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The Best and Worst Call Blocking Apps

Spam call


  •  It is worth just once to “light up” a phone number on the Web, as calls from spammers and scammers of all stripes begin. Someone even enjoys keeping the next “security officer” on the phone for a long time, or bringing to white heat an obsessive young lady offering “the best loan just for you.”

  •  But for ordinary smartphone users, the only way to get rid of unwanted calls is to install a call blocker. This mobile application has a 99,9% chance of cutting off all advertising and fraudulent calls. Here are the top best and worst call blockers of 2023.

The best call blockers



  • Cost: 1020 rubles per year
  • Free version: Yes
  • OS:

  •  Although users complain about ads in the free version of Truecaller, this is partly offset by the functionality of the program. It allows you to enter any "harmful" number into the database with a note of what exactly it did not please you. Determines who owns the number if it is not from the contact list, blocks unwanted calls and SMS by sender name or keyword.

  •  The free version only works if there is internet, and you need to update the number database manually. In the paid version, everything works even without the Internet, and the databases are updated automatically. Previously, the premium version also had call recording, but now users are complaining that it is not available due to Google Play restrictions.

4. Yandex.AON


  • Cost: is free
  • OS: ,

  •  This caller ID, integrated into the main application from Yandex, shows which organization you are calling from, and can work even in the absence of mobile Internet. If the organization cannot be determined, the application will give the expected category, for example, "Maybe this is an ad."

  •  Users can leave reviews about a particular number in the Yandex.AON database to warn others about dangerous contacts. The database is downloaded only via Wi-Fi, so it will not "eat" your mobile traffic.

  •  An important plus of the application is that it does not require access to the contents of calls and messages.

3. Kaspersky Who Calls


  • Cost: 1190 rubles per year
  • Free version: Yes
  • OS: , ,

  •  The free version of the application automatically rejects calls from scammers and spammers, and shows the name and category of the organization with some restrictions. On iPhones, only the company name will be displayed.

  •  The paid version, in addition to the above, can block incoming numbers by category and is free of ads. It also works without an internet connection, as the blacklist of numbers will be on your smartphone.

  •  As for updating the database of dangerous numbers, users of the free version will have to do it manually, but in the premium version, the database of numbers is updated automatically.

2. Contacts & Phone – drupe


  • Cost: $0,99 (55 rubles) per month or $19,49 (1105 rubles) per year
  • Free version: there is
  • OS: ,

  •  This application in a couple of swipes allows you to call or write to the desired contact from any messenger – WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, etc. To do this, just drag the icon of the selected contact to the icon of the messenger.

  •  The paid version has no ads and can block unwanted and unknown numbers. It also allows you to clear the contact list from duplicates and unused contacts without a phone number or name.

  •  Sometimes drupe can fail, this is "treated" by reinstalling the program.

1. "Don't pick up the phone"


  • Cost: free for android; for iOS free for a month, then $1,99 (113 rubles) per month.
  • OS: ,

  •  One of the most popular mobile applications for blocking calls. Very easy to use, and suitable even for users who do not like to understand the software settings.

  •  According to the developer, the phone database "Do not pick up the phone" is replenished daily by 30 numbers. Moreover, the database, although regularly updated, is stored on the user's device, which allows the program to work offline.

  •  "Don't Pick Up" effectively blocks telemarketing, toll numbers, hidden numbers, foreign numbers, and suspected fraudulent numbers. And the user can also create their own black and white lists of numbers.

The worst call blockers of 2023 according to Roskachestvo

  •  Common programs that block suspicious calls request access to contacts and view calls.

  •  But there are programs that require more information about the user, down to geolocation or viewing devices connected to the local Wi-Fi network. How will the collected information be used? Only the developers of this software know about it.

  •  Among the programs that should not be trusted to block calls are:

  1. iCall Dialer Contacts & Calls;
  2. "Caller ID and spam protection";
  3. "Caller ID & Call Blocker Free"
  4. Call Blocker Calls Blacklist;
  5. call blocker.

  •  And here is a list of overt spyware that requires access to the microphone, phone calls, and phone status data.

  1. "Caller ID & Call Blocker Free";
  2. All Notification Blocker;
  3. call blocker;
  4. Call Blocker Calls Blacklist.

Call blocker apps with the most intrusive ads – up to half the screen

  1. "Caller ID & Call Blocker Free";
  2. All Notification Blocker;
  3. Call Blocker Calls Blacklist, etc.