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The richest heirs of Russia 2021, Forbes rating



  •  The sons and daughters of Russian billionaires are the people who in the future can significantly influence the economic and political situation in the country. It is not surprising that Forbes experts are closely watching them, calculating what fortune the “diamond” youth will get from their parents.

  •  Here is what the top 10 richest heirs of Russian billionaires look like as of 2021.

10. Anton and Ekaterina Fedun

  •  Both the son and daughter of Lukoil shareholder Leonid Fedun prefer London fogs to Russian birch trees.

  •  Ekaterina and her family live in London, and Anton owns two luxury London hotels, The Ampersand and Vintry & Mercer, as well as five restaurants.

9. Tatyana Rakhno, Olga Rashnikova

  •  Tatyana Rakhno in the 90s helped her father (Viktor Rashnikov) supply the products of the Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works abroad. And she got into the construction business. Tatyana is no stranger to the beautiful, her Teatralny Roman LLC organizes theater and opera performances and concerts.

  •  Olga was also involved in the family business, she worked at MMK for 13 years and after leaving her post she retained her seat on the board of directors.

8. Maria Kozitsyna

  •  Maria's father, Andrey Kozitsyn, owns the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company, which provides 40% of Russian cathode copper production.

  •  Maria herself, a graduate of the Lomonosov school "Intek" with a gold medal, is now studying for a master's degree at the Higher School of Economics at the Faculty of World Economy.

7. Ksenia Frank, Natalia and Ivan Timchenko

  •  All the children of the Russian entrepreneur Gennady Timchenko were educated abroad.

  1. The eldest daughter, Natalya, graduated from Oxford and, according to Forbes, is engaged in cinema.
  2. Ksenia Frank studied at the University of Edinburgh, and after graduation she came to work in a family charitable foundation. She is also a co-owner of the Eat Derevenskoye natural products delivery service.
  3. The youngest son of Gennady, Ivan, is still studying at the University of Geneva.

  •  Gennady Timchenko, who is considered among the friends of Vladimir Putin, owns a part of the shares of such giants as Sibur and NOVATEK, the Kolmar coal mining company, the Transoil railway operator, Rossiya Bank, and others.

6. Mikhail Durov, daughter

  •  Almost nothing is known about the offspring of the "father" VKontakte Pavel Durov. Even the name of the girl remains a secret, Forbes managed to find out only the name of the son of Durov Sr.

  •  The children of Pavel Durov for the first time entered the rating of the richest heirs according to Forbes. Their mother, presumably, is Daria Mikhailovna Bondarenko, whom Pavel knew at St Petersburg University. However, Durov is not officially married, and even in 2020 he shared the rules of life with the readers of his Telegram channel, one of which reads:

  •  “Live alone. Surprisingly, all the young-looking, middle-aged men I spoke to lived most of their lives in solitude. This may be a result of their independence from the sleep/eating/behavior patterns of the other person. Or is it just a correlation, and people who are independent of unhealthy social norms are also independent in their personal lives.”

5. Tara and Adrian Melnichenko

  •  Nine-year-old Tara and four-year-old Adrian hardly think about such serious things as managing Eurochem and SUEK. This is done by their father, Andrei Melnichenko.

  •  And in their free time, one of the richest families travels on their own yacht, equipped with everything necessary for a luxurious holiday, including a spa complex, a swimming pool and a cinema.

4. Dmitry, Yuri and Anastasia Lisin

  •  Three heirs of the owner of the Novolipetsk Iron and Steel Works (NLMK Group's main asset) and the transport holding Universal Cargo Logistics are actively involved in the family business.

  1. Dmitry is a member of the board of directors of all parent companies.
  2. Yuri owns the Luxembourg company RiskInvest Holding, which owns a 4,26% stake in the Cypriot company Fletcher Group, associated with Vladimir Lisin.
  3. Daughter Anastasia is also on the board of directors of the Fletcher Group.

3. Jahangir Mahmudov

  •  The father of one of the richest business heirs, Iskandar Makhmudov, is the founder and head of the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company. The son continues the family business, and holds the post of director for the transformation of the UMMC.

  •  This program is aimed at improving working conditions and introducing lean production tools that will make it possible to interest not only management, but also ordinary employees in improving the company.

  •  In addition to his work at UMMC, Jahangir Makhmudov owns Inframine, which offers digital solutions for Kazzinc, Glencore and other enterprises in the coal, metallurgical and chemical industries.

2. Victoria Michelson, son

  •  The youngest son of the owner of the Novatek gas company and the Sibur petrochemical holding, Leonid Mikhelson, is still small (born in 2015), but his daughter Victoria has already chosen her path.

  •  She is fond of art history, is a member of the board of trustees of the New Museum, and also manages two foundations created by Michelson Sr. In addition, in 2018, the construction company Nova, the contractor of Novatek, was transferred to Victoria.

  •  Little is known about Victoria's personal life, she is not a media person and is not involved in "star" scandals. It is only clear that this girl is one of the wealthiest brides (and the United States, because most of her life is spent there).

1. Yusuf Alekperov is Russia's richest heir

  •  The only heir to the president and main shareholder of Lukoil, Vagit Alekperov, although he was born with a “diamond spoon in his mouth”, does not waste, but increases the family fortune.

  •  He has his own holding "Ekto", the pearl of which is the dealer of Mercedes-Benz, the Lukavto company. Last year, its revenue amounted to 7,4 billion rubles.

  •  In addition, Alekperov Jr. is on the board of directors of FC Spartak, and this is not surprising, because his father is one of the main shareholders of the club.

  •  Yusuf will not follow in his father's footsteps, although he happened to work for several years in the oil and gas industry at the insistence of Alekperov Sr. As a result, Vagit said that the reins of Lukoil would not be transferred to his son, but to one of his trusted employees.

  •  In his spare time, Yusuf collects expensive cars and travels the world with his wife Alice.