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Top 15 video games with the best cutscenes



Video game directing is a pure art these days, on par with, and sometimes superior to, most Hollywood productions. And you yourself will see it in top 15 video games with the best cutscenes.

Cut-scene - this is an episode in a computer game, usually with an interruption of the gameplay, in which the player has little or no influence on the events taking place.

  •  All participants in the selection are in random order. The list includes both introductory videos and videos from the middle or end of the game.

15. Devil May Cry 5

  •  Perhaps one of the greatest video game comebacks of the last decade sits the player down, tells them to take a deep breath, and fills their lives with heavy metal, monster hordes, and sexy, cigarette-smelling fighting style.

  •  Designed for both die-hard fans of the series and new players alike, DMC5 opens with credits that will make even John Wick feel like a pathetic amateur. The protagonist Nero spectacularly jumps out of the passenger seat of the van and begins to kill as many demons as he can in slow-mo. This scene sets the player up perfectly on what to expect from this game.

14. Red Dead Redemption 2

  •  In a game filled with cowboys, betrayals and Native American stereotypes, who would have thought that tuberculosis would become the hero's main rival.

  •  When Arthur Morgan finally succumbs to his illness, he does so on top of a mountain, in a fight with another guy. At the conclusion of the fight, the camera follows Arthur as he frantically crawls to a spot on a cliff where he can see the sunrise for the last time.

  •  The music escalates, the camera lingers on Arthur's body, the sun rises brightly, and Morgan takes his last breath.

13. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

  •  When a game aims to be an epic fantasy saga, it needs to show players something special. And The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion sets the bar high from the start.

  •  Players are waiting for a short monologue of the Emperor of Tamriel, originally voiced by the famous Patrick Stewart. He explains that his life is coming to an end and that a great evil is about to befall the earth. After that, a beautiful panoramic view of the Imperial City opens up, and an unforgettable soundtrack begins, instilling in the players a sense of surprise and anticipation.

12. World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

  •  WoW has a lot of great cutscenes. But veterans of the game remember one of them with special warmth. This is the "Battle of the Gates of Wrath", which briefly united the Alliance and the Horde, instilled fear after the appearance of the unforgiving Lich King, and showed "what a twist" with the appearance of the Forsaken, ready to pour the plague on all who are not with them.

  •  Epic music, atmospheric voice acting, attention to small details, dramatic plot – these are the main, but not the only components of the success of one of the best gaming videos of all time.

  •  And the phrases from the video, like: “Do you think we forgot? Do you think we have forgiven? go "Death to the Scourge! And death to all living things! have long become memes in the World of Warcraft community.

11. The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings

  •  The Witcher franchise is a fantasy setting rich in both history and characters. While The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt may be the most impressive video game in the series, the second installment kicks off with a gripping opening cinematic that's hard to beat.

  •  Against the backdrop of a noisy party on the ship of King Demavend of Aedirn, players watch as the witcher Leto of Guleta freezes part of the team and cracks down on the royal bodyguards. In the end, Leto brutally executes Demavend and beheads him.

10. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

  •  The narrative eventually leads Geralt of Rivia to a secluded island in search of his long-lost ward Ciri.

  •  The scene that follows is filled with emotion and grief as Geralt slowly enters the room and finds Ciri unconscious on the bed. At the same time, the camera focuses on the door, on the furniture, and even on Geralt himself – on anything but the girl.

  •  This scene without words and almost without music slowly leads the audience from despair and grief to hope.

9. Batman: Arkham Asylum

  •  There have been Batman games before Arkham Asylum, but none of them come close to making the player really feel like they're in the Batsuit.

  •  The intro video sets the tone for the entire game. It is dark, gothic, with a hint of underlying fear. As players watch Batman return the Joker to the mental hospital, literally everyone yells "something's about to go wrong." Not all characters will survive this gloomy and rainy night.

8. Mass Effect 2

  •  Mass Effect 2 is a reminder of better times, before the infamous finale of the trilogy. The second part ended with one of the most intense and climactic cut-scenes that the gaming industry is capable of. After dealing with the humanoid Reaper and destroying the Collector's base, Shepard and his team must get out of there as quickly as possible.

  •  The video is filled with powerful, inspiring music, and constantly balances between showing Shepard's comrades fleeing and the Collector's soldiers running after them. Now, if Mass Effect 3 ended with the excitement and scope shown here ...

7. God Of War (2018)

  •  Perhaps the game's best moment is the dark, nostalgic cutscene. When Kratos takes the Blades of Chaos, he does so with regret. The crackling thunder in the background creates a chilling backdrop as the hero mournfully wraps familiar chains around his bloodied hands.

  •  The camera closely follows all of this, and the player is allowed to see Kratos at his most vulnerable. This is a sad man who is haunted by the ghosts of the past.

6. Metal Gear Solid 3

  •  There is a heartbreaking scene in Metal Gear Solid 3 when the defeated Boss (nicknamed the Mother of SWAT) hands over her signature weapon to Snake and asks him to kill her.

  •  The camera switches perspective and the player watches as Snake raises a gun and points it at the camera, symbolically killing part of himself in the process.

  •  The camera then pans over the field as the white flowers turn blood red, and one of the greatest scenes in video games comes to an end.

5. Silent Hill 2

  •  In the early days of modern survival horror games, there was no clear direction on how best to scare players. The Silent Hill series took horror in a whole new direction, thanks in large part to the introduction of Pyramid Head.

  •  A scary and strange creature appears in one of the most mysterious cutscenes in the history of video games. Gamers probably regretted that they could not, like the hero of the game, hide in a closet from this terrible monster, which later became the personification of the Silent Hill franchise.

4.Final Fantasy 10

  •  There are some beautiful cutscenes that fans of the franchise are willing to watch over and over again, and Yuna's Escort Ritual from Final Fantasy 10 is one of them.

  •  Many fans of the series agree that even to this day, only a few of the commercials of the series manage to come close to this beautiful and touching scene. Every gamer should at some point see Yuna dancing gracefully on the surface of the water, guiding the souls of the dead who have not yet been able to accept their sad fate.

3. The Last Of Us

  •  Pretty much any in-game cutscene from any Naughty Dog game can be called a masterpiece, but the most gripping and heartbreaking scene for many players takes place during the opening sequence of The Last Of Us.

  •  The scene introduces players to Joel Miller and his daughter Sarah, who are trying to find a safe place as the world around them collapses amid screaming, chomping and blood. Although everything seems to be going well, the unthinkable is happening. The scene lets the players know that they are in for an emotionally challenging journey.

2. BioShock

  •  BioShock's intro video has long been considered one of the best videos in video game history.

  •  Starting with a brilliant narrative and opening lines, BioShock shows players the setting and the story behind it. And beautiful music sets the mood before the main action begins.

1. Bayonetta 2 – video contains profanity and nudity

  •  What at first looks like an innocent Sunday shopping Christmas shopping sequence quickly turns into Bayonetta's unexpectedly obscene encounter with a group of angels.

  •  And the heroine is not just temporarily exposed. When one of the attackers tears her dress, she moans sexually. Never change, Bayonetta!