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Top 10 best school uniform manufacturers in 2023



  •  A prickly, non-breathing school uniform sticking to the body is not what you want to meet September 1 in. So that parents can be calm about the comfort of their child, I have prepared the top 10 best school uniform manufacturers in 2023.

  •  The list includes children's clothing brands approved by both experts and parents on specialized forums. All participants in the selection are in random order.

A brief reminder before buying a school uniform for girls and boys

  1. Preferred materials are viscose, cotton, wool, linen, cashmere. These are natural and breathable fabrics.
  2. The recommended content of synthetics in school clothes is no more than 40%. Synthetic fibers increase the strength of the fabric, but clothes with a predominance of synthetics accumulate static electricity, and can cause allergies and skin irritation due to the chemicals used in production.
  3. Pay attention to seams and stitches. The former should be tight and smooth, the latter should be well processed and not loose.
  4. If you choose clothes in an online store, be sure to read the reviews. Dissatisfied customers are sometimes overly biased, but thanks to the reviews, you will immediately learn about the shortcomings of the model you like.
  5. Choose clothes with your child. After all, he is the one who goes to school every day, so he (or she) should like the school uniform first of all.
  6. Two or three blouses for girls plus a spare skirt or dress and two or three shirts for boys plus spare pants are the standard weekly set.

Top School Clothing Brands 2023

10. Bryansk garment factory


  •  This production uses fabrics from the Bryansk worsted plant and other domestic companies.

  •  Available school uniform options for girls are jackets and skirts, for boys – trousers and jackets. The factory also fulfills orders for individual tailoring, so that if necessary, representatives of the school committee can order a uniform in the colors of a particular educational institution.

  •  A suit for a boy will cost 3600 rubles, and the price of a set of clothes for a girl is 3200 rubles.

9. Gulliver


  •  This brand of children's clothing has a lot of positive reviews on Wildberries, Ozone, Yandex.Market and other online trading platforms. It offers a wide range of school clothes for girls and boys.

  •  Users praise Gulliver clothing for durability, body-friendly materials and compliance with the size chart. However, the prices are not too budgetary, for example, pants for a boy, on average, cost 4-5 thousand rubles, and a sundress for a girl will cost about 3200 rubles.

8. Acoola


  •  Another good Russian brand of children's clothing, which produces models of interesting design from high-quality materials. The advantages of the school uniform from the "Shark" include:

  • affordable prices,
  • a large assortment,
  • durability – clothes retain their appearance even after numerous washes.

  •  However, buyers note that the size indicated on the label does not always correspond to the real one. So clothes from Acoola must be measured before buying.

7. Alisia Fiori


  •  If you are looking for a beautiful girl's school uniform, look no further than designer brand Alisia Fiori. His collection includes elegant sundresses and dresses for girls of primary, middle and senior school age. The average price is from 2500 with discounts.

  •  The clothing is made from a mixture of natural and synthetic fabrics with a breathable lining, it is dense, pleasant to the touch and durable. The form from Alisia Fiori is suitable for both thin and thick girls.

6 Noble People


  •  The Russian manufacturer of children's clothing claims that all of its products are hygienic and sanitary certified, and are hypoallergenic.

  •  Noble People's blouses, shirts and polos are made from heavy fabrics (usually cotton/polyester blends) and are praised by users for their quality, fashionable fit and comfort.

  •  The company's assortment includes basic school clothes for boys and girls. The cost of a blouse varies from 2200 to 4000 thousand rubles, a skirt will cost 3400 rubles, and a two-piece suit for a boy – 11.

5. April


  •  If you're looking for affordable, high-quality school clothes, check out a local brand that offers affordable options for both teens and younger students. Her products keep their shape well, do not shed and are pleasant to the body.

  •  T-shirts, long sleeves and blouses "April" in white base color can be found for 400-700 rubles, children's trousers made of a mixture of cotton and elastane cost up to 1000 rubles, a suit consisting of trousers and a vest for a boy (with a discount on Wildberries) costs 1250 rubles , without discount – 2130 rubles. Agree, such a price for a school uniform is not burdensome for the family budget.

4 Pelican


  •  This brand of children's and women's clothing has a long and successful history of presence in the Russian market – more than 20 years.

  •  On forums in topics about school fees, Russian users praise T-shirts and turtlenecks from Pelican. They are made of breathable fabrics, look beautiful, do not stretch, comfortable and comfortable to wear. They cost between 920-1300 rubles, there are models for both girls and boys.



  •  A relatively young Russian brand of clothing and accessories for children under 12, appeared on the market in 2014. Its main advantages:

  1. Design – even everyday items look smart.
  2. The use of predominantly natural fabrics – up to 95% cotton.
  3. Compliance with the specified size grid.
  4. The softness of the fabrics, and the absence of unnecessary details, so that the clothes do not restrict movement.
  5. Good tailoring quality.

  •  A shirt for a girl can be purchased for 1900 rubles, culottes – 3400, a dress – 3465.

2. Change


  •  This Russian sewing association annually updates the school collection of clothes for girls and boys. It has both single items and sets of clothes.

  •  Distinctive features of clothes from "Change" are classic colors and a minimalistic look with a minimum of jewelry. The content of cotton and viscose in products is high – up to 70%. It is also possible to manufacture an individual school uniform.

  •  The cost of a school uniform from Smena is affordable: a vest for a boy – 1315 rubles, trousers – 2500 rubles, a suit from a vest and a skirt for a girl – 3050 rubles.

1. Sky Lake


  •  Perhaps the best school uniform for first graders and older children, given the value for money. Sky Lake clothes are not limited to black and white colors, here you can find green and burgundy jackets for boys, bright red sundresses for girls and other colors that little fashionistas and fashionistas will surely like.

  •  The cost of clothes from Sky Lake is not exorbitant: trousers for a boy can be bought for 1025 rubles, a jacket for 970 rubles. A skirt for a girl will cost about 1100 rubles, a sundress – 3100 rubles.

  •  You should also pay attention to blouses for girls, there are festive models with curvaceous sleeves that are very interesting in design.

  •  Sky Lake products are suitable for both slender children and schoolchildren with a non-standard figure. However, according to reviews, clothes can run small.