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DIGMA Unveils Affordable New Monitors in 2021


  •  This year, the DIGMA brand has successfully entered the monitor market with a number of debut models. The characteristics of the devices correspond to current trends, which inspires confidence in the high demand for DIGMA in a new segment for the company. Let's take a closer look at two devices – DM-MONB3212 and DM-MONC2711, showing by example what the brand's latest developments are.

Monitor DIGMA DM-MONB3212

DIGMA DM-MONB3212Laconic design, 31,5-inch diagonal, high contrast ratio and 1920 x 1080 resolution.2) allows you to get a nice and juicy picture at the output.

  •  The screen refresh rate is 75 Hz, fully solving everyday tasks related to the type of work, games or watching videos. Power consumption – 36 W in standard mode.

  •  The monitor is equipped with HDMI 1.4, DVI, D-Sub connectors and a standard headphone output. An HDMI cable is included. The design allows you to adjust the tilt, and the LCD panel is complemented by standard LED backlighting.


  •  Among the features of the device, it is worth noting the presence of HDCP media content protection technology.

  •  Case finish is matte. The final physical characteristics, taking into account the stand, are as follows: 7,3 kg – weight, 724 x 503 x 183 mm – size.

  •  In general, DM-MONB3212 is modern technology, high-quality performance and a decent visual at a very affordable price.

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Monitor DIGMA DM-MONC2711

DIGMA DM-MONC2711This is a model with a curved screen, which will definitely appeal to gamers and fans to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of some kind of horror. The diagonal is already smaller – 27 inches. In terms of contrast, the situation is the same as with the previous model: it is 4 in static and 000 in dynamics. The brightness remains at the same level, as well as a set of interfaces. The device supports HDTV and HDCP technologies.

  •  In terms of dimensions, the DM-MONC2711 is lighter and more compact than its non-curved counterpart. Together with the stand, the weight of the device is 4,65 kg, and the dimensions are 611,3 x 462,26 x 251,8 mm.

  •  The design is very concise. The case back is adorned with minimal backlighting and discreet high-tech graphics. The black color scheme is preserved.

DIGMA DM-MONC2711 If you haven't used curved monitors before, this experience can bring a lot of new sensations.

  •  Let's summarize briefly. The design of the monitors is well calibrated, the technologies correspond to niche trends, and the price is quite affordable.

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