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10 most popular books 2019, bestsellers



  •  Reading not only provides food for the mind, but also develops fantasy, forms an assessment of the surrounding reality and simply helps to have a good time. If you need a new book to add to your reading list, we will provide you with all the information you need about the most popular books.

  •  The bestseller rankings were compiled based on the best-selling books on Amazon, as well as a selection of the best books from Time, The Oprah Magazine, Livelib and other specialist book sites. All these books are on salen stores.

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10 Silent Patient

5qioxeyyyAuthor: Michaelides Alex
Genre: thriller, drama

  •  The life of the famous artist Alicia Berenson was like a wonderful fairy tale. She married a famous photographer, lived in a prestigious area of London in a beautiful house and did not need anything.

  •  However, this ideal picture was crossed out with black strokes when Alicia shot her husband five times in the face. And she hasn't said a word since.

  •  The secret of her act excited the public. And one of those who passionately dreams of unraveling it is Theo Faber, a criminal psychotherapist. He takes on Alicia's case, trying to get the murderer to talk.

9. "Ove's second life"

paqxpdxtAuthorStory by: Fredrik Backman
Genre: drama, comedy, melodrama

  •  Probably, each of us is familiar with Uwe's type. A grouchy, quarrelsome, overly straightforward old man who annoys his neighbors with petty nitpicks, and considers those around him to be clumsy (unlike his beloved). And his loneliness is shared only by the cat, whom Uwe did not dare to drive away.

  •  But behind such an unattractive shell somewhere deep inside lies a good heart. You just need to give it a chance to show up. Which is exactly what happens when Uwe meets a family of newcomers who change his life just as he changes theirs.

  •  By the way, if you like to compare books and their adaptation, then watch the film of the same name, released in 2015.

8. Almost midnight

a4ux5yk2Author: Anthony Combrexel
Genre: fiction

  •  Six orphans got a wonderful opportunity – to “rewind” time 10 minutes ago. If you approach it wisely, you can accomplish great things. Or great tragedies.

  •  This book is recommended for middle and high school ages, but adults who love steampunk, role-playing games, and adventure novels will also find it interesting. Yes, "Almost Midnight" is a solid mixture of different genres, where the confrontation between magic and technology, robots and people acquires philosophical overtones.

7. Red pill. Face it!

gmqrmcfdAuthor: Andrey Kurpatov
Genre: psychology, self-development

  •  Andrey Kurpatov has a unique talent – it is interesting and accessible to talk about complex things. And in the new book, he, in his usual easy and relaxed manner, will acquaint readers with a whole bunch of important facts about the human brain.

  •  The "Red Pill" will be of interest to those who are looking for how to get rid of suspiciousness, self-doubt and cope with the "chaos in the head."

6. Wake up, baby! Stop believing the lies about who you are to become who you are meant to be.

ecy4lnfhAuthorStory by: Rachel Hollis
Genre: personal effectiveness, psychology

  •  One of the most famous books is designed primarily for women. Each chapter in it is devoted to a separate lie that poisons the lives of millions of women around the world. The author gives examples from her own life to illustrate this lie, and then the methods she used (or would like to use) to turn the situation to her advantage.

  •  The book deals with very sensitive and urgent topics, for example:

  • How not to put off important things for later?
  • How to stop bothering over trifles?
  • How to stop comparing yourself to others?
  • How to learn to rejoice in other people's achievements, and not envy them? Etc.

5. What to do if…

3qt15bh3Author: Ludmila Petranovskaya
Genre: educational literature, guide for parents

One of best children's books of all ages will be interesting not only for young readers of 6-9 years old, but also for their parents.

  •  She talks in an easy, understandable way about how a child should act in everyday situations, which often cause discomfort, and even fear. For example, how to behave if peers are teasing and offending, lost on the street, or did not have time to get out of the subway car after their parents.

  •  A large number of illustrations serves as a visual addition to the text tips.

  •  For older readers (10-15 years old) a sequel to the book "What to do if ... 2" has been released. Topics relevant to teenagers are raised there: it is difficult to study, a bad memory, friends offer to smoke, etc.

4. Sleeping beauties

vug1yecuAuthorsStory by: Stephen and Owen King
Genre: mystic, horror

  •  The action of this book, written by Stephen King together with his youngest son Owen, takes place in the provincial town of Dooling in the Appalachians. One after another, the townspeople, from babies to old women, are struck by an unknown epidemic. They fall into a dream and are covered with the thinnest white cocoons.

  •  When trying to break these cocoons, the sleepers wake up, falling into an inhuman rage, and then fall asleep again.

  •  Simultaneously with these events, an amazingly beautiful and mysterious woman appears in the city, not subject to the epidemic. Who is she, the messenger of Heaven, called to save from trouble or a demon hidden under a sexual shell?

3. Water healing

wrimynvnAuthorNarrated by: Sophie Mackintosh
Genre: dystopia

  •  Three girls and their mother live on an island sanctuary built for them by their father, King, the only man they have ever seen. By his order, the girls must be treated with water in order to wash away the toxins of the outside world, crazy and dangerous.

  •  And their life is unchanged until King disappears. And on the island are two men and a boy.

2. "Black leopard, red wolf"

vci5d4n3AuthorStory by: Marlon James
Genre: fantasy, African mythology

  •  The first novel in the promised trilogy follows the adventures of a mercenary known as the Pathfinder. His path leads through ancient cities inspired by African history and mythology in search of a boy hunted by a black sorcerer.

  •  Man Booker Prize winner Marlon James, who titled his latest book African Game of Thrones, demonstrates his impressive knack for blending mystery, magic and history in this thought-provoking epic.

1. The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

04dwkzzaAuthorStory by: Stuart Turton
Genre: fantasy, detective

  •  The list of the most modern and popular books is topped by a story that won the Book Challenge, held annually on the Livelib portal. It was read up to the end of 1972 by the visitors of the portal.

  •  In the center of the plot is the heiress of the Hardcastle family, the beautiful Evelina, who tragically died during a masquerade ball. And the day of her murder will be repeated over and over again, until Aiden Sloan – one of the guests present at the holiday – finds the girl's killer.

  •  Every time he fails to find the killer, he wakes up in someone else's body. And each time in a different way.

The most anticipated book of 2019-2020

The Handmaid's Tale: Testaments

uu0pwkq3AuthorStory by: Margaret Atwood
Genre: dystopia

  •  The continuation of the best-selling book "The Handmaid's Tale" has already appeared on sale in foreign bookstores, but it will appear only in February. The Eksmo publishing house will release its Russian adaptation.

  •  The Testament takes place 15 years after the events described in the first book. The theocratic regime of the Republic of Gilead retains its power, but there are signs that it is starting to rot from within. At this critical moment, the lives of three radically different women converge.

  •  Two of them live on opposite sides of the border: one in Gilead as the commander's favored daughter, and the other in Canada, where she participates in the anti-Gilead protests and watches news of the horrors happening there on TV.

  •  A third voice joins the story of these two young women: one of the women who wields power through gathering and revealing important secrets. Long-buried secrets are what finally bring these three together. And makes each of them decide how far they can go for what they believe in.