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  •  The year is just getting underway, but we've already seen enough great TV shows to pick out the best shows. The list is based on Kinopoisk and IMDB ratings.

10. Love, death and robots (2019)

Love, death and robotsRating Cinema Search: 8,22
Rating IMDB: 8.70

Genre: cartoons, fantasy
A country: USA
Producer: Victor Maldonado, Alfredo Torres, and others.
Music: Rob Cairns, John R. Graham et al.
Series duration: 15 minutes.

  •  Of all the new series that have already been released in 2019, "Love, Death and Robots" stands out both for its excellent visual component and the most diverse plots.

  •  From series to series, interesting stories unfold before us: ironic, funny, scary, philosophical, and at the same time completely unrelated to each other. Moreover, the series are also different in terms of animation, because different authors had a hand in each of them. But this does not spoil them, but only makes them more colorful and original.

  •  But there is something that unites all the episodes. "Love, death and robots" is a real gift for connoisseurs of good fiction.

9. Force majeure (2011–present)

Force majeureRating Cinema Search: 8,62
Rating IMDB: 8.50

Genre: drama, comedy
A country: USA
Producer: Anton Cropper, Michael Smith, etc.
Music: Christopher Ting.
Series duration: 43 minutes.

  •  Harvey Specter, one of Manhattan's top lawyers, is about to hire a new partner. And the only person who managed to impress him is Mike Ross, who has a brilliant mind and photographic memory. The only problem is that Ross doesn't have a law degree. He is a talented self-taught.

  •  Watching this couple manage to solve the most difficult cases before the court is a real pleasure after a busy day at work. No brain-bending situations, no drawn-out dialogues and boring moralizing. Light humor, bright characters and a little bit of jurisprudence.

8 Shameless (2011-present)

ShamelessRating Cinema Search: 8,58
Rating IMDB: 8.70

Genre: drama, comedy
A country: USA
Producer: Mark Mylod, Christopher Chulak, et al.
Music: Phil Eisler, Jamie Labose and others.
Series duration: 55 minutes.

  •  How to make a series about an immoral and large family so that they want to watch it? Add more humor, well-written and different characters and behavior, as well as funny situations and nude scenes. The juicy dish is ready, you can serve it on the screen!

  •  "Shameless" is a series that is better not to watch with children, because it contains a lot of obscene language and propaganda of lies and fraud. However, this movie, as they say, comes to an adult audience. Indeed, from series to series, the actors play so well that it is easy to be happy, sad, angry or grimacing with disgust with them.

7 Stranger Things (2016-present)

Very strange thingsRating Cinema Search: 8,46
Rating IMDB: 8.90

Genre: thriller, horror, fantasy
A country: USA
Producer: Matt Duffer, Ross Duffer, etc.
Music: Kyle Dixon, Michael Stein
Series duration: 51 minutes.

The action of one best series 2018- takes place in the 80s in the fictional provincial American town of Hawkins. As is known from films and books, such places are real abode of evil.

  •  So in this movie town, sinister and mysterious events take place, which began with the disappearance of the boy Will. The local sheriff is taken to investigate them, assisted by Will's mother and friends. And then the heroes, along with the audience, are waiting for sinister experiments, otherworldly forces, an alternative reality and many other very strange things.

6. Fargo (2014-present)

FargoRating Cinema Search: 8,40
Rating IMDB: 9.00

Genre: thriller, drama, crime
A country: USA
Producer: Michael Uppendahl, Keith Gordon, etc.
Music: Jeff Russo
Series duration: 53 minutes.

  •  A drifter named Lorne Malvo (Billy Bob Thornton) causes trouble for the small town of Bemidji and badly influences insurance salesman Lester Nygaard (Martin Freeman). Meanwhile, a pair of local cops try to investigate a series of murders that they believe are connected to Malvo and Nygaard.

  •  It's pretty hard to predict where Fargo's plot will take, as each season is a complete reboot. This is a satirical, cruel, down to earth and very interesting series that reveals the whole dark essence of ordinary people.

5. Black Mirror (2011-present)

Black mirrorRating Cinema Search: 8,54
Rating IMDB: 8.90

Genre: fantasy, thriller, drama
A country: United Kingdom
Producer: Owen Harris, Carl Tibbetts, etc.
Music: Martin Phipps, John Opstad and others.
Series duration: 43 minutes.

  •  Universal gadgetization and computerization is an undoubted benefit for humanity. However, rapid progress brings with it not only good, but also cause for concern. After all, social networks know more about us than parents, webcams can secretly monitor the owners, and the fear of being left without a smartphone has already received a name and turned into a phobia (nomophobia).

  •  Black Mirror exploits the most common fears of people living in the digital age. And even those fears that may only appear in the future.

4. The Big Bang Theory (2007–present)

The Big Bang TheoryRating Cinema Search: 8,57
Rating IMDB: 8.20

Genre: comedy, melodrama
A country: USA
Producer: Mark Cendrowski, Anthony Rich, etc.
Music: Albert Glasser
Series duration: 60 minutes.

This One of the the most popular series sitcoms (situation comedy). Its premiere took place in September 2007, and the series ended on the 12th season. It has 279 episodes and is the longest sitcom in the history of cinema.

  •  However, everyone loves The Big Bang Theory not for the duration of the series, but for unusual and very colorful characters – the brilliant Sheldon Cooper, who has discrete (digital) thinking and hypertrophied conceit, and his less brilliant, but no less bright friends.

  •  The Big Bang Theory is a great series for families with teenagers. After all, it shows in an accessible, interesting and with subtle humor the most diverse types of young people and their relationships with each other and the outside world.

3. True Detective (2014–present)

True detectiveRating Cinema Search: 8,70
Rating IMDB: 9.00

Genre: thriller, drama, crime
A country: USA
Producer: Cary Fukunaga, Daniel Sackheim and others.
Music: T-Bone Burnett, Kyfes Chancia
Series duration: 60 minutes.

  •  From Seasons XNUMX to XNUMX of True Detective, we follow an investigation into the brutal murder of one child and the disappearance of another, which unearthed a web of other crimes.

  •  Again and again we meet with ambitious American politicians and ordinary people with their everyday racism, ignorance and other vices. Again, we find creepy symbols left at the crime scene, and hints of the occult. And each of the characters that flashed in the series is important for the plot.

  •  The denouement of each series can be shocking and completely unpredictable, but it is quite logical.

  •  And although the action of the third season of True Detective takes place in different decades, only the external surroundings change. But the craving for violence and human sins are ineradicable.

2 Sherlock (2010-present)

SherlockRating Cinema Search: 8,88
Rating IMDB: 9.10

Genre: thriller, drama, crime
A country: USA, UK
Producer: Paul McGuigan, Nick Harran, etc.
Music: David Arnold, Michael Price
Series duration: 90 minutes.

  •  One of the best detective series of all time based on the works of Arthur Conan Doyle. However, its action takes place today. Mr. Holmes no longer needs to look at the evidence with a magnifying glass, all the achievements of modern forensic science are at his service.

  •  However, the atmosphere of the mysterious and frightening London has not gone away. Faithful Watson is still ready to support with a kind word and deed, and the insidious Moriarty and other enemies have become even more dangerous.

1. Game of Thrones (2011-2019)

Game of ThronesRating Cinema Search: 9,01
Rating IMDB: 9.50

Genre: fantasy, drama, action
A country: USA, UK
Producer: Miguel Sapochnik, David Nutter, Alan Taylor, etc.
Music: Ramin Javadi
Series duration: 55 minutes.

  •  The biggest series of the 21st century is close to completion, but the controversy around it will not subside for a long time. After all, the audience loved the world of the Seven Kingdoms too much with their intrigues, the most charismatic characters (both living and not so), dragons and dire wolves.

  •  Even in the Moscow metro at the Delovoy Tsentr station, there is an Iron Throne that anyone can sit on.

On May 20, the whole world will know how will game of thrones end. The final eighth season of Game of Thrones turned out to be very controversial. So much so that viewers started a petition calling on HBO to remake it with different writers. Since the current ones (Benioff and Weiss) allegedly failed to cope with the task. And without the original source – the books of George R. R. Martin – they could not create such an ending that would be a worthy conclusion to such an epic saga. So far, the petition has garnered over 930 signatures.