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10 Most Dangerous Christmas Gifts for Kids



New Year is on the threshold and you probably already bought Christmas gifts for yourself and loved ones (and if not, you still have time before the chiming clock!). But there are some gifts in the world that you should stay away from if you value your life. And the saddest thing is that many dangerous New Year's gifts are intended for the most vulnerable, fragile and defenseless creatures – children.

  •  Here are the top 10 most dangerous children's Christmas gifts of all time.

10. Orbeez balloons

nb0uqcavThese hydrogel balls are very popular with Russian children due to their beautiful translucent appearance and ability to grow in size. In order for orbizas to "grow" they need to be placed in water and wait a while.

  •  For teenagers, these balls are common entertainment, but for young children, they can be deadly. In a swollen state, orbis are easily mistaken for outwardly candy, and since the balls are very slippery, it is not difficult to swallow them.


  •  Here is a photo of a hydrogel ball extracted by surgeons at the Filatov Children's Hospital from the stomach of a one-year-old girl. Who wants a toy like this inside their child?

9. Game set Gilbert U238 Lab

3khsoq40A toy that develops the cognitive abilities of children is a wonderful New Year's gift. But giving a child a Gilbert U-238 Atomic Energy Lab was not the best idea on the part of American parents. After all, it contained four samples of uranium ore, which are sources of weak radiation.

  •  As conceived by the creator of the set, inventor Alfred Gilbert, with the help of this toy, children had to carry out and observe chemical reactions.

8. Children's Easy-Bake Oven Toy Stove

v305ep5vThis miniature stove and oven from Hasbro was meant to help young cooks realize their talents. Instead, in 2007, several children burned their fingers after placing them inside a toy. And no wonder, because inside the oven there was a heating element that could heat up to a temperature of 350 degrees.

  •  One girl even had to amputate part of her finger. The company has since released a new version with an electric heating element instead of a light bulb.

7. Gyroscooter

3d2ulis0One of the most coveted Christmas gifts for kids, it helps develop coordination and is admired by peers. How could he be dangerous?

  •  The fact is that earlier these devices often ignited due to low-quality batteries. One 3-year-old even died after a malfunctioning hoverboard started a house fire in Pennsylvania. In 2015, U.S. airlines and the Post Office even banned hoverboards for fear that they might explode in transit.

  •  Modern models are much safer, but do not try to save money and buy a cheap Chinese name if you care about the safety of your child.

6. Magnetix Playset

wnlbljraA popular playset released in the mid-2000s became a parent's nightmare in 2007 when one child died and 28 others were seriously injured after swallowing magnets that fell out of plastic parts.

  •  The manufacturer eventually recalled most of the 4000000 Magnetix kits, but is still selling a redesigned and safer version.

5. Polly Pocket doll with Quik Clik

vs0vtm2hThe heyday of the popularity of this doll came in the nineties, however, the sets released later will be remembered for a long time not so much by children as by the manufacturer himself.

  •  A few years after the launch of the "Quik Clik" line in 2004, Mattel recalled 7,3 million play sets due to the fact that small parts that snapped onto the doll often fell out. And because of their small size, they could easily be swallowed by a child.

4. Flying Fairy Doll

  •  These flying fairies act more menacing than they look. Just pull the release lever and the doll will begin to unwind its vane skirt and soar into the air. And maybe right in your face.

  •  After numerous reports of eye injuries, broken teeth, facial lacerations, and even a mild concussion, one of the largest manufacturers of flying fairies, Galoob Toys Inc, landed its toys for good, recalling about 2000 million units in 8.9.

3. Toy weapon

4k53vw2qMany boys (and some girls too) will be happy to receive a toy gun or other weapon for the New Year. But some pistols for children could cause real harm to health. Sad examples of this are the Austin Magic Pistol and Mattel's Belt Buckle Derringer, popular in the US in the 50s.

  •  The first shooting toy used "magic crystals" composed of calcium carbide. If water fell on such bullets, they exploded.

  •  The second toy also fired calcium carbide bullets and was a pistol buckle worn on the belt.

2. Magnetic cube

gbrm5h3zInteresting entertainment for a teenager or adult can turn into a danger to the life of a small child. In 2012, magnetic cube manufacturer Buckyballs withdrew this toy from sale. The reason was 1200 cases of hospitalization of children who swallowed parts from a magnetic cube.

1. Pyrotechnic products

u0d20kycLast year, in Moscow alone, on New Year's Eve, 23 people went to hospitals complaining of injuries and burns from pyrotechnics. And seven of them are minors.

  •  Of course, firecrackers, "crackers" and "rockets" are spectacular, beautiful and noisy. However, children, who are often unaware of elementary safety rules when handling pyrotechnics, become victims of explosions of petards and fireworks more often than adults. Therefore, if you want to happily celebrate the New Year, do not give your son or daughter such a dangerous toy.