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Top 10 Most Expensive Items on eBay

Top 10 Most Expensive Items on eBay


RatingsThe turnover of the world's most popular online auction eBay is about 12 billion dollars. Here you can find anything: electronics, toys, books, copies of world famous brands.

Among the millions of lots there are quite unusual ones, for example, an alien activity detector and even the meaning of life. We offer today Top 10 Most Expensive Items on eBay.


10. The life of a skydiver for $ 309 thousand

RatingsBritish skydiver Ian Asher has sold his life on eBay, including his house, parachutes, car and sales assistant position. Four years later, in an interview with the Daily Mail, the original admitted that he bought an island in the Caribbean with the proceeds, where he met the girl of his dreams.

9. Baseball bat for $577,61 thousand

RatingsLegionnaire Joe Jackson's baseball bat was sold on eBay in 2011. It's the most expensive baseball deal ever. By the way, the bat has an unusual nickname – Barefoot Joe.

8. $1,0 million supercar

RatingsThe Ferrari Enzo was sold for a million in 2004 to an anonymous buyer. The circulation of these cars has only 399 pieces. But the car sold at auction recently “surfaced” in Dubai, where it stood in the wrong place for 20 months, accumulating fines of $30. Emirates Police intends to put the car up for auction again.

7. $1,2 million baseball card

RatingsCelebrated collector Brian Seigel bought a Gonus Wagner baseball card in 2000, previously owned by another collector, Michael Gidvidts. The card measures 1,5 x 2,5 inches and was issued by American Tobacco in 1909.

6 The $1,77 Million City

RatingsThe California town of Bridgeville with a population of 30 people was put up for auction twice. The lot included 83 acres of land, 8 houses, a post office and a cafe. Incredibly, both buyers committed suicide for unknown reasons.

5. Military base for $2,1 million

RatingsA military base in Kansas was sold on eBay in 2002. The facility was built during the Cold War and is capable of becoming a shelter during a nuclear attack. The couple who bought the base wished to remain anonymous.

4. Breakfast with a star for $2,6 million

RatingsBreakfasts with the legendary "oracle" Warren Buffett regularly act as expensive items at auction. In 2010, the transaction amount was a record high. All proceeds are directed by Buffett to charitable purposes.

3. Liner for $4,9 million

RatingsLuxury aircraft Gulfstream P. was sold in 2001. The liner, designed for 12 seats, was purchased by a private African airline.

2. Yacht for $140 million

RatingsA ten-deck giant yacht with a runway and a helicopter hangar was purchased by an anonymous buyer. The ship has a cinema, a reception hall, 8 living rooms, and its length is about 120 meters.

1. Fighter F / A-18A Hornet

RatingsPotentially possible leader Top 10 Most Expensive Items on eBay, alas, was never sold. The military fighter was put up for auction in 2004 by pilot and broker Mike Landa with a starting price of $1 million. However, one flight of the most powerful machine costs about $40. This is probably why the fighter did not find its buyer.