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The most popular series in the world, a list of the best foreign series

Popular foreign TV series


  •  A good series can not only entertain the viewer, but also give food for thought. Fantastic series send fantasy flying, romantic ones awaken the best feelings in the soul, and dramatic ones raise topical social, political and other issues.

We present to you most popular series, which received the highest viewer ratings both on the Russian Kinopoisk resource and on the foreign IMDb.

25. Knickerbocker Hospital (2014-2015)

Hospital KnickerbockerGenre: drama
A country: USA
Kinopoisk: 8.40
IMDb: 8.50

  •  The list of all foreign series of our rating opens with a historical medical drama with the participation of employees of the fictional hospital "Knickerbocker". The series is set in the early 20th century and unvarnishes the life of a New York City medical facility against the backdrop of miserable living conditions, rampant corruption, and the religious and social values of the time.

24. Underground empire (2010-2014)

Boardwalk EmpireGenre: crime drama
A country: USA
Kinopoisk: 8.10
IMDb: 8.60

  •  In the 20s of the twentieth century, America adopted a "dry law" – a ban on the transportation, sale and production of alcohol. Gangsters immediately took advantage of this, and the number of bootleggers – underground sellers of alcohol began to grow by leaps and bounds. Boardwalk Empire is the story of bootlegger Enoch Thompson, who builds his criminal business in the face of fierce mafia competition.

23. Westworld (2016 – present)

World of the Wild WestGenre: fantasy western detective
A country: USA
Kinopoisk: 8.14
IMDb: 8.90

  •  It's hard for androids to live in the futuristic amusement park "Westworld". Any visitor to the park can immerse himself in the realities of a certain historical period and live the life of a brave cowboy, a daring criminal or a fearless sheriff. And androids, although they are obligatory participants in this grandiose performance, cannot harm a person. If a person kills an intelligent machine, the latter will be erased from memory and again "released onto the stage." Here are just some living toys are beginning to remember something. And their mind is able to go beyond the limits set by the software.

22. Vikings (2013 – present)

VikingsGenre: adventure, historical action
A country: Canada, Ireland
Kinopoisk: 8.26
IMDb: 8.60

  •  The Vikings are often presented as some kind of primitive ancient thugs. The series tries to break this stereotype by showing surprising empathy for the main character, the legendary Ragnar Lothbrok. He tells the audience the story from the point of view of this famous king, who came to power thanks to his impulse to push the boundaries of the developed territories.

21. X-Files (1993 – present)

Secret materialsGenre: fantasy, detective, drama
A country: Canada
Kinopoisk: 8.23
IMDb: 8.70

  •  When The X Files was first released, it became an instant hit. "Chemistry" between the main characters Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, their non-standard investigations related to the most strange and inexplicable crimes from the point of view of science and the soundtrack that is memorable from the first minute – this is not a complete list of successful components of the franchise. Each series brought the viewer closer to understanding the truth, which is "somewhere nearby." And it’s still getting closer, because in January the premiere of the 11th season, consisting of 10 episodes, took place. It will be the last for Gillian Anderson, she will not return to the X-Files again.

20. Spartacus: Blood and Sand (2010-2013)

Spartacus: Blood and SandGenre: historical thriller, drama
A country: USA
Kinopoisk: 8.26
IMDb: 8.60

  •  Champion gladiator Spartacus will replace the swordsman for his skill. He has learned to navigate the murky waters of ancient Roman society, where sex and wine are offered equally often, and deceit and politics always go hand in hand. Its new owner, Lentulus Batiatus, and the owner's wife, Lucretia, see Spartacus as a ticket to a world of wealth and nobility. Whereas the famous gladiator has only one goal – to stay alive long enough to be reunited with his beloved wife Sura.

  •  Initially, the role of Spartacus was played by Andy Whitfield. However, he was diagnosed with cancer and after the death of the actor on the set of Blood and Sand, he was replaced by Liam McIntyre.

19. Doctor Who (2005 – present)

Doctor WhoGenre: science fiction
A country: United Kingdom
Kinopoisk: 8.73
IMDb: 8.70

  •  The new season of one of the longest-running series of all time has sparked furious controversy among fans. And all because the new, 13th Doctor Who was a woman – actress Jodie Whittaker. Until now, only men have played the role of a humanoid alien saving the Earth from countless villains.

  •  Unpredictable actions, ingenious strategies and Doctor Who's constant travels in time and space over the years do not let the audience get bored. From season to season, the main character changes both externally and in character, introducing an element of novelty into the narrative. And each actor makes you fall in love with his Doctor.

18. Peaky Blinders (2013-present)

Sharp peaksGenre: drama, crime
A country: United Kingdom
Kinopoisk: 8.43
IMDb: 8.80

  •  The second, but not the last crime drama in the list of the most popular foreign series. In the center of the plot is the cruel and daring Shelby gang, which hunted on the gloomy gray streets of Birmingham in the 20s of the twentieth century. The bandits sewed sharp blades into the visors of their caps to use them at the right time.

  •  This world of notorious thugs, beautiful women, alcohol intoxication and violence is hardly suitable for family viewing. However, adults love it for its witty British style, great soundtrack, fast-paced action and authentic historical backdrop.

17. Narcos (2015 – present)

DrugsGenre: drama, crime
A country: USA, Colombia
Kinopoisk: 8.42
IMDb: 8.90

  •  Cocaine was virtually unknown in the United States in the early 1970s. And by 1986, the drug had become so deeply ingrained in American society that the first lady appeared on television to ask citizens to "just say no" to drugs. What happened during this time period? There was Pablo Escobar, the richest criminal in history, whose hundreds of millions of dollars came from the cocaine trade in America. About the life path of Escobar – from a smuggler to a drug lord – and tells the series "Narcos".

16. Suits (2011 – present)

Force MajeureGenre: drama, comedy
A country: USA
Kinopoisk: 8.69
IMDb: 8.60

  •  When brilliant college graduate Mike Ross goes to an interview at a New York law firm, arrogant lawyer Harvey Specter hires him on the spot. Even if the guy does not have a legal education, he does have a photographic memory and a sharp mind that helps to solve complicated legal problems. "Force Majeure" is a well-known film formula that combines two polar opposite characters striving for a common goal.

  •  The series shows various life situations in an accessible and interesting way, from which you can emerge victorious and at the same time not tarnish your conscience. Separately, it is worth noting the smart dialogues and stylish costumes of the main characters.

15. Shameless (2011 – present)

ShamelessGenre: drama, comedy
A country: USA
Kinopoisk: 8.57
IMDb: 8.70

  •  It's hard for American parasites to live. You have to spin like a squirrel in a wheel, just not to work. So, with the help of cunning, arrogance and luck, the large Gallagher family lives, with an alcoholic dad and six children, of varying degrees of depravity. Watching these shameless people is sometimes funny, sometimes sad, but always interesting.

14. Dexter (2006-2013)

DexterGenre: crime drama detective
A country: USA
Kinopoisk: 8.29
IMDb: 8.70

  •  Can a medical examiner and part-time serial killer cause sympathy? Maybe if his name is Dexter Morgan. After all, he kills scum who thought they had escaped the punishing hand of justice.

  •  In each season, Dexter has a new enemy and a new hope – to find a faithful assistant in his bloody, but fair "work with people."

13 Stranger Things (2016 – present)

Very strange thingsGenre: horror, fantasy
A country: USA
Kinopoisk: 8.46
IMDb: 8.90

  •  The mystical plot of this series will immerse you in an unforgettable atmosphere of the horror genre. The story begins in the 80s of the XNUMXth century, in a small American town (in such towns the worst usually happens). One of the teenagers named Will mysteriously disappears. His best friends start their own investigation. Will's mom and the local sheriff aren't sitting idly by either. And somewhere nearby looms a secret and cruel organization that conducts secret experiments on people.

12. House of Cards (2013 – present)

House of cardsGenre: drama
A country: USA
Kinopoisk: 8.41
IMDb: 8.90

  •  "House of Cards" will open the door to the dark world of American big politics. Dirty political technologies, intrigues, betrayals and a reflection of the most important foreign policy events – all this is in the plot of one of the most famous TV series of our time.

  •  The protagonist of "House of Cards" is the ambitious politician Frank Underwood, who helped bring Garrett Walker to power in exchange for the position of Secretary of State. However, having learned that the position “does not shine” for him, Underwood. ready to go to any lengths to settle accounts with the deceitful president.

11. Downton Abbey (2010-2015)

Abbey of DowntonGenre: drama, melodrama
A country: United Kingdom
Kinopoisk: 8.32
IMDb: 8.70

  •  Starting from the day following the sinking of the Titanic, this series will immerse you in the dramatic story of an English aristocratic family, unfolding against the backdrop of major historical events. The Earl of Grantham, who owns Downton Abbey, has three daughters (Mary, Edith and Sybil), and a big problem: to whom to transfer the estate after his death. Not wanting to give capital and possessions into the hands of his eldest daughter, the earl decides to bequeath all the property to the heir to the earl's title – a distant relative who will soon arrive in Downton.

  •  Interesting characters, each with their own history, character and zest, good humor, thoughtful costumes and scenery, as well as the excellent work of cameramen and composers, allowed Downton Abbey to enter the list of the most popular series.

10. Fargo (2014 – present)

FargoGenre: crime drama, thriller
A country: USA
Kinopoisk: 8.41
IMDb: 9

  •  Sociopath criminal Lorne Malvo arrives in the small town of Bemidji, Minnesota. His chance encounter with the unfortunate insurer Lester Nygaard sets off a series of brutal murders in the town. They will have to be investigated by the local police – Molly Solverson and Gus Grimley.

  •  The creators of the Fargo project were inspired by the 1996 Coen Brothers film of the same name. The Coen brothers appear as executive producers of the series, although they did not take part in the work on it. They only approved the script and allowed their names to be mentioned.

9. Black Mirror (2011 – present)

Black mirrorGenre: fantasy, thriller
A country: United Kingdom
Kinopoisk: 8.50
IMDb: 8.90

  •  In the high-tech world of the future, humanity does not expect anything good. Every computer, every smartphone, or TV can become a black mirror reflecting the darkest human vices and fears.

  •  Each episode of Black Mirror is unique in both its moral message and the originality of its ending. The series perfectly reveals the influence of mass communications on the lives of modern people. This is a satire on modern society with its fierce thirst for innovation, which can do more harm than good.

  •  In March of this year, it became known that the series was renewed for a fifth season. The number of episodes in it has not yet been announced.

8. Escape (2005-2017)

EscapeGenre: action, crime thriller, detective
A country: USA, UK
Kinopoisk: 8.42
IMDb: 8.40

  •  This gripping, fast-paced and tense drama focuses on a young engineer, Michael, who intentionally ends up in one of the prisons he designed. Michael's task is to save his falsely accused brother Lincoln from execution.

  •  The plot of "Escape" is illogical in places, but the game of Wentworth Miller (Michael) and Dominic Purcell (Lincoln) and interesting plot twists that make you look forward to the next series more than atone for logical flaws.

  •  Many of the Breakout scenes were filmed in a real prison cell where serial killer John Wayne Gacy once sat.

7. How I Met Your Mother (2005-2014)

How I Met your motherGenre: melodrama, comedy
A country: USA
Kinopoisk: 8.56
IMDb: 8.40

  •  This series features a high level of unpredictability that is not usually found in comedies. The plot centers on Ted, who hopes to find his great love. In this he is helped (or hindered) by his friends – Marshall, who was about to propose to his girlfriend and Barney, a convinced bachelor and womanizer with a sparkling sense of humor.

  •  How I Met Your Mother is one of those rare comedies that relies heavily on interesting characters rather than good jokes. Although with them in this sitcom, everything is fine.

  •  Separately, it is worth noting the excellent translation of Denis Kolesnikov, who was able to give a Russian charm to the foreign series with the help of funny phrases (“oh you hedgehog”, etc.).

6. The Big Bang Theory (2007-present)

The Big Bang TheoryGenre: melodrama, comedy
A country: USA
Kinopoisk: 8.58
IMDb: 8.30

  •  This super-long sitcom about the genius physicists Leonard and Sheldon and their friends shows no sign of fatigue. "Afloat" it is kept by specific scientific humor and the inimitable eccentric know-it-all, beloved Sheldon Cooper.

  •  However, there are rumors that The Big Bang Theory will end in season 12. After all, despite the stable audience love for eccentric and cute characters, the series costs CBS dearly. For one episode, the channel pays the stars of Theory one million dollars.

5. True Detective (2014-present)

True detectiveGenre: crime drama detective
A country: USA
Kinopoisk: 8.70
IMDb: 9

  •  In each season of this series, new characters and a new plot appear. Interesting investigations, and most importantly, charismatic main characters make this detective drama seem much more exciting than the relentless legal proceedings on TV. But there is a downside – after True Detective, all the other TV cops hunting serial killers will look like imitators.

4. Dr. House (2004-2012)

Dr. HouseGenre: drama, detective
A country: USA
Kinopoisk: 8.79
IMDb: 8.80

  •  Many phrases from this film about a brilliant and extremely caustic diagnostician have already been pilfered into quotes. For example, the phrases “everyone lies” or “it could have been lupus ...” became winged.

  •  Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) and his team get their hands on some of the most complex and confusing medical cases. And this doctor is not at all like the kind doctor Aibolit. However, behind the unshaven face, boorish manners and sarcastic words of the misanthrope House lies a personality who wants to benefit patients.

  •  The acting of Hugh Laurie, as well as the supporting actors, was admired by most of the audience. Also, from the advantages of this series, it is worth noting good (albeit often black) humor, a dramatic component and interesting relationships between a whole team of people – from doctors to patients and their relatives. And yet, after watching "Doctor House", I really want to live and be healthy.

3 Sherlock (2010-present)

SherlockGenre: crime drama detective
A country: USA, UK
Kinopoisk: 8.88
IMDb: 9.20

  •  Vasily Livanov is undoubtedly the best Sherlock of all time. However, the highly active sociopath Holmes, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, cannot be denied elegance and charm. At the screen test, Cumberbatch fit into the role of the famous detective so organically that the script for the series was not even sent to other actors.

  •  Sherlock is not set in Victorian England, but in the modern world. Both Watson (Martin Freeman), who went through Afghanistan, and Holmes and the entire entourage of the main characters use the latest achievements of civilization, which greatly complicates investigations. And for the audience, the writers introduced a lot of unexpected plot twists. Even if you do not like foreign adaptations of Sherlock Holmes, we recommend that you watch at least a couple of episodes of this series. I'm sure he will captivate you.

  •  If nothing interferes with filming, then the fifth season will be released on the BBC on January 1.

2. Breaking Bad (2008-2013)

Breaking badGenre: crime drama, thriller
A country: USA
Kinopoisk: 8.85
IMDb: 9.50

  •  Showing the rise of an ordinary chemistry teacher as a methamphetamine drug dealer is an unusual topic, even for a TV show. The pilot season begins with the lead character, Walter White (Bryan Cranston), whose life is nearing its end due to lung cancer. He cannot afford the necessary medical treatment and, being the only breadwinner for his family, feels frustrated and helpless. Eventually, he leaves school and quits his second job at a car wash to "cook meth" with a former student.

  •  "Breaking Bad" shows, without unnecessary sentiment, what a desperate person is ready to go for the survival of his family. You can hate or sympathize with his heroes, but you cannot remain indifferent to them.

1. Game of Thrones (2010-present)

Game of ThronesGenre: fantasy, action, adventure
A country: England, USA
Kinopoisk: 9
IMDb: 9.50

  •  For several years in a row, "Game of Thrones" tops the top most popular series in the rating. This is an extremely rare occurrence in the cinema world, because for many TV shows the bar of quality decreases from season to season. And the point is not only in chic costumes and scenery, excellent acting, perfectly matched musical accompaniment, but also in the fact that none of the heroes loved by the audience is immune from death.

And the special charm of the "Game of Thrones" is given by the fact that many of its characters had real prototypes.

  •  Now that the sci-fi epic has overtaken George R. R. Martin's original A Song of Ice and Fire novels, the buzz on social media is louder than ever. Fans are trying to guess how the epic story about the struggle for power in the Seven Kingdoms could end.

  •  So far, one thing is known for sure – the final, eighth season of the king of the most popular TV shows in the world will be released in 2019. It will consist of six episodes. Possibly very long episodes.

  •  In 2017, news broke that HBO was planning to release as many as five Game of Thrones spin-offs. Some of these stories will not be set in Westeros. George Martin himself said this. Each project will be a prequel, and none of them will be related to the rise of Robert Baratheon.