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Rating of regions of the Russian Federation by crime rate 2022



  •  Living has become safer – according to representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in 2022 the total number of crimes decreased by 1,5% compared to the previous year. However, these crimes are not distributed evenly throughout the country – some regions suffer more, some are relatively safe.

The safest and most dangerous regions for life in terms of criminal activity are in ranking of Russian regions by crime in 2022based on the statistics of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

The table shows the number of crimes committed in January-September 2022 per 10 thousand inhabitants.
numberThe subject of the Russian FederationTotal crimesDynamics,%Heavy and extra heavyDynamics,%
1The Chechen Republic12.5-24.13.7-27.3
2The Republic of Ingushetia32.91013.137.3
3The Republic of Dagestan36.6-111.313.4
4Ryazan region64.61.320.46.5
6Belgorod region71.81.321.613.2
7The Republic of Adygea72.
8Moscow region72.
10Ulyanovsk region77.4-0.621.1-2.4
11The Republic of Kalmykia79.7-319.5-6.1
12Chuvash Republic80.40.922.8-15.2
13The Republic of Mordovia80.8-8.121.2-19.5
14Penza region81-2.724.62.5
15Tula region83.15.524.1-1.2
17Republic of Crimea85.32.822.414.9
18St. Petersburg860.825.8-17.3
19Orenburg region87.1-15.321.4-21.5
20Orel region88.
21The Republic of Mari El88.64.824.34.3
22Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District89.2-8.227.3-0.8
23Republic of North Ossetia-Alania89.3-0.726.912.1
24Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug – Yugra90.1-1.626.3-6.7
25Bryansk region90.6-3.421.13.1
26Lipetsk region90.
27Vladimir region91.10.125.4-6.2
28Stavropol region91.1-2.426.2-5.8
30Sverdlovsk region92.1-4.121.9-9.6
31Omsk Region92.7-6.929.9-10.8
32Kaliningrad region93.4-2.720.6-9.5
33Ivanovo region93.7-
34Saratov region95.7-327.5-3.4
35Kursk region95.9-1.524.2-5.6
36Nizhny Novgorod region96-2.825.72.7
37The Republic of Bashkortostan96.2-4.324.9-8.2
38The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)97.30.325.33.5
39Kostroma region101.1-6.728.9-2.5
40Astrakhan region101.9-427.4-3.6
41The Republic of Tatarstan102.1-0.928.8-7.7
42Voronezh region102.7626.94.3
44Rostov region104.8-0.423.5-7
45Yaroslavl region105.16.625.1-13.3
46Pskov region107.43.928.4-13.7
47Tambov region109.31.127.615.1
48Kaluga region112.2-5.833-6.5
49Kirov region112.4-432.3-0.8
50Leningrad Region112.46.730.8-14.7
51Volgograd region113.2-3.629.7-2.8
52Nenets Autonomous Okrug114.3-1833.2-25.3
53Vologda region115.4-2.329.4-12.5
54Samara region117.610.131.811.3
55Tyumen Region1190.536.99.4
56Arkhangelsk region119-0.633.62.5
57Krasnoyarsk Territory120.7-3.131.4-11.2
58Irkutsk Region120.8-3.731.2-13.7
59Smolensk region121.84.936.611.4
60Murmansk region122.21.933.9-3.2
62Khabarovsk Krai125.1-2.831.9-8.5
63Novosibirsk region125.2-0.330-8.3
64Udmurt Republic125.6-9.535.9-16
65Chukotka Autonomous Okrug129.764234.6
66Tver region130.52.532.8-1.7
67Kurgan region130.5-8.933.2-3.5
69Magadan region131.7-5.742-8.5
71Tomsk region133.212.230.911.9
72Sakhalin Region133.9-3.133.1-1.1
73Novgorod region135.9-3.239.1-9.8
74Primorsky Krai137.4-3.637.5-5.6
75The Republic of Komi137.4-1.332.7-11.9
76Kemerovo region138-7.233.7-9.2
77The Republic of Khakassia138-15.234.1-7.5
78Chelyabinsk region141.2-0.434.4-6.5
79The Republic of Karelia150.1-12.232.8-17.1
80The Republic of Tuva153.1-22.737.9-22.7
81Trans-Baikal Territory155.3-
82The Jewish Autonomous Region155.8-5.840-9.2
83The Republic of Buryatia156-439.2-6.1
84Altai Republic161.6-4.236.5-2.4
85Amur Region161.8-11.643-21.4

10 constituent entities of the Russian Federation with the lowest crime rate in 2022

10. Ulyanovsk region

  •  Scientific minds from RIA Novosti have distributed Russian regions by the number of crimes per 10 thousand inhabitants, and the ten safest regions are opened by the region in the Volga region – Ulyanovsk.

  •  Most of the crimes committed in it cannot be classified as especially serious – these are most often attempts to steal someone else's property (54% of the total). In terms of disclosure, the Ulyanovsk region is in 15th place.

9. Karachay-Cherkess Republic

  •  Representatives of the North Caucasian Federal District have been occupying leading positions in the list of the safest republics for several years now – the least crimes are committed there. What is the reason – either in the code of conduct in the Caucasus, or simply some crimes are “not customary” to register, I will leave it to the experts to decide.

8. Moscow region

  •  Statistically, the Moscow region – with its huge population of almost 8 million people – is on the "safe" list. In total, 10 crimes were committed per 72,9 people this year.

  •  There is an increase compared to 2021, but insignificant – 1,2 percent. The number of thefts, robberies and robberies fell by 11%. However, the number of particularly serious crimes and ... cybercrimes committed using the Internet and cellular communications has increased by an impressive 35%.

7. Republic of Adygea

  •  The statistics for Adygea is getting better – both the number of especially serious crimes and cases of theft are decreasing. Why is there such a low crime rate in the Caucasian republics, which make up the majority of the top 10 most prosperous regions of Russia?

  •  According to experts, one of the reasons is the age and sex structure of the population. In the Caucasian republics, about a third of the population is made up of children under 15 years of age.

6. Belgorod region

  •  As in many other regions of Russia, the categories of committed crimes are traditional. Theft and fraud come first, followed by drug-related crimes (manufacturing and distribution). Interestingly, although the overall figures have declined compared to previous years, they began to steal on a grand scale: the total amount of damage, expressed in monetary terms, increased by 14%.

5. Kabardino-Balkarian Republic

  •  Surprisingly, one of the regions with the highest unemployment rate (11,5%) is also one of the safest.

4. Ryazan Oblast

  •  In the Ryazan region, the number of crimes has been decreasing for several years now – last year there were 8,7% fewer criminal acts than in the previous year. As a rule, the majority of crimes (almost half) are acts of theft (48,5%), violence (13,8%), and in last place – drugs (12,6%).

3. Republic of Dagestan

  •  Compared to the fourth place in the rating in the Republic of Dagestan, crime is half as much. In 2022, half as many crimes were committed (36,6 versus 64,6 per 10 thousand people in the Ryazan region).

  •  However, Dagestan has its own specifics, and this is terrorism. In the first six months of 2023, 298 terrorist crimes were registered. Here Dagestan is ahead of the rest of Russia, and follows it, surprisingly… Moscow with its 83 terrorist crimes.

2. The Republic of Ingushetia

  •  Like Dagestan, Ingushetia is relatively safe in terms of crime – only 10 crimes were registered per 32,9 thousand people. However, like its neighbors, Ingushetia has a problem with terrorism – according to statistics, it is only slightly inferior to Moscow; in the first six months, 81 crimes of this kind were committed.

1. Chechen Republic

  •  Over the past months of 2023, the number of registered crimes in Chechnya is only 12,5 per 10 people. Impressive statistics, especially against the background of neighbors – half as many crimes are committed in Chechnya as in neighboring Ingushetia. Or given the difficult past of the region. Until now, on the streets of Grozny, the capital of the Chechen Republic, there are many armed people – respectable bearded men with machine guns can be found anywhere; even at the entrance to mosques there are signs that it is forbidden to bring weapons there.

  •  There are versions that, in addition to the number of armed people, the reason for such statistics is the ban on drinking alcohol. In the republic "dry law" reigns; for example, alcohol, especially strong alcohol, can only be bought early in the morning in shops far from the center of Grozny. And the restaurant, where the menu has strong drinks, is only one in the whole city. Or the fact that it is not customary to steal in Chechnya – anyone who tries to get into someone else's pocket, whether it be a neighbor's or a state one, will receive a harsh response both at the legal and at the everyday level.

  •  Another reason – according to one of the leaders of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Chechen Republic, the point is prevention, especially child and adolescent crime. Children's energy is given an outlet (usually in sports), and the need to follow the law is reinforced by the example of adults and the instructions of the Muslim clergy.

  •  There is also a less pleasant theory for Chechens, based on the version that committed crimes and registered crimes are two big differences. It is no secret that the traditions of blood feuds are developed in the Caucasus and especially in Chechnya. Or "honor killings" when a woman or a man who has violated the code of conduct simply disappears quietly.


10 most criminogenic regions of Russia in 2023

  •  According to statistics, the crime rate in the relatively sparsely populated regions of Siberia and the Far East is higher than in the densely populated regions of central and especially southern Russia.

  1. Amur Region
  2. Altai Republic
  3. The Republic of Buryatia
  4. The Jewish Autonomous Region
  5. Trans-Baikal Territory
  6. The Republic of Tuva
  7. The Republic of Karelia
  8. Chelyabinsk region
  9. The Republic of Khakassia
  10. Kemerovo region

  •  The leader in the rating of Russian cities in terms of crime is the Amur Region – 161,8 crimes are committed here per 10 thousand inhabitants. It is followed by Altai (161,6 crimes), Buryatia, the Far East – the Jewish Autonomous Region and the Trans-Baikal Territory, the Republic of Tyva ... and Karelia, the only representative of the European part of Russia, with 150,1 crimes per 10 thousand people.