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Top 15 most spoken languages in the world



  •  The world's population speaks almost 7000 languages. However, only a few dozen of them have official status in certain countries and global significance. For example, the UN has only 6 official languages: English, Arabic, Russian, French, Chinese and Spanish.

Today we have compiled for you Top 15 most spoken languages in the world. The main criterion for assessing the prevalence was the number of people who consider a particular language as their mother tongue.


15. Urdu

  •  The language related to Hindi belongs to the Indo-European group and originated in the 7th century. Urdu is spoken by about 23 percent of the population of Pakistan and the population of several Indian states, as well as a few nationalities in XNUMX countries of the world.

14. Italian

  •  The language is official in Italy, Switzerland, the Vatican and San Marino. About 2% of websites on the Internet use Italian.

13. Tamil

  •  The language of the population of southern India, parts of Singapore and Sri Lanka. The Tamil language originated over 2300 years ago and is the language in which many of the classic literary works of the literature of the East are written.

12. Korean

  •  The language is official in North and South Korea, it is spoken by peoples in 33 countries around the world.

11. French

  •  The language is official in France, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Monaco and Luxembourg. International Organization for Cooperation of Francophone Countries Francophonie unites 56 states.

10. Deutsch

  •  The language is official in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Belgium. German is the second most popular language on the Internet – 6.5% of websites are written in it.

9. Japanese

  •  Despite the fact that Japanese is the official language of only one state, it is used by the peoples of 25 different countries in Asia. The importance of the Japanese language is increased by the fact that Japan is the world's fourth largest power in terms of GDP.

8. Russian

  •  Russian is used for communication by people in 33 countries of the world, including in 7 of which the language has official status. 4.8% of sites on the Internet use Russian.

7. Portuguese

  •  Colonization contributed to the spread of the native language for the population of small Portugal. Portuguese is the second most spoken language in Latin America. It is also official in a number of African countries, for example, in Mozambique and Angola.

6. Bengali

  •  The Indo-European language, which originated in the XNUMXth-XNUMXth centuries, is the official language in the Republic of Bangladesh and is widely used in India.

5. Hindi

  •  This ancient language is the most widely spoken in India and is enshrined in the country's constitution as an official language along with 20 other languages.

4. Arab

  •  The language has official status in Egypt, Israel, Algeria, Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, Kuwait, Jordan, Yemen, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Senegal and many other countries.

3. Spanish

  •  The language is official in Spain, many countries in Latin America and Equatorial Guinea. About 4.5% of websites on the Internet use Spanish.

2. English

  •  One of the most widely spoken languages in the world is recognized as official in 59 countries. Almost 57% of websites on the World Wide Web are written in English. Interestingly, about 70% of the words in the language are borrowed.

1. Chinese

Check these top 2023The most spoken language in the world is official in China, Taiwan and Singapore. 4.5% of Internet websites are written in Chinese. There are 10 dialectal groups in the Chinese language, and the dialects differ so much from each other that it is sometimes impossible for residents of different regions of China to understand each other.