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The best fireworks for New Year's Eve



  •  Enthusiastic cries, fright of pets, stern shouts of mothers: “Run away from windows!” – all these are indispensable attributes of launching fireworks. This popular tradition of meeting the New Year and Christmas holidays is found charming by both children and adults all over the world.

  •  So that you can enjoy beautiful fireworks on New Year's Eve 2023, I offer you a choice of 10 best fireworks availablen online stores. Now, on Black Friday and during the New Year sales, these fireworks can be bought at a good discount, including free shipping.

Note: The sale of pyrotechnic products is prohibited to persons under 16 years of age.

10. Bengal candles New Year LLC Ural Pyrotechnic Plant

Bengal candles in the ranking of fireworks

  • Length: 650 mm
  • Burning time 240 seconds
  • Effect: Intense golden star sparks
  • Quantity: 4 pieces

  •  Many users, when choosing which fireworks are best, prefer Bengal lights (aka Bengal candles), as the easiest to use and easily available type of fireworks. They look like a metal or wooden stick with a pyrotechnic composition applied to it.

  •  A lit Bengal fire burns with a beautiful light. And the product from the Ural Pyrotechnic Plant scatters golden sparks around. And, according to customer reviews, it does it for a super long time – about 6 minutes.

It's important: When burned, sparklers emit toxic substances that can cause an allergic reaction. Therefore, you need to use them in the fresh air, and hold them at arm's length.

Pros and cons burn for a long time and beautifully cost inexpensively difficult to set on fire

9. Pneumatic cracker MF POISK Ruble boom

Pneumatic cracker MF SEARCH Ruble boom

  • Type: clapperboard
  • Type of clapperboard: air clapper
  • Flapper filler: paper bills

  •  Such a safe and fun fireworks from the budget category is suitable not only for the New Year, but also for a wedding, birthday or other special occasion. As a filler, fake banknotes 2x4 cm in size are used in it.

  •  The cracker is not too noisy, so it will not scare children and pets. And easy to use, so it can be trusted even to a child.

Pros and Cons

8. Battery of fireworks Fireworks Master Eiffel Tower r9101

Battery of fireworks Fireworks Master Eiffel Tower P9101

  • Fireworks features: park
  • Number of volleys / charges: 48
  • Effects: shimmer, chrysanthemum

  •  It can fly up to 30 meters, and is visible for about 20 seconds. Such a battery resembles a miniature light show. The manufacturer promises a spectacle of golden comets and a scattering of golden shimmering palms, as well as golden shimmer and crackle.

  •  The tubes are packed in a thick cardboard box, inside which there is an instruction for use.

  •  It is not difficult to conduct such a salute correctly – where the text is applied, the battery has the top there. And some batteries even have a big “up” signature.

Pros and cons colorful and bright fireworks can be seen from afar a few effects no

7. Battery of salutes Russian Fireworks New Year R7595

Battery of fireworks Russian Fireworks New Year R7595

  • Fireworks features: park
  • Number of volleys / charges: 19
  • Effects: shimmer, crackle, chrysanthemum

  •  The seventh line in the article is occupied by a battery whose volleys can rise to a height of up to 50 meters, and not up to 30, like its “colleague” from 8th place in the top 10 fireworks. But the number of volleys for both batteries of salutes is the same.

  •  When using this pyrotechnic device, silver, red and green stars with lush tails will appear, and you can also see the golden twinkle and hear crackling. There is a battery of fireworks up to 35 seconds.

Pros and cons colorful and bright fireworks can be seen from afar a few effects no

6. Fountain Russian Pyrotechnics Bigfoot RS4350

Bigfoot PC4350 in the top 5 fireworks for the new year

  • Fireworks features: ground
  • Lifting height: 7 m
  • Operating time: 110 with
  • Number of effects: 9
  • Effects: crackle

  •  One of the best fireworks-salutes according to reviews has a large number of effects. These include: various combinations of red, green and blue lights, as well as flying and crackling silver sparks, and a figure with glowing and pulsating eyes and a mouth.

  •  It will be possible to admire these effects for a long time, almost 2 minutes, but sparks and fires do not fly up too high, so you need to run them away from the balconies.

Pros and cons a large number of effects long work easy to handle low salvo height

5. Battery of salutes Russian Pyrotechnics Narodny RS9030

Fireworks battery Russian Pyrotechnics Narodny RS9030

  • Fireworks features: park
  • Number of volleys / charges: 48
  • Lifting height: 60 m
  • Working time: 1 min
  • Effects: comets, flicker

  •  The first five of the fireworks rating is opened by a battery of fireworks, which flies high, does not go out for a long time and has 8 effects – bouquets of crackling lights and forces (fountains) of various colors.

  •  Such a salute is suitable not only for a large group of friends, but also for a school New Year's holiday or other festive event.

Pros and cons spectacular, beautiful fireworks take off very high, visible from afar

4. Roman candle Russian Pyrotechnics Magic lights-30 RS5003

Russian Pyrotechnics Magic Lights-30 RS5003

  • Fireworks features: park
  • Number of volleys / charges: 30
  • Charge Caliber: 0.4"
  • Effect: multi-colored comets with a bang

  •  In this inexpensive firework, the large number of shots is surprising. One "Roman candle" replaces 30 single missiles. And they take off high – 10-15 meters.

  •  If you put several of these candles in a row, you get a wonderful light show. They can also fill the gaps between volleys of the salute battery.

Pros and cons budget price a lot of salvos not loud, but for pet owners this is even a plus

3. Flame flare Ural Pyrotechnical Plant Flame torch

Ural Pyrotechnic Plant

  • Operating time: 20 with

  •  The principle of operation of the flare, also known as "fire" and "fire torch", is very simple.

  • Point it away from you at arm's length (not towards other people),
  • with the other hand, take the ring and pull the pin sharply.
  • And immediately get a spectacular bright scarlet flame about 30 cm long.

  •  As one buyer put it, this flare "burns like a fan's heart."

Pros and cons budget cost dazzling bright flame bad smell

2. Pyrotechnic item Rocket attack TKR251

Missile attack TKR251

  • Packing: 7 pcs.
  • Hazard class: 3
  • Product certified
  • Dimensions: Weight 0,9 kg

  •  This fireworks from the Belarusian manufacturer is a set of rockets. According to one of the sellers, rockets can rise to a height of up to 50 meters, where they scatter in a beautiful sheaf of sparks.

Pros and Cons

1. Battery of fireworks Russian Fireworks Holiday comes to us r7452

The holiday comes to us r7452 the best fireworks

  • Fireworks features: park
  • Number of volleys / charges: 64
  • Lifting height: 40 m
  • Operating time: 40 with
  • Effects: shimmer, peony, crackle

  •  Do you want to buy the best fireworks with a lot of volleys and a reasonable price? Then I recommend this fireworks battery from the Russian Fireworks company – it is optimal in terms of price / performance ratio.

  •  This battery has many effects, among them: golden falling threads, crackling rain, whistling snakes, a comet, a sphere (peony) of different colors, silver pinwheels, stars and twinkling.

Pros and consmany beautiful effectsaffordable priceno