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NEATSVOR X600 Pro robot vacuum cleaner review with laser navigation



  •  The new model of the X600 Pro robot vacuum cleaner from the leading Chinese robotics company NEATSVOR is being tested. Today, it is the flagship model in the company's lineup.

  •  The NEATSVOR X600 Pro robot vacuum cleaner has the function of dry and wet cleaning. The robot is equipped with a laser navigation system, with room identification and intelligent trajectory planning, suitable for dry and wet cleaning, controlled via a mobile application and it has a new generation brushless motor with a power of 6000 Pa (according to the manufacturer's laboratory data).


Certification CB/CE/ROHS
Manufacture China
Navigation Laser
Power, W) 50 W
Voltage (V) In 14,4
Battery 5200 mAh
Suction power 6000 Pa
Function Cleaning / Sweeping / Suction
Dust storage type Dust collector
Dust container volume (L) 0,6 L
Water tank capacity 350 ml
Battery life 150 minutes
Building a map Yes
Time reservation Yes
Application area 150-250 mg
Charging type Automatic charging
Size (mm) 330 * 330 * 98
Remote control No
Filter Basic + Power filter
Turbo brush Yes
Wet cleaning Yes
Remote update Yes
brushless motor Yes
Application management Yes
Virtual wall Yes
Resuming cleaning Yes
Scheduled cleaning Yes
Work with Alexa, Google Home Yes
Water tank Yes
Noise level 55 dB

Packaging and delivery

IMG_20220713_183200In the box you will find the robot vacuum cleaner itself, an instruction manual, containers for dry and wet cleaning, end brushes (2 sets), a set of spare filters and a floor mop, a cleaning brush, a charging station, a power cable.

IMG_20220713_183331IMG_20220713_185134On the black glossy case there are buttons "on / off" and "send to the station".

IMG_20220713_185341Water container (350 ml), with a separate small compartment for dry waste. The napkin is standardly attached to the bottom of the container.

IMG_20220713_184951Large waste container (600 ml) equipped with a triple filtration system with an effective HEPA filter. A separate hatch is provided for their maintenance.

IMG_20220713_190108The charging station consists of two parts – the docking station and the power supply. In principle, like all manufacturers, but it is worth noting that the robot vacuum cleaner can be charged directly with a power supply. To do this, there is a connector on the side panel, next to the power button. There were no problems with finding the station – he finds his way quickly, does not wander around the house.

IMG_20220713_184430A roller turbo brush with rubber inserts promises to avoid winding hair or other materials.

IMG_20220713_185630Pleased with the presence of spare side brushes and filters. For reference, they can be purchasedn or Chinese marketplaces, prices from 700 to 2500 rubles, depending on the configuration of the set.



  •  The battery capacity is 5200 mAh. The manufacturer promises up to 2-2,5 hours of cleaning or up to 250 square meters of cleaned space. The charge is enough for 2 dry cleaning sessions or 1 wet cleaning session with a room area of ​​up to 70 square meters, of course, everything is individual and depends on the workload of the rooms. If necessary, the robot is sent to recharge, and then continues to work from the checkpoint.

Smartphone app

  •  To install the application, there is a QR code on the bottom of the body of the robot vacuum cleaner. Download the application, follow the instructions and you will have control over the new gadget. After connecting to the robot, he begins to speak Russian.

  •  Application functionality:

  • work with an interactive map: dividing a room into rooms, installing virtual walls, target and restricted areas;
  • adjustment of force of absorption and intensity of wetting of a napkin (3 positions);
  • scheduling work by day of the week.

  •  The application is intuitive, there are hints in case of setup difficulties.


  •  Orientation NEATSVOR X600 Pro uses LDS4.0 intelligent navigation technology based on a built-in laser rangefinder (lidar), which scans the space 360 degrees. Lidar draws a map of the room, and then plans cleaning routes to clean the house without going through the same place twice and always know at what stage of the route it is. You can put a virtual wall so that you do not have to "rescue" the robot from the captivity of wires / curtains / furniture. For each room, you can write your own cleaning script – the time and schedule of cleaning, the power of dry and wet cleaning, the number of passes.

  •  The robot cleaner detects dangerous and critical heights, i.e. he can predict if he will fall out of place or get stuck under something, such as under a bed or other piece of furniture. In addition, it easily dodges any obstacles even in the dark.

  •  Like many robots, this one has 3 types of movement – in a straight line, in a spiral and a snake. Suction power is regulated depending on pollution from 2000 RA to 6000 RA.


Check these top 2023For cleaning brushes and internal components, the kit includes a brush with a blade, which is very convenient to remove hair and other debris. All parts are removed easily, as they get dirty, they can all be washed.

Personal impression

  •  There were no problems with the application, the application itself is convenient, it works via wi-fi. You can connect outside the home. When scripting the robot vacuum cleaner, you can set different cleaning power and number of repetitions for each room by selecting the settings in the app.

  •  The robot vacuum cleaner can overcome obstacles up to 2 cm high, the body has a height of about 10 cm, which allows it to clean in hard-to-reach places, such as under a bed or closet. Collects a lot of dust, it is not even clear where he finds it. Does not crash into walls and furniture, neatly bypasses. The suction power automatically increases on carpeted floors.

  •  Regarding the noise from the robot, I can say that for me it is similar to the sound from a stationary vacuum cleaner. It is located in the same room and, for example, resting is unlikely to succeed. The sound of the released air is very audible – it is not very annoying, but it will not be possible not to notice it either.

  •  It wipes the floors well, does not leave streaks. There is an adjustment of the water supply, 3 levels – you can set your own for different types of surfaces.

  •  The charge is enough for one cycle of cleaning a small apartment.

  •  The body design, namely black gloss, of the NEATSVOR X600 Pro robot vacuum cleaner can be attributed both to plus and minus – dust and prints on it are very striking. But at the same time it looks very stylish.

  •  The disadvantages, in my subjective opinion, include the following:

  • There is no remote control.
  • Works only through the application. The app takes some getting used to. Sometimes the map gets lost, the installation of the saved one helps.
  • Does not see flat things (bags, paper, boxes).
  • Like all robots, he likes to get tangled up in wires.
  • Beautiful, but easily soiled glossy case.
Pros and consSuction powerWet cleaningWorking timeGood navigationConvenient applicationCleaning scenariosDesignNoiseImpossible to work without an applicationMarkable case


  •  As a result, I can say that the Neatsvor X600 Pro robot vacuum cleaner is an excellent value for money. A powerful helper in maintaining cleanliness. And the minimalist design and glossy surface make it the iPhone among robotic vacuum cleaners.