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The best Russian TV series, news



  •  Series have long taken a strong position in the domestic cinema. New items are released every season, and the choice will please even the most capricious viewers. Serial stories do not get bored, thanks to the variety of genres and the originality of the plots.

  •  We present to your attention a selection of the best new Russian TV series 2020 that are worth watching. Some of them have already premiered. You'll have to wait a bit to see the rest.

10. Trigger


Genre: drama
Producer: Dmitry Tyurin
Number of episodes: 16

The series premiered on February 10 and was one of the most expected projects. The hopes of the audience were justified, and a week later the creators announced that the shooting of the second season would soon begin. "Trigger" became interested in foreign countries as well. The rights to adapt the series were bought by representatives of the film industry in Japan and the United States.

  •  The main character Artem Streletsky is a psychologist who practices "shock" methods. He provokes clients and pushes them to leave their comfort zone, does everything so that they deal with their problems in the shortest possible time. Streletsky has no shortage of clients, but soon tragedy strikes. One of his clients commits suicide. Artem goes to jail...

9. Call center


Genre: thriller
Producer: Natasha Merkulova, Alexey Chupov
Number of episodes: 8

  •  On March 23, the first episode of the thriller "Call Center" was released. It is too early to talk about the results, but the expectation rating was 97%. Not surprisingly, there has never been anything like this on Russian television.

  •  Call center for an adult store. Common workday. 12 employees find themselves locked up. Soon they are contacted by malefactors who ask to call them only "dad" and "mother". The criminals inform the captives that the premises are mined. To stay alive, you just need to fulfill their requirements. What are the hostages willing to do to save them?

8. Roots


Genre: comedy
Producer: Mark Gorobets
Number of episodes: 21

  •  The series "Roots" tells the story of the re-education of the capital's top manager. Dima Korolev left his native Zaleschinsk 10 years ago to make a career in Moscow. All his dreams came true, now he is a good specialist with a high salary and great prospects. Dima dresses fashionably and does everything so that no one suspects him of being a provincial.

  •  His employer Korolev sends him on a business trip to Zaleschensk, he plans to build a large shopping center on the site of the House of Culture. Dima must buy the building. He hopes that he will quickly cope with this task, but soon he has opponents in the face of an ex-girlfriend and relatives.

7. Classmates of death

Genre: crime detective
Producer: Philip Korshunov
Number of episodes: 4

  •  A short series for all fans of domestic detectives. Journalist Dmitry Poluyanov is known for being able to unravel even the most complex investigations. However, now he thinks about something completely different. Dmitry has a wedding soon, his beloved – a modest and sweet girl Nadia works in the library. When her classmate dies, she asks her fiancé for help. The journalist cannot refuse Nadezhda and starts his own investigation. Soon there will be another murder...

6. Magomaev


Genre: drama, biography
Producer: Dmitry Tyurin, Roman Prygunov
Number of episodes: 8

  •  The life story of the famous Soviet singer Muslim Magomayev. The action takes place in the 60s. Young Magomayev has been living with his beloved for 5 years, but still has not proposed to her. Angelica goes crazy with jealousy and uncertainty. Fate brings the singer together with the aspiring opera diva Tamara. Feelings flare up between them, but the girl is also not free ...

5. Intercessors


Genre: drama
Producer: Vladimir Kott
Number of episodes: 16

  •  On March 23, the premiere of the series "Defenders" took place. The action takes place in the USSR, in 1966. Nina Metlitskaya is a young girl who has already achieved certain heights in her career. She is a lawyer. Thanks to her unique abilities, Nina wins even the most unpromising cases. She soon becomes disillusioned with the judicial system of the Soviet Union. Yielding to the persuasion of her husband, Metlitskaya is transferred to the Moscow Bar Association.

4. 257 reasons to live


Genre: comedy drama
Producer: Maxim Sveshnikov
Number of episodes: 13

  •  The series will premiere on March 26th. The main character is a young woman, Eugene. She is 30 years old and recently won the most valuable prize – life. For the last 4 years, Zhenya has been fighting cancer and she managed to win. A new life begins, full of unpleasant discoveries. It turns out that no one needs a healthy person and is uninteresting. Zhenya looks for her diary, where several years ago she wrote down 256 reasons to live. She comes up with the 257th and goes in search of her happiness.

3. Murderers


Genre: detective thriller
Producer: David Tkebuchava
Number of episodes: 10
Premiere date: unknown

  •  The series is based on real events, the premiere date is still unknown. This is the story of the serial killer Gennady Mikhasevich, nicknamed the "Vitebsk Strangler". He committed more than 40 crimes, but the main character of the series is not a maniac, but an investigator who deals with this case. He is trying with all his might to get to the truth and find the killer. More than 10 mistakes were made during the investigation. This criminal case became the most scandalous in Soviet history.

2. Hope

Genre: drama, action
Producer: Elena Khazanova
Number of episodes: 16
Release date: spring xnumx

  •  There is no need to talk about the exact release date yet, but the creators promise that the premiere will take place in the spring. They present the project as a female action movie.

  •  Hope is an ordinary woman. Stewardess, married, has a daughter. At first glance, her life is quite prosperous, but this is just tinsel. Nadia has been working as a killer for quite some time now. She was a very young girl when the "boss" pulled her out of prison. He made a first-class killer out of her, but one day the woman realizes that she can no longer live like this. There is no way back, but Nadia will try to solve this problem.

1. Zuleikha opens her eyes


Genre: drama, melodrama
Producer: Egor Anashkin
Number of episodes: 8
Premiere: May 2020

The series “Zuleikha opens her eyes” has a high expectation rating of 94%. It is based on the novel of the same name by Guzel Yakhina, which received a lot of positive reviews and was translated into 18 languages of the world. There is not long to wait – the premiere will take place in May. The main role was played by Chulpan Khamatova, one of the most beautiful Russian actresses.

  •  The action of the series takes place in a small Tatar village in the 30s of the twentieth century. Another wave of dispossession. Zuleikha's husband, a wealthy peasant who refused to give up his property, is killed. She is left all alone, together with other migrants, the woman is sent to Siberia. A group of people who are different from each other will have to fight for survival. They have too strong opponents – the new government and harsh nature.