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Rating of refrigerators in 2023: price / quality



  •  The kitchen is the social center of the home, and the refrigerator is an important part of it. Therefore, when choosing a refrigerator in the 2023 ranking for price and quality, pay attention to the appearance of the model in addition to its functions and size.

  •  To find out which refrigerators are the most reliable and of high quality, I turned to customer reviews on Yandex.Market, took into account the opinions of specialists on Russian and foreign specialized sites, and studied the statistics of service centers and top quality brands of household appliances according to Roskachestvo experts.

  •  The review contains both inexpensive and compact options suitable for a small-sized kitchen, as well as solid, roomy refrigerators that are suitable for a private house or a large apartment.

20. Refrigerator LG GA-B379SLUL

LG GA-B379SLUL in the 2023 refrigerator rating (price / quality)

  • WxHxD: 59.50x173.70x65.50 cm
  • total volume: 261 l
  • defrosting: no frost
  • energy class: A +
  • refrigerator compartment volume: 182 l
  • freezer volume: 79 l
  • compressor type: inverter

  •  The model opens the top of the best refrigerators in 2023 with such options as: reversible doors and a display that shows the temperature and indication of the open door, a spacious freezer equipped with three drawers. During the day, the refrigerator is able to freeze up to 9,3 kg of food.

  •  One of the main advantages of LG GA-B379SLUL is the inverter compressor, which is characterized by low noise and energy consumption, evenly cools the freezer and refrigerator, and is more reliable than a conventional compressor.

pros and cons

19. Refrigerator Hyundai 1193641

Hyundai 1193641

  • WxHxD: 83.60x178x63.60 cm
  • Total volume: 476 l
  • Defrost: No Frost
  • Energy class A+
  • Refrigerator volume: 271 l
  • Freezer volume: 165 l
  • Compressor type: standard
  • Freezing capacity 12 kg/day

  •  An elegant, silent Chinese-made refrigerator will decorate any kitchen interior. It has Super Freeze and Super Cool modes, and is one of the best value options for those who can't imagine a kitchen without a side-by-side refrigerator (the doors are placed next to each other, like a cabinet).

  •  In the reviews, users write that when using the Hyundai CS4502F, you need to get used to closing the doors. You need to hold them only by the black part of the handle, otherwise you can easily pinch your fingers.

Pros and cons beautiful design spacious freezer non-staining body LED-backlit no sound notification of open doors

18. Refrigerator Indesit ITR 4180 W

Indesit ITR 4180W

  • WxHxD: 60x185x64 cm
  • Total volume: 298 l
  • Defrost: No Frost
  • Energy class: A
  • Refrigerator volume: 220 l
  • Freezer volume: 78 l
  • Compressor type: standard
  • Freezing capacity: 4 kg/day

  •  If you do not want to spend time manually defrosting the refrigerator, then the Indesit ITR 4180 W will be an excellent choice.

  •  It's roomy enough to store groceries for a small family, and it's so quiet it won't wake up a sleeping baby. In addition, it is convenient to move it around the kitchen, as there are wheels on the bottom.

  •  The doors of the Indesit ITR 4180 W can be hung, and inside this reliable and high-quality refrigerator there is LED lighting.

Pros and cons not noisy No Frost system for reasonable money convenient door opening

17. Refrigerator ATLANT hm 4421-009 ND

ATLANT XM 4421-009 ND

  • WxHxD: 59.50x186.80x62.50 cm
  • Total volume: 288 l
  • Defrost: No Frost
  • Energy class: A
  • Refrigerator volume: 203 l
  • Freezer volume: 85 l
  • Freezing capacity: 6 kg/day

  •  This refrigerator has vacation, super freeze and super cool modes that are usually reserved for expensive options.

  •  Also, ATLANT XM 4421-009 ND has protection against playful children's hands, an audible signal that notifies you of an open door, and LED backlight. And Full No Frost technology eliminates the need to manually defrost the appliance.

  •  That's just the compressor for this model is not an inverter, like in "elite" refrigerators, but a regular, linear one.

Pros and cons

16. Refrigerator Scandilux SBS 711 Y02 W

Scandilux SBS 711 Y02W

  • WxHxD: 119x186x65 cm
  • Total volume: 660 l
  • Defrost: No Frost
  • Energy class: A+
  • Refrigerator volume: 380 l
  • Freezer volume: 280 l
  • Number of compressors: 2
  • Freezing capacity: 21 kg/day

  •  What is the best refrigerator to buy for your home if you like to buy groceries for the week ahead? Pay attention to Scandilux SBS 711 Y02 W. This Turkish side-by-side refrigerator is distinguished by a balanced combination of usable volume, energy efficiency and functionality. It has a freshness zone for long-term storage of fresh food, and the No Frost system ensures ice-free cooling.

  •  In addition to traditional shelves, Scandilux SBS 711 Y02 W also has a horizontal chrome shelf that can accommodate bottles of drinks. The height of the shelves on the door can be adjusted, and the doors can be repositioned.

  •  The maximum freezing capacity of one of the best refrigerators today is an impressive 21 kg of food per day – just have time to fill it with food.

Pros and cons

15. Refrigerator Biryusa 118

Biryusa 118 inexpensive refrigerator

  • WxHxD: 48x145x60.50 cm
  • Total volume: 180 l
  • Freezer defrosting: manual
  • Refrigerator defrosting: drip system
  • Energy class: A
  • Refrigerator volume: 125 l
  • Freezer volume: 55 l
  • Compressor type: standard
  • Freezing capacity: 4 kg/day

  •  Take almost any rating of the refrigerator manufacturer Biryusa, and find model 118 in it. This small and inexpensive refrigerator is ideal for a small apartment or cottage. It allows you to freeze up to 4 kg of food per day, has a manual system for defrosting the freezer, and the refrigerator thaws automatically.

  •  The refrigerator is only 48 cm wide, but please note that it requires a small space (at least 10 cm) for air circulation.

  •  According to the reviews of the owners, the refrigerator freezes perfectly, does not make noise (however, you can hear how it turns on) and is well assembled.

pros and cons

14. Refrigerator Samsung RT-25 HAR4DWW

Samsung RT-25 HAR4DWW

  • WxHxD: 55.50x163.50x63.70 cm
  • Total volume: 255 l
  • Defrost: No Frost
  • Energy class: A+
  • Refrigerator volume: 202 l
  • Freezer volume: 53 l
  • Compressor type: inverter
  • Freezing capacity 5 kg/day

  •  This is a top freezer model, which is usually cheaper than French door models (hinged at the top and freezer at the bottom). The refrigerator is quite small and compact, suitable for a family of 2-3 people.

  •  While the Samsung RT-25 HAR4DWW lacks Wi-Fi capabilities or other bells and whistles, this model boasts several useful features including No Frost and an ice maker.

  •  The Easy Slide pull-out shelf makes it easy to both arrange and remove food from the refrigerator. And a small bottle of ketchup and a tall bottle of drink will fit in a high door pocket.

  •  The inverter motor Samsung RT-25 HAR4DWW has 7 speeds and runs quietly, without howls and jerks.

pros and cons

13. Refrigerator Biryusa SBS 587 BG

Turquoise SBS 587 BG

  • WxHxD: 89.50x178.80x69 cm
  • Total volume: 510 l
  • Defrost: No Frost
  • Energy class: A+
  • Refrigerator volume: 335 l
  • Freezer volume: 175 l
  • Compressor type: inverter
  • Freezing capacity: 10 kg/day

  •  This elegant-looking device was made in China by order of Biryusa KZH OJSC. Its distinguishing features are removable glass doors, Full No Frost system and Donper inverter motor.

  •  The refrigerator works quietly, the maximum noise level is 43dB. Alas, despite the high price of this model, it does not have an ice maker or a freshness zone. But there is a display, sound indication of an open door, and modes:

  • "Vacation" to save energy,
  • "Super Freeze" for fast freezing of a large number of products in the freezer,
  • "Super Cool" for quickly cooling food at room temperature.
Pros and cons works quietly cools fast-strength tempered glass shelves can withstand weight up to 30 kg beautiful design wide shelves on the door very easily soiled doors you cannot rearrange or adjust the height of the drawers on the doors if the floor in the kitchen is uneven, the refrigerator will make noise and the doors will be skewed

12. Refrigerator Bosch KGN39VI25R

Bosch KGN39VI25R

  • WxHxD: 60x203x66 cm
  • Total volume: 388 l
  • Defrost: No Frost
  • Energy class: A+
  • Refrigerator volume: 280 l
  • Freezer volume: 108 l
  • Compressor type: inverter
  • Freezing capacity: 15 kg/day

  •  The interior of the Bosch 400 Series Refrigerator offers flexible storage space, including 4 drawers (5 shelves in total), bottle and egg holders, and an oil dish.

  •  The refrigerator will beep when the door is open. The door itself can be hung and opened 90°.

  •  The refrigerator is equipped with a proprietary Bosch VarioInverter inverter, the noise level of which is only 38 dB.

  •  The freezer is equipped with three drawers and has a freshness zone with three humidity levels. A charcoal filter eliminates unpleasant odors from the freezer.

  •  The advantages of Bosch KGN39VI25R include rapid cooling and freezing modes to preserve nutrients in vegetables and fruits.

Pros and cons rich functionality quiet beautiful design spacious freezer how to smoothly turn on the light you need to get used to it plastic door shelves are easy to scratch

11. Refrigerator Bosch KGN39AI32R

Bosch KGN39AI32R

  • WxHxD: 60x203x66 cm
  • Total volume: 388 l
  • Defrost: No Frost
  • Energy class: A++
  • Freshness zone: humid, volume: 21 l
  • Refrigerator volume: 280 l
  • Freezer volume: 108 l
  • Freezing capacity: 15 kg/day

  •  Unlike the previous model in the popular rating of refrigerators according to user reviews, the Bosch KGN39AI32R has a lower energy consumption (263 kWh/year versus 345 kWh/year).

  •  The model has an inverter compressor from Embraco, which has been on the market since the 70s of the last century. It supports smartphone control via the Home Connect app. Thanks to the PerfectFit system, the refrigerator can be placed close to furniture or a wall, saving space in the kitchen.

  •  Of the useful features of the Bosch KGN39AI32R, I note: an open door alarm, super-freeze and super-cooling functions, as well as a display that displays the current temperature.

Pros and consQuiet energy efficientStrict and beautiful designlarge drawers in the freezercan be placed close to the walldifficult to outweigh the doorprice

10. Refrigerator ATLANT hm-4426-049-ND

ATLANT hm-4426-049-ND entered the top 10 refrigerators of 2023

  • WxHxD: 59.50x206.80x62.50 cm
  • Total volume: 357 l
  • Defrost: No Frost
  • Energy class: A
  • Refrigerator volume: 247 l
  • Freezer volume: 85 l

  •  The top 10 best refrigerators are opened by the Belarusian ATLANT. The products of this manufacturer are distinguished by high-quality assembly, rich functionality and an acceptable price for Russian buyers.

  •  ATLANT hm-4426-049-ND is part of the Premium series. The refrigerator has a Full NO FROST system, a touch-controlled LED display, a self-diagnostic system, a timer and child protection.

  •  Integrated end handles make it easy to open and close the fridge, and the sides of the freezer baskets have handles for easy movement.

  •  Like other premium models, the Belarusian refrigerator supports super-freezing and fast cooling, and has the “Vacation” function. During operation, it makes noise, but not much (43 dB).

Pros and cons reversible doors stylish design works quiet-capacious fragile plastic drawers in the freezer

9. Refrigerator Gorenje RK 4181 PS4

Gorenje RK 4181 PS4

  • WxHxD: 55x180x55.70 cm
  • Total volume: 264 l
  • Refrigerator defrosting: drip system
  • Energy class: A+
  • Refrigerator volume: 198 l
  • Freezer volume: 66 l
  • Freezing capacity: 3 kg/day

  •  Gorenje, part of the Hisense Group, is famous for its reliable and durable appliances made in Serbia and China. Model RK 4181 PS4 is just a Chinese assembly – high-quality, factory.

  •  The refrigerator does not have any special “bells and whistles”, everything is budgetary – re-hung doors, shelves rearranged in height, mechanical control, manual defrosting of the freezer and drip – of the refrigerator. Energy consumption is low – 248 kWh / year. The freezer compartment has three drawers, and the freezer itself needs to be defrosted no more than once a year.

Pros and cons very quiet compact energy efficient neat and strict design it is difficult to outweigh the doors low height of the sides of the trays on the door no alarm about an open door

8. Refrigerator Biryusa M50

Biryusa M50

  • WxHxD: 47.20x49.20x45 cm
  • Total volume: 43 l
  • Refrigerator compartment defrosting: manual
  • Energy class: A+
  • Refrigerator volume: 45 l

  •  If you need a small, light, but cooling "like a beast" refrigerator in the office, in the country or on the balcony, and that costs no more than 10 rubles, then this is Biryusa M000. The average temperature in his refrigerating chamber is kept at plus 50°C, the minimum is plus 4°C. The volume of the freezer is 2 liters, the temperature is minus 5°C.

  •  This refrigerator needs to be defrosted no more than a couple of times a year, has a low energy consumption of 106 kWh / year, and is equipped with an ice maker. Add to this the reversible doors and the presence of a lock, and you will understand that for such a price you will not find a better option.

Pros and cons

7. Refrigerator Indesit ITR 4200 E

Indesit ITR 4200 E

  • WxHxD: 60x195x64 cm
  • Total volume: 325 l
  • Defrost: No Frost
  • Energy class: A
  • Refrigerator volume: 247 l
  • Freezer volume: 78 l
  • Compressor type: standard
  • Freezing capacity 4 kg/day

  •  Indesit is one of the best brands of refrigerator today. Its products are manufactured in several countries of the world, including Russia. Here is the ITR 4200 E model – Russian assembly. Therefore, it will be easier to find accessories for it than in the case of imported models.

  •  The features of this refrigerator are reversible doors, height-adjustable shelves made of durable tempered glass (according to the manufacturer, they can withstand up to 100 kg) and light / sound indication of an open door. Also, the Indesit ITR 4200 E has adjustable front legs.

Pros and cons there is a pull-out compartment for vegetables and fruits simple electromechanical control low (43 dB) noise level capacious freezer thick rubber band that makes it difficult to open the door

6. Refrigerator Ginzzu NFK-510 White glass

Ginzzu NFK-510 White glass

  • WxHxD: 83.30x182x65.40 cm
  • Total volume: 482 l
  • Defrost: No Frost
  • Energy class: A+
  • Refrigerator volume: 321 l
  • Freezer volume: 161 l
  • Freezing capacity: 12 kg/day

  •  The Taiwanese company Ginzzu produces household and audio equipment, gadgets and PC components. Its products cannot be called budget, but this is due to the high build quality and excellent performance.

  •  The NFK-510 White model boasts a large useful volume, super-freeze and super-cooling modes, and relatively low energy consumption – 372 kWh / year.

  •  The refrigerator emits an audible alert when the door is open, and during operation it makes less noise than more compact models – 42 dB.

Pros and cons capacious quiet large compartments on the door

5. Refrigerator Vestfrost VF 911 X

Vestfrost VF 911X

  • WxHxD: 91x185x76 cm
  • Total volume: 645 l
  • Defrost: No Frost
  • Energy class: A+
  • Freshness zone: dry, volume: 38 l
  • Refrigerator volume: 410 l
  • Freezer volume: 235 l
  • Freezing capacity: 7 kg/day

  •  This French Door refrigerator, although it has a solid energy consumption of 461 kWh / year, is ideal for a large household. It has a vacation, super-freeze and super-cooling mode. In addition, the refrigerator is protected from accidental pressing of buttons (this is child protection), and has an antibacterial coating.

  •  The freshness zone on the telescopic rails maintains a high level of humidity at zero temperature. The freezer compartment has two spacious drawers, also on telescopic rails. And Cold Wrap Cooling technology minimizes heat transfer from walls to keep food fresh longer.

Pros and cons very roomy strong aluminum handles there is a display sound and light indication of an open door quiet price

4. Refrigerator Jacky's JLF FI1860

Refrigerator Jacky's JLF FI1860

  • WxHxD: 119x186x65 cm
  • Total volume: 711 l
  • Defrost: No Frost
  • Energy class: A+
  • Freshness zone: dry, volume: 22 l
  • Refrigerator volume: 382 l
  • Freezer volume: 307 l
  • Number of compressors: 2
  • Freezing capacity: 21 kg/day

  •  Being a premium model of the English brand Jacky's JLF FI1860 received 2 compressors at once, and several operating modes, ranging from intensive cooling and economical mode to "Vacation" and drinks cooling mode.

  •  It has a protection against accidental pressing, an antibacterial surface and strong handles that allow you to open the door without effort and shock so that nothing falls off the shelves.

  •  The advantages of this model also include a folding shelf, which allows you to increase the usable space inside the refrigerator, and a height-adjustable (6 positions) door shelf.

  •  Innovative technologies Jacky's JLF FI1860 boasts ionization technology to neutralize unpleasant odors and bacteria, as well as Maxi Fresh ethylene gas absorption technology.

Pros and conscapacity thoughtful design, ranging from chrome-plated edging of shelves to double-sided LED-backlightingcomfortable handleslow noise level – 41 dBprice

3. Refrigerator Hotpoint-Ariston HTS 5200 W

Hotpoint-Ariston HTS 5200W

  • WxHxD: 60x200x64 cm
  • Total volume: 325 l
  • Defrost: No Frost
  • Energy class: A
  • Refrigerator volume: 247 l
  • Freezer volume: 78 l
  • Freezing capacity 4 kg/day

  •  This Russian-made refrigerator is equipped with a comfortable handle with a pusher and a display that shows the current temperature. It has reversible doors, a Fast cooling system for quick cooling of products and autonomous cold storage for up to 14 hours.

  •  Hotpoint-Ariston HTS 5200 W does not require defrosting. It is spacious enough (5 glass shelves in the fridge and 3 drawers in the freezer) to hold groceries for a family of 2-3. A light and sound indication of the closed door will warn you if you forgot to close the refrigerator.

  •  A small but nice fact: the Hotpoint-Ariston HTS 5200 W egg holder holds 10 eggs, not 8 or 6 like more economical manufacturers.

Pros and cons Quiet (40 dB) Stylish design Roomy some users complain about plastic crackling

2. Refrigerator Weissgauff WSBS 500 NFX Inverter

Weissgauff WSBS 500 NFX Inverter

  • WxHxD: 90.50x177x59 cm
  • Total volume: 436 l
  • Defrost: No Frost
  • Energy class: A++
  • Refrigerator volume: 291 l
  • Freezer volume: 145 l
  • Compressor type: inverter
  • Freezing capacity: 10 kg/day

  •  A two-chamber refrigerator is very advantageous in terms of both capacity and energy consumption. It consumes only 302 kWh per year.

  •  It has a reliable Chinese-made inverter compressor (the model itself is also made in China), a matte, non-marking surface, and a touch screen on the door. For fast freezing of products and preservation of useful substances in them, super-freezing and super-cooling modes are provided.

  •  There is also protection against accidental pressing and sound notification of an open door.

Pros and ConsElegant Side-by-Side DesignHigh Freezing PowerQuietNo Fresh ZoneNo Ice Maker

1. Refrigerator Beko B5RCNK363ZXBR

Beko B5RCNK363ZXBR the best refrigerator of 2023

  • WxHxD: 59.50x186x65 cm
  • Total volume: 368 l
  • Defrost: No Frost
  • Energy class: A++
  • Freshness zone: dry, volume: 25 l
  • Refrigerator volume: 220 l
  • Freezer volume: 100 l
  • Compressor type: inverter
  • Freezing capacity: 6 kg/day

  •  Here are seven reasons why you should choose this particular refrigerator from a huge number of options.

  1. Vacation mode.
  2. Super freeze mode.
  3. Child protection.
  4. Possibility to move doors.
  5. Large freshness zone for vegetables and fruits.
  6. Touch screen.
  7. Sound indication of an open door.

  •  In addition to the above, Beko B5RCNK363ZXBR is equipped with a 10-cell egg tray, and even a dumpling tray. And the HarvestFresh technology with three-color lighting in the fruit and vegetable compartment prolongs the process of photosynthesis, and helps preserve vitamins in food longer.

Pros and consoptimum ratio of characteristics and costquiet-capacity freezer with three containersworkseconomical energy consumption – only 265 kWh / yearno shortcomings