an understandable form, in the form of brief and illustrative parables. A useful book will be found for themselves by both accomplished spenders and aspiring millionaires.

6 Stephen King "Billy Summers"


  •  Approximately every year, the “king of the thriller” releases a new nerve-wracking book. It is even surprising how, with such activity, he manages not to sacrifice quality – each book by an American writer becomes an event in the book world.

  •  Was no exception and "Billy Summers" – the story of a virtuous killer who takes the life of only sinners (or so it seems to him). However, the last task turns everything upside down, and Billy turns from a hunter into a victim ...

5. John Kehoe, "The Subconscious Can Do Anything"


  •  Mankind has always dreamed of remaking reality for itself. Isn't it exciting to unfold the flow of events and direct it in the direction you need? John Kehoe seems to have a recipe for how to do this.

  •  According to the American author, the secret in the transformation of reality is the activity of the brain and its unlimited resources. Judging by the data of the All-Russian Book Rating, where John's work was included in the top 5 non-fiction, Russian readers share his faith.

4. Ragnar Jonasson. "Mist"


  •  Rejoice, subtle connoisseurs of Scandinavian noir! A new portion of branded northern hopelessness arrived on the bookstores – this time Icelandic. The body of a young woman (and a Russian woman) was found in the icy water. Due to lack of evidence, the case was closed, but a year later, circumstances force a female police commissioner in Reykjavik to remove it from the bins.

3. Anthony Horowitz. "Owls hunt at night"


  •  An ordinary English writer Susan Ryland decides to change her occupation and moves from pen and paper to managing a hotel. The hotel is located in sunny Greece, on the seashore, and at first life seems like a paradise, despite the eternal lack of money and longing for the stormy rhythms of London ... until the locals turn to the Englishwoman for help. They have lost their daughter. It would seem, what does Susan have to do with it? But it seems that the key to the girl's disappearance is hidden in the pages of her own novel!

2. Flann O'Brien. "Two-birds swam"


  •  Everything new has already been discovered before us – so postmodernism is not as modern as it seems. The legend of Irish literature, Flann O'Brien, writes a book about a student who writes a book about a man who writes a book, and whose characters hate what he writes about them – and they start writing about him in revenge. If you are not afraid of an intellectual challenge, we strongly recommend it.

1. Boris Akunin. “After a severe long illness. Time of Nicholas II"

rn5hjaq4From books on Fandorin, Boris Akunin moved on to the history of the Russian state. Chic design, luxurious paper, color illustrations – such a book is not ashamed to give. As for historical accuracy, we warn you right away, there is no smell of science here. But what's the difference? Reading something Akunin is still fascinating.