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List of Russian banks issuing UnionPay cards



  •  The departure of Visa and Mastercard was a painful blow for millions of Russians. From March 10, Russians will no longer be able to buy goods and services abroad., Visa and Mastercard cards will continue to work as usual, since all payments go through the National Payment Card System (NSPK).

UnionPayThe Chinese UnionPay can replace the departed payment systems; it supports 180 countries. With its help, you can withdraw cash abroad, pay for trips, goods and services in foreign stores.

  •  Here is a list of Russian banks that already issue UnionPay cards. It may be updated as new information becomes available.

JSC "Agricultural Bank"


  • Name of the card: OWN card, Mir-UnionPay
  • Map type: credit, debit
  • Site:

  •  It is worth issuing an "OWN" card is not cheap – 7500 rubles for an unnamed card and 9500 rubles for a personal one. A debit card gives up to 15% cashback points in your favorite category (or 2% to 4% monthly, depending on the amount of purchases). Credit – 5 and 15% in your favorite categories or 1,5% in all others.

  • You can choose the account currency in rubles, dollars and euros, and withdraw cash from third-party ATMs without a commission – when you connect the "CashBack for EVERYTHING" option and if the amount of purchases on the card for the previous calendar month was 30 rubles or more.
  • You can apply for a card online, but you will have to go to the office to get it.
  • The debit "OWN card" is valid indefinitely, and the credit card is valid for 3 years. Interest rate on "OWN" credit card – from 39.9%, grace period – up to 115 calendar days.

  •  The Mir-UnionPay co-badged card is interesting because it works on the basis of two payment systems at once. That is, transactions are processed by Mir, and in other countries by UnionPay.



  • Name of the card: UnionPay Classic Card, UnionPay Gold Card
  • Map type: debit
  • Site:

  •  These debit cards with UnionPay cost 100 rubles (classic) and 300 rubles per month (Gold). The first card offers 5% in rubles (0,25% in yuan) per annum on the balance of funds, the second – 6% in rubles (0,5% in yuan).

  •  Settlements abroad are carried out in yuan with conversion at the direct rate. – in rubles.

  •  There are branches and ATMs of Prisotsbank not in all cities of Russia.

All-Russian Bank for Regional Development (RRDB)


  • Name of the card: Co-badged bank card UnionPay – World
  • Map type: debit
  • Site:

  •  This co-badged card is issued to an account in rubles, has a cashback service from the Mir payment system and allows you to receive advantageous offers from UnionPay

  •  The cost of maintenance is 700 rubles.



  • Name of the card: UnionPay smart card
  • Map type: debit
  • Site

  •  The bank is under Western sanctions. Registration and issuance of a card with UnionPay is available at the offices of Gazprombank, the price is 5000 rubles. "Smart Card" allows cash withdrawals free of charge at any ATM of the "native" bank and up to 100 rubles three times a month at any other ATMs.

  •  The loyalty program is generous – either in rubles, or miles, or a premium on deposits / savings accounts. Additionally, you can get cashback from partners.

JSC CB "Solidarity"


  • Name of the card: UnionPay Gold "Solidarity", Cobadge UnionPay/MIR "Solidarity"
  • Map type: debit
  • Site

  •  Cards are opened for a period of 3 years, service is free if there is a bank deposit, a monthly account balance of 50 thousand rubles or more or monthly purchases in the amount of 7.

  •  Without a commission, you can withdraw from 50 thousand rubles a day, however, a fee of 1.5% is charged abroad (at least 150 rubles).

PJSC "Bank" Saint-Petersburg"


  • Name of the card: UnionPay Classic card
  • Map type: debit
  • Site

  •  This bank card with Union Pay is issued for a period of five years, and its maintenance costs 5000 rubles a year. Account currency – rubles, euros and dollars. You can receive a salary, pay for purchases on the Internet and accumulate Bright bonuses (0.5%) for any purchases with a card.

Post Bank


  • Name of the card: All-terrain income
  • Map type: debit
  • Site

  •  This card allows you to work only with rubles, gives 1% bonuses for regular purchases and 3% bonuses for purchases in restaurants, cafes, shoe stores and clothing stores. You can use Vezdekhod for free if you make purchases from 5000 rubles a month.

  •  It is impossible to pay with Vezdedokhod abroad, but Post Bank intends to issue a virtual card that can be used to pay for purchases on the Internet.



  • Name of the card: Platinum UnionPay
  • Map type: debit, credit
  • Site

  •  Issuing a card costs 1200 rubles, and for bonuses and free maintenance, you need to spend at least 30 rubles a month. There is a 3% cashback in the following categories:

  • a cafe,
  • pharmacies,
  • sports shops
  • and 1% on other purchases.

  •  Also, 250% per annum is charged on the balance up to 5,25 thousand rubles. Currency – rubles, dollars, euros.

Which banks may soon issue cards with UnionPay

  • Sberbank
  • Tinkoff Bank
  • Post Bank (plans to issue virtual cards for online purchases)
  • Raiffeisenbank
  • Rosbank
  • Credit Bank of Moscow
  • Alfa-Bank