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The richest billionaires 2021, Forbes ranking



  •  The results of the year are summed up by both ordinary people and large online publications like Forbes. And if Russians are concerned about everyday things, such as how the price of equipment, clothes and products has risen over the year, then Forbes Russia experts are concerned about larger issues – how billionaires have risen in price over the year.

Here top 10 billionaires who got richest in 2021.

10. Bill Gates


  • Wealth: $139,2 billion
  • Increased by: $18,9 billion

  •  From a financial standpoint, 2021 has been both a good and bad year for Gates.

  1. On the one hand, his investment income has grown substantially.
  2. On the other hand, he gave his ex-wife Melinda, whom he divorced after 27 years of marriage, assets worth $6,2 billion.

  •  Information flashed in the American media that Bill and Melinda had signed a prenuptial agreement. But is this true, and if true, what clauses are contained in the contract – the general public is unlikely to know.

  •  The future of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, into which the couple "poured" about $ 19 billion, is now in question.

9. Robin Zeng


  • Condition: $57,6 billion
  • In 2021, he increased his fortune by: $26,8 billion

  •  Zeng founded and runs Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL). It is one of the world's largest manufacturers of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles. CATL services are used by such automotive giants as BMW, Volkswagen, Tesla and Geely.

  •  Zeng's company is of particular importance to China. The leadership of the Celestial Empire actively encourages the development of new technologies in order to provide the country with world technological leadership. And energy – and this is the area CATL specializes in – is now coming to the fore, especially against the background of the fight against global warming.

8. Zhang Yiming


  • Capital: $59,4 billion
  • Capital gains for 2021: $31,7 billion

  •  The Chinese billionaire founded ByteDance, which created TikTok. It is thanks to the wild popularity of this mobile application that Yiming earns billions of dollars.

  •  Currently, Yimin has left the position of head of ByteDance, although he owns 22% of its shares. He made such a decision due to the fact that the PRC government has become tougher to control the national Internet sector.

7. Steve Ballmer


  • State Size: $107,5 billion
  • State Growth:$ 32,3 billion

  •  One of Microsoft's biggest stockholders must have cracked open the champagne or better when he learned that Microsoft stock is up 57% in 2021.

  •  And Ballmer is one of the "sports" billionaires. And not because he wants to improve his physical shape, he just owns the Los Angeles Clippers basketball club, which has grown in price by 20% in a year.

6. Bernard Arnault


  • Condition: $193,9 billion
  • Growth for 2021: $43 billion

  •  France's richest citizen briefly became the richest man as shares in his multinational company LVMH skyrocketed. However, Arno then lost the lead to Bezos and Musk.

  •  Arnault is now one of the top three richest billionaires in the world, and LVMH shares have risen in price by 29%, as consumers are actively buying up luxury goods.

  •  LVMH owns luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Moët & Chandon, Hennessy, Christian Dior and Givenchy.

5. Sergey Brin


  • Owns: $121,7 billion
  • 2021 wealth growth: $46,7 billion

  •  Brin, along with his partner Larry Page, did not leave the board of directors of Alphabet, the parent company of Google, after leaving their leadership positions at Google. And as Alphabet's shares soared, Brin's net worth rose by almost $47 billion.

  •  Currently, the billionaire sponsors the study of Parkinson's disease, and is also involved in the LTA Research and Exploration project related to the construction of giant revolutionary airships. They will be used to transport cargo and people.

4. Larry Ellison


  • Condition: $135,7 billion
  • Annual increase in wealth: $47,5 billion

  •  An Oracle executive became $47,5 billion richer in a year thanks to two factors:

  1. The company's shares rose by 61%.
  2. Ellison has a large stake in Tesla (about 1.5%) – only Elon Musk has more. In 2021, Tesla's capitalization for the first time exceeded $1 trillion. Analysts at the investment company Wedbush suggest that in 2022 the company's shares will rise in price by 28%, to $1,4 thousand per share.

3. Larry Page


  • Condition: $126,3 billion
  • Increased by: $49,1 billion

  •  Alphabet shares are growing in price, and the fortune of one of the founders of Google, Larry Page, is also growing. According to CNBC, Alphabet securities have risen in price by 68% since the beginning of the year (overtaking Microsoft and Apple), and have become the most profitable among big techs.

2. Gautam Adani


  • Wealth: $81,1 billion
  • 2021 wealth growth: +$52,5 billion

  •  This Indian multi-billionaire owns the Adani Group, with activities ranging from infrastructure development and power generation to real estate, food processing and coal and iron ore supplies.

  •  In April, the market capitalization of the Adani Group exceeded $100 billion.

  •  Apart from making money, Gautam Adani is no stranger to philanthropy. His company is building schools for children from poor families and has also purchased 48 cryogenic tanks to transport oxygen during the rampant COVID-19.

1. Elon Musk


  • Condition: $265,4 billion
  • For 2021 got rich on: $109,8 billion

  •  Amid a 39% rise in the price of Tesla securities and an increase in the valuation of SpaceX, Elon became the first person in history whose fortune exceeded $ 300 billion. However, the stay at the top of the food chain of the super-rich did not last long, the price of Tesla's shares crept down, and Musk became impoverished by several billion dollars.

  •  However, it is a sin for him to complain about 2021, because the fortune of a genius, an engineer and one of the main trolls among billionaires has increased by almost $110 billion. How do you like this from Elon Musk?