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The best mortgage banks in 2023



  •  According to VTB, the share of mortgage programs with artificially reduced rates increased from 33% to 80% in March. And in general, mortgage ranks first among all other types of credit.

  •  But what is the best mortgage? In this article, I will suggest the top 10 mortgage programs with the best rates in 2022. The rating is based on data from, Banks of Russia and

10. RNKB, Mortgage for secondary housing


  • Site:
  • Bet: from 11,3%
  • Sum loan: up to 3 million rubles

  •  Eligible residential properties include:

  1. apartments,
  2. cottages,
  3. townhouses.

  •  The term of the loan agreement is from three to 25 years.

  •  This mortgage can be obtained by citizens of the Russian Federation from 21 to 75 years old (as of the date of the last payment), with a work experience of 3 months or more and permanent registration. For persons over 70 years of age, a co-borrower is required.

9. Gazprombank, Preferential mortgage


  • Site:
  • Bet: from 5,99%
  • Sum loan: up to 3 million rubles

  •  The smallest loan amount is 15% of the property value (or at least 100 thousand rubles). The minimum term is 1 year, the limit is 30 years. Citizens of the Russian Federation who are over 20 years old and up to 70 years old (at the time of repayment of the mortgage) can take the "Preferential Mortgage".

  •  The total length of service must be 1 year or more, the total time of continuous experience at the current place of work – from 3 months.

  •  When applying for a “Preferential mortgage”, real estate is necessarily insured. There is also voluntary insurance, but if you refuse it, then 1 percentage point is added to the rate.

8. Raiffeisenbank, Family mortgage


  • Site: (program closed)
  • Bet: 5,99%
  • Sum loan: up to 12 million rubles

  •  If other Russian banks offering profitable mortgages make a note "rate from ...", then the offer from Raiffeisenbank has only one interest rate, with no hidden conditions. Comfortable!

  •  This mortgage can be used by couples with a child (or several children), who will make a 15% down payment. The shortest mortgage term is one year, the maximum is 30 years.

7. Bank Sinara, Preferential mortgage for new buildings


  • Site:
  • Bet: from 5,55%
  • Sum loan: up to 3 million rubles

  •  This mortgage with a good interest rate is issued for a period of three to thirty years, Russians from 21 to 65 years (at the time of loan repayment). Individual entrepreneurs and business owners who wish to take this loan must work without loss for 2 years, employees must work at least 3 months at their current place of work.

  •  The borrower must have the funds to deposit an amount of 15% or more of the value of the purchased property.

6. Sberbank, Mortgage with state support


  • Site:
  • Bet: from 5,39%
  • Sum loan: up to 2,7 million rubles

  •  Sberbank offers this mortgage program with a low interest rate for a period of not less than a year and not more than 30 years. It is intended for persons with Russian citizenship, and aged 21 to 75 years. The borrower must have at least three months of experience at the current place of work.

  •  Of course, it was not without pitfalls, they are: an initial payment of 20% and the connection of a subsidy program with developers. Otherwise, the base rate of 6,25% applies.

5. Alfa Bank, Family mortgage


  • Site:
  • Bet: from 5,39%
  • Sum loan: up to 12 million rubles

  •  This loan can be taken by those who want to buy housing in a new building or on the secondary market, or refinance their current mortgage. A “Family Mortgage” is issued to both individuals working for hire (experience from 12 months, term of work in one place – from 4 months), and individual entrepreneurs.

  •  It is required to make an initial contribution – from 20%, maternity capital funds are also suitable. The loan term of Alfa Bank is longer than that of Sberbank – from three to 30 years.

  •  It is mandatory to insure the property accepted by the Bank as collateral for the entire term of the loan.

4. Rosbank, Family mortgage


  • Site:
  • Bet: from 4,50%
  • Sum loan: up to 12 million rubles

  •  This low rate real estate loan in 2022 can be taken out for up to 25 years. It is intended for couples with children (first and / or subsequent), as well as for persons who have a disabled child.

  •  Both the borrower and his children must have citizenship of the Russian Federation. You need to pay from 20% of the price of a finished or under construction mortgage apartment.

3. PSB, Family mortgage


  • Site:
  • Bet: from 4,39%
  • Sum loan: up to 6-12 million rubles

  •  Residents of Russia who have had their first child or subsequent children can become participants in this program. The bank offers the maximum amount of 12 million rubles only to residents of the capital and St. Petersburg (as well as the Moscow and Leningrad regions, respectively). The rest of the regions will have to be content with a maximum of 6 million rubles.

  •  "Family mortgage" is issued for a period of 3 to 30 years, the minimum down payment is 15%, the maximum is 80% of the cost of the purchased housing. In the absence of insurance, 5% is added to the interest rate.

  •  Borrowers can be people aged 21 to 65 years (as of the loan repayment date). They must have at least 1 year of work experience and at least 4 months of continuous work experience in the last position.

2. VTB, Mortgage with state support


  • Site:
  • Bet: from 4,3%
  • Sum loan: up to 3 million rubles

  •  The borrower is required to make a down payment – at least 15% of the cost of housing (maternity capital is suitable). You can take a loan for a period of 1 to 30 years. The base rate of "Mortgages with state support" is 6,35%, but it can be reduced using electronic banking services and life and disability insurance.

  •  Please note that 4,3% is a preferential rate for the first six months. Or the preferential rate for the first year is 5,3%, and then the rate is 6,5%.

  •  Citizens of the Russian Federation from 21 to 60 years old (at the end of the loan) who have a permanent job for a period of 6 months or more can purchase housing from a developer or under an equity agreement.

1. Bank DOM.RF, Far Eastern Mortgage


  • Site:
  • Bet: from 0,01%
  • Sum loan: up to 6 million rubles

  •  The mortgage with the lowest interest rate is offered to buy an apartment or house in the Far Eastern Federal District, and it can be repaid within 3-20 years. They can take it:

  • Family Russians up to 35 years.
  • Single parents under 35 with children under 19.
  • Citizens of the Russian Federation participating in the Far Eastern Hectare program.
  • Citizens of the Russian Federation participating in the program "Improving the mobility of labor resources".

  •  Confirmation of work experience is required – from 3 months at the last place of work or break-even business activity for 2 years for individual entrepreneurs.

  •  The borrower must deposit at least 15% of the value of housing in the primary or secondary market.