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Top 10 craziest video game stories



  •  Plots for video games are not always thoughtful and logical. Sometimes there is a slight madness in them. And sometimes the whole plot is one sheer madness.

  •  I present to you the top 10 craziest video game plots. One of them even benefited from it.

10. Katamari Damacy

  •  Katamari is a magical ball that can be rolled over objects to draw them in and absorb their matter. And all this is done to expand the ball and the subsequent absorption of even more objects – from ants to entire continents.

  •  However, the eccentric destruction has a purpose: it is the only way the tiny cosmic god can restore the universe after his drunken father destroyed it.

9. Almost every fighting game

  •  The basic premise of fighting games is as reasonable as can be: fighters, usually two, meet on a predetermined battlefield and then engage in combat for various reasons. However, the madness has slowly seeped into the genre, to the delight of crossover fans.

  •  For example, Mortal Kombat takes place in its own universe. And its fantasy setting does not explain why players can organize a four-way tournament between Rambo, RoboCop, Terminator and Spawn.

  •  It's the same with Injustice – despite being set in the DC Universe, it allows players to pit the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles against Hellboy.

8. Woodruff and the Schnibble of Azimuth

  •  From the very beginning, this game seems to say: "Don't try to understand me, just give in to the madness!" In a matter of seconds, protagonist Woodruff ages about fifteen years and is ready (albeit without shoes and without the ability to read) for an epic adventure: save his adoptive father, avenge his shot teddy bear, and rid the city of Vlurxtrznbnaxl from a corrupt ruler nicknamed BigWig.

  •  The absurd humor, quirky puzzles, and visual style of Woodruff and the Schnibble of Azimuth are stupefying at first, but over time, you begin to enjoy the gameplay.

7. Danganronpa

  •  In this game, you play as a high school student selected to attend the prestigious private academy Hope's Peak, which is secretly run by an evil robot bear.

  •  He informs the hero that the only chance to leave the school is to commit the perfect murder. The surviving students must determine who the criminal is during the class trial, and only the one who is not revealed will be able to become a graduate of Hope's Peak.

6. Mister Mosquito

  •  Simulators of a wolf, a cat or a goat will not surprise anyone. What about a mosquito simulator?

  •  This game from publisher Eidos Interactive has become so successful in Japan that it even released a sequel, Ka 2: Let's Go Hawaii (virtually unknown outside the country).

  •  The main task of the character in Mister Mosquito was simple – to annoy the members of the Yamada family in every possible way. Literally, drinking their blood, because going hungry for the winter is not for a real mosquito!

  •  The player had to monitor not only the speed of blood sucking, but also the level of stress of the victim (grow up – and the mosquito would be swept away), avoid air conditioners and other items that could destabilize the flight. In general, it is a difficult task to be a mosquito!

5 Seaman

  •  Released for the Sega Dreamcast in 1999, this game still has the power to amaze you – no, not with the graphics, but with the concept. The players were invited to observe the life of the inhabitants of the depths, among which were fish with human faces. You could even talk to them through a microphone.

  •  So the replica from SpongeBob asks:

  •  “Dwellers of the deeps, come here immediately!”

  •  In 2007, a sequel to this masterpiece called Seaman 2 was released in Japan.

4. Super Mario Bros.

  •  Premise: An Italian plumber travels through a vibrant fantasy world collecting coins and mushrooms. He squashes turtles and goombs (essentially brown, waddling monsters) to save the princess from being raped by a dinosaur piloting an airship.

  •  But there is no time to get hung up on all the oddities of the plot, because you will be too busy shouting curses at the screen every time you find out that the princess is in another castle.

3. Kirby's Dreamland

  •  A thinking pink balloon floats through Dreamland, breathing in enemies that can either be swallowed or spit out like a projectile. And all this in order to return the Sparkle Stars, stolen by the evil king penguin Dedede.

  •  And Kirby's enemies were the disembodied, floating heads of rabbits, pigs, and other creatures. Basically, it was an acid virtual trip for 10 year olds.

2. Persona

  •  The gameplay in this game consists of two alternating parts. In the first, you play as a high school student who goes about his daily life: study, work, personal relationships.

  •  In the other, you play as a hero who fights creatures from world mythology in order to capture them, absorb their power, become strong enough to invade the "mind palaces" of corrupted people and defeat their evil Shadows. Then, in the end, you kill God.

1. Metal Wolf Chaos

  •  In Japan, they know how to make video games with a strange plot. And one of them is a third-person shooter developed and published by FromSoftware. It was released for Xbox.

  •  In Metal Wolf Chaos, you play as President Michael Wilson, who pilots a robot and uses an arsenal reminiscent of Inspector Gadget to defeat his enemies, including the evil Vice President Richard Hawke.

  •  Some of the notable aspects of the story include the nebulous "Arizona Rebellion", the restoration of slavery, and the final battle between the hero and the VP – in space, of course.