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Rating of the largest buyers of Russian oil

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The oil market (as well as any other area where big money is circulating) is closed from the prying eyes of the profane and the uninitiated. Only the total sales volumes (244.5 million tons of crude oil in 2015) and the amount (89.6 billion) are known. However, Forbes magazine managed to lift the veil of secrecy over multibillion-dollar transactions and draw up rating of the largest buyers of Russian oil. The first twenty names on the list account for 190.2 million tons, or 80% of all crude oil exports.


10 Concept Oil Services

Opens the top 10, perhaps the most mysterious company – Concept Oil Services. The only thing known about it is that it is located in Hong Kong, but the names of the owners and even the CEO are a secret. According to the Russian media, the owner of Concept Oil Services is most likely a Russian, possibly one of the employees of the Ministry of Energy and/or Transneft. More accurate data were obtained on the total volume of oil purchases from Russia (5.9 million tons), the amount of contracts ($2.3 billion) and the price of one barrel ($53.3).

9. Tatneft Europe

  •  A subsidiary of Tatneft bought 8.1 million tons of oil for $2.9 billion ($48.9 per barrel).no1tiqer

8 Ros-GIP Limited

  •  Ros-GIP Limited was established by the trading concern Glencore specifically for the supply of oil and oil products from Rosneft. Rosneft pledged to supply the $10 billion in oil it needed to buy TNK-VK in 2013. In 2015, Ros-GIP Limited received 8.1 million tons of oil for a total of $2.9 billion at a price of $49.7 per barrel.vctiugtp

7. Mercuria Energy Trading

  •  In 2015, this large Swiss trading company purchased 7.8 million tons of Russian oil for $3 billion ($52.3 per barrel). The company resold most of the oil purchased in the Russian Federation to the Polish company Orlen, which itself actively trades with Russia.vumdkxoz

6. Shell International Trading

  •  Shell International Trading is a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell, which itself has long been engaged in the development of oil fields along with Gazprom. Nevertheless, last year Shell International bought 9.7 million tons of oil from Russia for a total of $3.6 billion at a price of $51.1 per barrel.0bkwvkxp

5. Orlen

  •  Orlen is partly owned by the State Treasury of the Republic of Poland and is a longtime partner of Rosneft. The total volume of purchases in 2015 amounted to 10 million tons. At a price of $51.2 per barrel, the total amount was $3.7 billion.iithih5e

4. Trafigura

  •  Trafigura's interests are not limited to the purchase of Russian oil (although in 2015 the company purchased 12.9 million tons of oil at a price of $4.9 billion, one barrel – $52.3). It is a major player in the metals and mineral fertilizers market. The main partners are Rosneft and Surgutneftegaz.mwm1nlq2

3. Total Oil Trading

  •  The top 3 largest buyers of oil from the Russian Federation are opened by a subsidiary of the French company Total. In 2015, it bought $5.2 billion worth of oil from Russia in the amount of 14.5 million tons at a price of $49.3 per barrel. The main Russian partners are Rosneft, Gazprom Neft and Surgutneftegaz.2pm50fpf

2. China National United Oil Corporation

  •  A subdivision of a Chinese state-owned company bought 26.9 million tons of oil and oil products from Russia for a total of $10.5 billion (the price of a barrel is $53.6). The main partners of CNPC are Rosneft and Transneft. However, the interests of the Chinese giant are not limited to the Russian Federation; The company is active in the international market.dmwpz0m5


  •  In 2015, this company purchased 35.8 million tons of oil from Russia for $13 billion at a price of $49.7 per barrel, which put it in first place among buyers of Russian oil. All shares of Litasco are owned by Lukoil. Predictably, Litasco's main partner is Lukoil, but the company also buys oil and oil products from Rosneft and Surgutneftegaz. However, Litasco's activities are not limited to Lukoil's oil exports. For example, after the lifting of sanctions against Iran, the company was one of the first to purchase Iranian oil products.pbvbgft3