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Rating of the best wobblers for chub 2018

The best wobblers for chub


  •  It is better to catch a chub at dusk or even at night, then there is a chance to catch a really large prey. And the stronger the ripples in the water, the better the bite will be. But in calm, according to fishermen, the bite is bad.

  •  The best wobblers for chub are small in size (up to 5-7 centimeters), with an active game. These are the ones we have collected in the top 10. When compiling it, various specialized sites and forums were studied, such as: Wobblers Club, Fishing Club and the Central Forum of Fishermen.


Our ratings of wobblers: for pike, for pike perch, perch, per chub.

10 Jackall Chico

Jackall ChicoThis 4.4 cm Japanese wobbler belongs to the crank class. Its body is made by hand, from balsa wood, and thanks to this material, the wobbler is distinguished by its density and good buoyancy. It responds perfectly to any type of wiring, immediately starting to play. Clockwork rings and tees are made of stainless steel, which prolongs their service life. The sides of the bait are made flat, which increases its visibility for predators.

Recommended wiring type: the usual uniform or wiring with stops to manipulate the wobbler over clusters of plants, near which there are often fish.

Recommended color: gold & black, hot tiger.

The average price is 480 rubles.

9. Lucky Craft Gen Goal

Lucky Craft Gen GoalThis funny-looking wobbler very accurately imitates one of the chub's favorite dishes – the swimming beetle. Despite its small size (3,5 cm), the crank has excellent flight qualities, which allows you to catch the most cautious fish with it. The bait is equipped with two twins with points located upwards, this dramatically reduces the chance of catching a wobbler on snags, algae or bottom stones. The line includes both floating and sinking models.

Desired wiring: jerky or uniform.

Desired color: Purple Squid 200, Insect Brown 880 or Termo Blue 878.

How much does it cost – 735 rubles.

8. Yo-Zuri L-minnow 44

Yo-Zuri L-minnow 44One of the most popular minnow chub wobblers has a size of 4.4 cm. Although the price of the bait is low, in terms of its catchability it leaves many more expensive models behind. This sinking wobbler is made of durable and hard plastic, thanks to which it is not afraid of the sharp teeth of predatory fish. And thanks to the faceted ball located in the body, the bait creates a noise effect that attracts prey from afar.

Efficient Wiring Technique: uniform, at an average pace.

Efficient coloring: F1167-C44 or F1167-M37.

The average cost is 465 rubles.

7. Lucky Craft Cra-Pea MR

Lucky Craft Cra-Pea MRThis 4.4 cm crankbait from the Cra-Pea range of ultra-light lures has been designed for hunting rainbow trout in artificial waters. Not only trout, but also chub, asp and rudd bite very well on a small bait. Thanks to the weight of 6,2 grams, the wobbler can be cast far even in windy weather.

Best Wiring Way: uniform, stop & go.

Preferred Color: Kanumura, Blackko, Ore Gold Clear.

The average price is 780 rubles.

6. IMA Square Bill

I.M.A. Square BillThis seemingly unremarkable 5.5-cm wobbler produces very active vibrations in shallow rifts. And at medium and high speeds, it begins to tilt left and right, thanks to the fiberglass blade. And it's "not a bug, it's a feature" that makes the IMA Square Bill a desirable prey for the chub.

Optimal wiring: uniform fast or at medium speed on the water surface, or at a shallow (up to half a meter) depth.

Optimal bait color: SQ-009, SQ-002.

On average, it costs 1150 rubles.

5 Incubator Drop

Incubator DropA catchy floating wobbler, which is good for catching a chub in calm water and in seething rapids. Almost all fishermen highly appreciated the flight characteristics of the 3.8 cm model, which, with its miniature size, weighs 7.9 grams. Three balls placed in a special chamber are responsible for the sound effects. Their mixing creates a vibrating effect that attracts predatory fish.

  •  A complete clone of this Japanese wobbler is the Kosadaka Boxer.

Which wiring technique to choose: uniform, at medium speed.

Color options: ACC3105, DSB3110, DSN3085.

You can buy for 905 rubles.

4. Smith Camion

Smith CamionThe advantage of this 3.2 cm floating type lure is an active and attractive game that will make even a passive predator attack. The Smith Camion is very good for catching chub in riffles and small rivers. The line includes both shallow water (SR) and deep water (DR) models with a depth of 0,8 m and 1,8 m, respectively.

Wiring method: Stop & Go, uniform.

Chub colors: 28, 30.

Cost: 1045 rubles.

3. Zip Baits Rigge 56

ZipBaits Rigge 56Wobbler of the most popular size (5.6 cm) in the Zip Baits line. He showed himself perfectly in catching most river predatory fish – pike, perch, asp, and, of course, chub. There are both sinking and floating versions and suspenders on sale. A feature of the wobbler is the shape of the body, in cross section in the form of an inverted triangle. Thus, it reflects light from three planes.

The best wiring method: active twitching, in which the reflective system of the bait is best revealed.

Preferred color: 820R, 840R, 513R.

Price: 1130 rubles.

2. Pontoon 21 Crack Jack

Pontoon 21 Crack JackThe best sizes for chub fishing in the Crack Jack line are 3.8 cm, 4.8 cm and 5.8 cm. Modifications of each size are both floating and with neutral buoyancy. They are successfully used both in reservoirs with stagnant water and in fast flow. The magnetic balancing system Magnetic Force Balance is responsible for the correct location of the bait in the water and long-range casting.

Best Wiring: uniform and twitching.

Best Color: 021, 108, 070.

Sold for 355 rubles.

1 Jackall Hamakuru Spider

Jackall Hamakuru SpiderThe body shape "a la spider" is what sets this floating 4.1 cm wobbler apart from many other contenders for the title of "the most catchy chub bait". Inside the bait is a tungsten ball, which is responsible for creating noise effects.

Wiring options: fast or medium, at which the wobbler creates intense vibrations. A water crest forms in front of it, and a “mustache” remains behind.

Suitable color for chub fishing: devil red or olive spider.

Can be purchased for 710 rubles.