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Rating of the best perinatal centers

Rating of the best perinatal centers

  •  Preserving the health of mother and child is the main indicator that this or that perinatal center is proud of. Given the reduction in the population of Russia in 2017 by 31,1 thousand people, according to Rosstat, the reduction in infant and maternal mortality is of paramount importance for the demographic situation in the country.


Not all Russian perinatal centers agree to disclose data on the death of a fetus or newborn up to 7 days after birth. This statistic is called perinatal mortality. And only 34 specialized institutions were not afraid to share it. Thanks to their questioning at the annual “Roll Call of Perinatal Centers” of the media bureau “» managed to compose rating of the best perinatal centers .

  •  In the subjects of the study, 796,2 thousand women "in position" were observed, which is about 45% of all registered pregnancies. Most pregnant women (100 thousand) were registered in Moscow, which is not surprising. The number of deliveries in all 34 centers was 759,6 thousand. Each participant in the survey was awarded points for various indicators.

  • According to the generalized information, 11,7 cases of perinatal mortality per 1000 born children (per mille) were recorded.
  • The highest infant mortality index (26,1 ppm) was in the RCH. ON THE. Semashko (city of Simferopol). This is due to regional specifics, since women with the most difficult cases end up in such perinatal centers.
  • And the best indicators (only 3,4 ppm) were at the Sochi City Hospital No. 9.
  • A special item in the study was the caesarean section efficiency ratio (CECS). This is the ratio of cases of this operation and the death of infants. In 13 perinatal facilities, perinatal mortality due to CS was higher than due to vaginal delivery. The compilers of the rating noted that last year there was no medical institution with a good or excellent KEKS. And in 2017, there were 7 such institutions.
  • Subjects were also given scores for the weighted perinatal mortality rate (WMD). This is the mortality rate depending on how long the pregnant woman is.
  • In addition, the correlation of HPS to perinatal mortality was taken into account. Thanks to this, it was possible to find out how effective the activity of the medical institution is in general.

  •  Here is what the top 20 best and worst Russian perinatal centers look like.

20 most efficient perinatal centers

#perinatal center CityNumber of points
1Volgograd Regional Clinical Perinatal Center No. 2Volgograd54
2Moscow Regional Perinatal CenterBalashiha53
3Surgut Clinical Perinatal CenterSurgut52
4Vidnovsky Perinatal CenterVidnoe51
5Perinatal Center of the City Hospital No. 9Sochi47
6perinatal centerTyumen47
7Perinatal Center of the Voronezh Regional Clinical Hospital No. 1Voronezh46
8perinatal centerSmolensk46
9Regional Perinatal CenterYaroslavl46
10Novosibirsk City Clinical Perinatal CenterNovosibirsk45
11Krasnoyarsk Regional Clinical Center for Maternal and Child HealthKrasnoyarsk44
12Perinatal Center of the Regional Children's Clinical Hospital No. 1Ekaterinburg41
13Irkutsk City Perinatal CenterIrkutsk41
14Perinatal Center of the City Clinical Hospital No. 24Moscow41
15Regional Perinatal CenterTomsk40
16Perinatal center of the Altai TerritoryBarnaul38
17Perinatal Center of the Amur Regional Clinical HospitalBlagoveshchensk38
18Perinatal Center of the Saratov City Clinical Hospital No. 8Saratov38
19Kirov Regional Clinical Perinatal CenterKirov37
20Regional Perinatal CenterKursk37

  •  Most of the problems reported by doctors in perinatal centers were similar to problems.

  • Severe complications in pregnant women, which are difficult to effectively cope with the lack of funding, lack of qualified personnel and the necessary equipment.
  • Non-sexual diseases of future women in labor.
  • Difficulties with routing newborns.
  • The need for legal assistance for perinatal centers.
  • And finally, this is the development of fetal (intrauterine) medical care.