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Most Powerful Air Pistols: Top 10



Pneumatic pistols are on sale in a huge assortment. Some models are designed for range practice, others for basic shooting skills or for self-defense. If the weapon meets certain characteristics – power up to 3 J, caliber – 4,5 mm, permission for it, according to the law, is not required. How to choose the right weapon and which air gun The most powerful Our review will help answer these questions.

Air Gun Selection Criteria

jldyjky1All models presented for sale differ in performance characteristics and price. In order not to miscalculate when buying, you must immediately pay attention to best air pistols, which are time-tested and have accumulated enough positive feedback.

  •  With regard to technical characteristics, the following points are fundamentally important:

  • Power. One of the main parameters that you need to focus on. The power value that will vary for each air gun will be the speed of the bullet. A good indicator is considered from 100 m / s.
  • Weight and shape. A comfortable weapon should be moderately weighty and fit comfortably in the hand. Pistols for beginners usually have a mass of about 700 g, for professionals – from 830 g. The shape is preferably rounded, although this is a matter of personal taste.
  • Type of bullets, their number. Bullet casting is carried out from lead, steel, galvanized shot.
  • Handle base material. There are different options – plastic, wood. The first, although cheaper, but not so reliable.

  •  Additional options will be very useful in many cases. For example, a rubberized grip prevents slipping, customizable finger notches and palm rests provide a more comfortable grip, a manual safety will be appropriate for beginners, and an automatic one for professionals as an additional factor in their own safety. There may also be a tactical flashlight, an optical sight, a laser target indicator.

Deciding which air gun is better to take , do not forget about the appearance. On sale there are models made with an accurate imitation of military weapons of popular types.

Rating of air pistols

Below we offer you the TOP 10 withmost powerful air pistols, which can be applied no license.

10. Umarex Walther CP99

  •  The German brand "Umarex" is rightfully considered by many users of pneumatics to be one of the best on the world market. The build quality does not cause any complaints.

  •  The power is 3 J with a weight of 800 g. One of the significant advantages is its compact size and excellent ergonomics.

  •  This pneumat is semi-automatic, the caliber of bullets is 4,5 mm, the rate of fire is 100 m / s. The device provides a mount for a laser sight. The accuracy of this airgun is excellent, so it is ideal for sports shooting.

9. Gletcher Parabellum

  •  A joint US-Taiwanese company has produced numerous copies of the legendary combat Luger Parabellum P.08. And this model is one of them.

The semi-automatic smoothbore pistol has a power of 3 J, shoots 4,5 mm bullets at a speed of 100 m / s, has a manual safety. The Gletcher Parabellum is not the lightest – the weight is 900 g. The accuracy of the sight is good, as is the combination of weight and shape. The metal case stands up to long-term use. But users note some inconsistencies with returns, as well as a large gas consumption for the operation of the shutter. In general, if you get used to it and add useful accessories to the weapon, the model deserves to be included in the rating. the best air pistols.

8. Umarex Walther CP99 Compact

  •  Another noteworthy specimen from a well-known manufacturer, but the CP99 Compact is more suitable for beginners. Power according to the manufacturer's instructions – up to 3 J, balls 4,5 mm caliber. The shooting mode is semi-automatic, self-cocking is provided. Weight – optimal, 755 g.

  •  The main advantages are in compact dimensions due to a shortened muzzle and handle, maximum similarity with the combat original, optimal speed – 120 m / s.

7. Crosman C11

  •  The cheapest pistol in the powerful air guns review is great for beginners. The American-made model is made of plastic, has a power of up to 3 J, the caliber of BB balls is 4,5 mm. The advantage of this smooth-bore weapon in the high speed of fire – according to tests, about 150 m / s. As the first samples, this copy will be good because it has a low weight – 600 g.

6 Walther CP88 Competition

  •  Another high-quality pneumatics of a well-known German brand is perfect for professional athletes. According to the certificate, the power is 3 J, the caliber of lead bullets is 4,5 mm. The weight of rifled metal weapons differs significantly from previous models – 1150 g.

  •  A distinctive feature is an elongated trunk. This achieves a speed of 130 m / s and greater accuracy of the shot. Compared to other models from the review, this pneumatic has the smoothest and softest descent, good recoil protection.

5. Umarex Beretta Elite II

  •  The prototype of the military weapon Beretta 92 FS. At a very reasonable price, the user receives a weapon of optimal quality. It can be used for self-defense, and beginners, and athletes.

  •  The power of this semi-automatic barrel is 3 J, the caliber is standard, 4,5 mm, the shot speed is 125 m / s. This is the most convenient option to purchase, as the Beretta Elite II is the only model that comes with goggles. A set of steel bullets is 250 pcs. There are also guides for installing tactical accessories.

4. MP-654K (exclusive)

What is the most powerful pneumatic domestic production? The modified Makarov MP-654K series is an excellent option, including if you need a weapon as a self-defense for a beginner.

  •  If we compare this model with analogues from the rating, then these weapons are pneumatics with a high firing speed (170-180 m / s). Power – up to 3 J, BB ball caliber – 4,5 mm, weight – 730 g. The barrel is elongated, there is a manual safety. The manufacturer also supplies a wide range of different accessories for this model, so everyone has the opportunity to customize the weapon in accordance with their preferences.

3. Crosman C41

  •  Crosman C41 is the most interesting in that it is a very high-quality imitation of the combat Walther P38. Therefore, this model is popular not only among those who manifest themselves in team sports, but also among collectors. It is also one of the most powerful air pistols that does not require a license. With an energy of 3 J, the speed of the bullets is 150 m / s.

  •  The body material is made of plastic and metal elements. The weapon is loaded with 4,5 mm explosive balls in the amount of 18 pcs. The weight of the pistol at 900 g makes it quite weighty, but this is also facilitated by the unique shape and size of the barrel.

2. Borner Sport 331 (Beretta)

  •  An excellent sports model, which users rate well as the best replica of the combat Beretta 90-Two. Muzzle energy – legally permissible 3 J, bullet departure speed – 120 m / s, caliber – 4,5 mm. Weapon weight – 750 g.

  •  The weapon has a “comfortable” weight, blowback system. The kit includes mounts for a flashlight and a laser. With a small gas flow, the accuracy is on top. They also note a not quite comfortable fuse, which will take some time to get used to.

1. Ataman-M2

  •  The most powerful pneumat of domestic production. With a standard muzzle energy of 3 J, the shot speed is 240-250 m / s.

  •  It is a copy of the Beretta 92FS, bullet caliber corresponds to 4,5 mm. Weight – optimal 700 g, push-button manual safety, so it is suitable for beginners and pros. The body material is a combination of plastic and metal.

  •  When choosing a weapon for self-defense, always remember the possible consequences for your own health and those around you. And if you decide to practice shooting and, possibly, do it at a professional level, then evaluate all the characteristics more carefully, personally make sure that the chosen model is convenient for you.