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Top 10 weirdest children's books

Weird Children's Books


  •  Books teach children reasonable, kind, eternal. Or the fact that everyone poops. It depends on what kind of book your child gets.

  •  Here are the top 10 weirdest children's books. Some of them are better not to give to children. Others can be classified as funny and unusual, but harmless to the child's psyche.

10. "Adventures of poop." Anna Suchkova


  •  This children's book will introduce its reader to...faeces traveling the world. Fortunately, there will be no physiological details, the poop peacefully wanders and finds a new home. Why is it for children? The answer is unknown to me.

9. "How the king went to girls." Savely Rizovsky


  •  The plot of this book is simple and strange at the same time: a certain king is fascinated by the bow of the girl Verochka, and tries to take it away in various ways. Having obtained the coveted object, the tsar buys himself a dress and leaves the post of head of state in good girls.

8. "The little mole who wanted to know who put it on his head." Werner Holzwarth


  •  On the cover of this book, a very disgruntled, for obvious reasons, mole flaunts. I do not envy the one to whom the mole is so resolutely directed.

  •  Jokes aside, there are many very strange children's books that are somehow related to the process of emptying the bowel or bladder. Yes, many children find this topic amusing. But is it worth dedicating an entire book to it? As the experience of Werner Holzwart shows, yes, it is worth it, because the story about the Mole has become a bestseller. It has been translated into 27 languages, and the circulation has exceeded 3 million copies.

7. "Polish opens a museum." Kanstad Junsen


  •  But this is an unusual, but instructive and interesting children's book. Its main character is a log that lives in the forest and collects various items (leaves, chips, things left by tourists), filling their hut with them.

  •  Gradually, it turns into a museum, and Polesh has to catalog his valuables and even make posters for the museum.

  •  In a language accessible to a child, the book tells about the creation of advertising for the museum and the features of the selection, storage and accounting of exhibits.

6. "Coraline". Neil Gaiman


  •  A dark children's tale about a girl named Coraline, who found a secret door to another world in her house. Coraline's father and mother are also there, and even kinder than the real ones. Only instead of eyes, the “new” parents have buttons, and their behavior from sweet and good-natured at first slowly becomes creepy.

5. "Red hand, black sheet, green fingers." Edward Uspensky


  •  This story, based on children's horror stories, has frightened more than one generation of children. It was first published in Pioneer magazine in 1990. Not particularly impressionable natures, this book is more likely to make laugh, but timid children can be very impressed.

4. "Don't let the pigeon drive the bus." Mo Willems


  •  The protagonist of this unusual and funny book for young children is a resourceful pigeon who persuades the child to let him drive the bus. Thanks to this story, the child understands what “no” means.

3. "Door Starship". Evdokia Marchenko


  •  The third place in the selection is occupied by one of the worst books for children both in terms of perception and logic. How do you like this passage?

«You are now opening the most magical of all books, because it will be about you. And the main thing now is to say your name. Do you already know who you were born on this planet Earth: a boy or a girl? If you are a boy, then you need to write your name under the rainbow. If you are a girl, then you need to write your name under the radius».

  •  If this is not enough, then imagine that the boys are trihedral crystals, and the girls are corals with three branches. This is how the author of The Door Starship describes them.

2. "The personal life of my cat." Gilles Bachelet


  •  This is the third part of a whole series of cute and kind children's books called "My Cat". What is its uniqueness? The fact that the role of the cat in all the pictures is played by ... an elephant. Graceful, and assuming postures more characteristic of cats, but still an elephant.

1. "I didn't do my homework because...". David Kali


Judging by the reviews of readers (and readers), this funny and unusual book delights children. After all, it contains a lot of the most amazing, absurd and implausible explanations for the lack of homework. For example: "We've run out of wood. I had to sacrifice notebooks to keep warm».