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The best men's sports t-shirts of 2023, Roskachestvo rating



  •  A good sports T-shirt should "breathe" and dry quickly, and manufacturers do not always use high-quality dyes, and they are silent about the fact that synthetics are better than cotton for training. Cotton fibers retain moisture well and remove it poorly, which is why the fabric sticks unpleasantly to the body and dries for a long time.

  •  Roskachestvo experts figured out which men's T-shirts in 2022 are best suited for sports. Models of 20 brands were studied, and I present to you the top ten winners.

10. T-shirt Under armor


You can buy for 4527

  •  Made in Bangladesh, this T-shirt is 91% polyester and 9% elastane. Due to the latter, it stretches well, and polyester perfectly removes moisture (79,1%), so during intensive training, your T-shirt will not be in a state of “at least squeeze it out”.

  •  The absorption time is 2,6 seconds – an excellent result that meets the standards of Roskachestvo.

  •  The product is expensive, so it is not surprising that it is processed very high quality. The seams are even, and the ends of the threads are fixed. However, they are not cut, and this is the only drawback of the T-shirt.

  •  The coloring of the material withstands repeated washing, is resistant to friction and has successfully "survived" a solution that mimics sweat. Washing and drying did not affect the size of the product, it did not shrink or stretch.

9. Reebok T-shirt


Price – 2159

  •  The T-shirt is made in Pakistan and consists of 100% polyester, which, according to a study by Roskachestvo, removes 82,5% of moisture. Absorption time is only 1,9 seconds.

  •  But the fabric is processed worse than that of the previous participant in the rating. The seams are uneven, the ends of the threads are not cut off.

8. Putin team T-shirt


Cost – 5790

  •  The most expensive member of the top 10 men's sports T-shirts in terms of price and quality was purchased from the Russian online store Putin-team. Production is also Russian.

  •  T-shirt quickly – in 2,3 seconds – absorbs moisture, and the index of water removal is 77,5%. However, the drying rate is lower than allowed by the Roskachestvo standard.

  •  The team Putin material is resistant to sweat, detergents and dry friction. It does not form pellets, besides, the T-shirt does not stretch or shrink after washing.

7. Domyos T-shirt


It is worth 799

  •  And here is the most inexpensive workout t-shirt on this list. It is made by Bangladeshi craftswomen from 100% polyester, does not electrify and does not beat with current.

  •  Water disposal is not inferior to more expensive models – 79,9%, but moisture absorption occurs a little more than in previous places – in 2,7 seconds.

  •  Although the stitching on the T-shirt is even, you can't say the same about the seams. In addition, one of them began to bloom, which did not escape the vigilant experts of Roskachestvo.

  •  Otherwise, there are no complaints about this product.

6. Demix T-shirt


Can be purchased for 3299

  •  A Chinese-made T-shirt purchased at the Sportmaster store contains 87% polyester and 13% elastane. It stretches well, "breathes", absorbs sweat and water in 2,5 seconds. Also, the T-shirt material is able to remove up to 80,8% of moisture, it is washable and not prone to pilling.

  •  The only thing that Roskachestvo experts did not like about Demix products was uneven seams and thread ends that they forgot to cut off.

5. Outventure T-shirt


Bought for 1699

  •  And one more “guinea pig” purchased at Sportmaster, but this time it was made not in China, but in Vietnam. The composition is 93% polyester and 7% elastane, the absorption time was 2,6 seconds, which meets the requirements of Roskachestvo.

  •  Moisture wicking is also pleasantly surprising – 82,6%, which is higher than that of more expensive sports t-shirts.

  •  The researchers did not have a single comment on the quality of tailoring or the material itself. The seams are even, the ends of the threads are cut, the fabric does not shrink or stretch after washing, and there are no pellets on it. Great inexpensive sports t-shirt!

4. T-shirt New balance


Can be found on sale for 2375

  •  Produced by JSC MFK Jamilco in Indonesia from polyester (73%) and elastane (27%). The product stretches well, absorbs sweat and water in just 1,2 seconds and removes up to 83,1% of moisture. And it dries very quickly.

  •  The T-shirt is perfectly sewn, it has even lines and seams, the ends of the threads are neatly fastened and cut off. In tests for dry friction, breaking load, washing and drying, the model from New balance performed perfectly. This is what deserved five points on all points of the Roskachestvo study, from the reliability of the label to quality and safety.

3. Karosport T-shirt


Price – 5000

  •  The most beautiful representative of the ranking of the best men's training t-shirts. While other T-shirts are predominantly painted in boring black and white colors, the Russian Karosport T-shirt is decorated with a bright blue print. It is made of polyester (86%) and elastane (14%).

  •  But much more important than external beauty is the ability of a T-shirt to effectively absorb moisture (in just 2,6 seconds) and remove it from the body. According to the latest indicator, Karosport would take first place in the ranking, it removes 91,6% of moisture.

  •  The T-shirt does not shrink or stretch after washing, does not shed and does not form spools on it. The only drawback of this model is the high price, but here Roskachestvo is powerless.

2. Asics Core SS Top


Cost – 2241

  •  This t-shirt has amazingly fast moisture absorption, it happens in just 1,4 seconds. But don't worry that you'll be all wet after exercising because the T-shirt's fabric wicks away 73,4% of sweat and other fluids.

  •  The Asics Core SS Top is 100% polyester. This material is resistant to ironing and pilling, resists dry friction well, does not fade or change size after washing. Well deserved five points!

1. Adidas T-shirt


Can buy for 2599

  •  This is the best men's T-shirt for sports in terms of price and quality. It is made of polyester, and this material is able to absorb moisture in 2,2 seconds. The percentage of water disposal is 82.

  •  The material of the T-shirt is qualitatively colored, durable, and not prone to pilling. It didn't stretch or shrink after a wash test, and successfully withstood dry rubbing. However, the product will not receive the Quality Mark due to its foreign origin.