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Best Airports in the World 2018 – Skytrax World Airport Awards 2018



  •  Every year, the best airports in the world receive the prestigious Skytrax World Airport Awards. It is awarded according to the results of a global customer satisfaction survey on key airport performance indicators – from check-in, transfers and shopping, to security measures and a list of amenities.

  •  The survey is conducted as an independent survey, with no entry fees or fees at any airport. In 2017, it covered 550 airports around the world, and Skytrax experts studied over 13 million airline customer profiles.


Here's what it looks like top ten international airports .

10. Frankfurt Airport, Germany

kczp1jzdIt is the largest airport in Germany and the third largest in Europe. Frankfurt Airport is directly connected to the European high-speed German railway network and hosts the Deutsche Bahn station on its territory.

  •  The interior of the airport is not distinguished by special frills, the emphasis is on the convenience of moving passengers. It is difficult to get lost in the building, despite its huge size, thanks to the large blue signs.

  •  The airport has a children's room, playgrounds, shops and cafes, as well as an observation deck from which you can admire the arriving and departing planes.

9. Zurich Airport, Switzerland

hdpmk5euIt is the largest international airport in Switzerland and the main hub of the largest Swiss airline – SWISS.

  •  This cozy, clean building exudes the same air of calm confidence and serenity that Switzerland is known for. It has the “show off” luxury characteristic of Hamad Airport (second line in the top 10 best airports in the world). But there are a lot of beautiful golden illumination, a large number of shops (mostly expensive brands), and many small cafes with delicious food and drinks. For the convenience of tourists at the airport, there are signs everywhere and an electronic scoreboard with flight data.

8. London Heathrow Airport, UK

the best airlines. In 2018, their number will be increased.

  •  For security purposes, when passing from terminal to terminal, all passengers are checked with a metal detector. This creates additional queues, but the London airport is one of the safest on Earth.

  •  In 2018, the newest terminal, Heathrow 2, opened in June, was voted the best airport terminal in the world. And in the third terminal there is the world's best airport cocktail bar Gray Goose Loft. Ingredients for cocktails are purchased from the most famous alcohol companies.

7. Nagoya Airport, Japan

y50k2kmlChubu International Airport – one of the best airports – is located on an artificial island in the middle of Ise Bay, near the city of Nagoya. It receives about 10 million passengers annually. On its territory there is a four-story Skytown shopping center, which has become the hallmark of the airport. The center is divided into two "streets" – Renga-Dori with cafeterias, boutiques, bank branches and shops and Tochin-Yokote with shops selling national Japanese goods.

  •  Another feature of Chubu is the Sky deck, from which you can watch ships sail to the port of Nagoya, and how planes take off and land.

6. Munich Airport, Germany

xh2rcwtmFranz Josef Strauss Airport is the second busiest airport in Germany and handles 38 million people every year. It is located northeast of the center of Munich and consists of 2 terminals. Between them is the Kempinski Hotel.

  •  The airport is home to the AirbraU brewery, over 150 retail stores and approximately 50 places to eat and drink. Its pride is the park for guests, where there is an exhibition dedicated to the Munich air hub, a playground and you can admire historical aircraft.

  •  Munich Airport named Europe's best airport for 2018 by Skytrax

5. Hamad Airport, Qatar

h45dbbpyHamad International Airport is located in the capital of Qatar, Doha. It is the most architecturally significant and also the most luxurious terminal complex in the world. The airport building houses many duty-free shops, restaurants, as well as three mosques and one huge yellow bear, which has become a symbol of this air harbor.

  •  Fancy play areas for kids, work areas with 27-inch iMacs for adults who need to work on a computer, "quiet" relaxation areas, a swimming pool and huge business lounges – all this makes Hamad Airport look like a five-star hotel. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout its territory.

  •  No wonder Hamad International Airport is the best airport in the Middle East in 2018 according to Skytrax.

4. Hong Kong Airport

ogmjhlvbHong Kong International Airport is served by over 100 airlines, flying to approximately 180 destinations worldwide, including 44 destinations on the Chinese mainland. Due to the huge scale of the airport, there are no crowds in it, the passenger flow moves quickly and without “congestion”.

  •  For the construction of the airport, Chek Lap Kok Island was merged with Lam Chau Island to create a large and flat area of 12,48 km². Today, Chek Lap Kok Airport is one of the largest airports in the world.

  •  This is a former, multiple winner of the title "Airport of the Year" – World Airport Awards.

3. Tokyo Haneda Airport, Japan

twpshgq5With both domestic and international terminals, Tokyo Haneda International Airport plays a very important role in promoting the development of Japan as a tourism-oriented country.

  •  Tokyo Airport was named the cleanest airport in the world and the best international airport in the world in 2018.

2. Seoul Airport, South Korea

e0v0su0gIncheon International Airport is in second place in the world ranking of airports. It is the largest South Korean airport and one of the busiest airports in the world. The comfort of its visitors is thought out down to the smallest detail. For example, fountains with drinking water, latrines and changing rooms are installed in the corridors. There is free Wi-Fi throughout the airport. Play areas are provided for children, and master classes are held for adults (for example, on creating Korean masks).

  •  On the top floor of the airport there are showers and sunbeds where you can relax while waiting for your flight.

  •  And in the departure area there are numerous boutiques and shops where you can wander for hours.

1 Singapore Airport

ybryjq0cSingapore Changi Airport has won the World's Best Airport title for the sixth time. This is an unprecedented achievement that shows how much time, money and effort Singapore has invested in building its hub.


  •  Other rivals boast both beauty and cleanliness, but Changi won the top prize for its combination of impressive amenities and airport efficiency. Passengers can watch the best blockbusters in one of the airport's two 24-hour cinemas, take a dip in the rooftop pool, work up in the gym or indulge in relaxation in one of the five botanical gardens.


  •  Like the rest of Singapore, Changi is a combination of business and pleasure. Who said being at the airport shouldn't be fun?


  •  In 2017, 62,2 million passengers passed through Changi with more than 373 landings and takeoffs. This means that an aircraft landed or took off at the airport every 000 seconds, 85 hours a day.


  •  In 2019, the airport will open a new mixed-use complex, Jewel Changi Airport, which is planned to house 300 restaurants and retail space, as well as the largest indoor garden in the country.