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Top 5 compact crossovers with the largest trunk

Top 5 compact crossovers with the largest trunk


  •  It is generally accepted that a small crossover is the same hatchback with a small trunk, but increased ground clearance. In fact, everything is not quite right. There are cars that can be used both for travel and for families with children. The experts of the AvtoVzglyad publication found out which SUVs have the most spacious trunk.


For determining top 5 most compact crossovers with a large trunk Two commonly used parameters were used:

  1. The volume of the trunk is calculated with the rear seats raised to the level of the beginning of the window, curtain or distance to the top shelf.
  2. The volume of the luggage compartment is calculated with the rear seats folded down, taking into account the height of the ceiling.

5. Hyundai Tucson – 488 liters

Trunk Hyundai TucsonIn fifth place is the modern crossover Hyundai Tucson. Its cost starts from 1. A distinctive feature of this crossover is its low fuel consumption – up to 300 liters in the city and up to 000 liters on the highway. Trunk volume Hyundai Tucson is 12 liters in the 7st parameter, and 488 liters in the 1nd.

4. Subaru Forester – 489 liters

Trunk Subaru ForesterFourth place is occupied by the compact crossover Subaru Forester. The volume of its trunk is 489 liters in the first indicator, and 1548 liters in the second indicator. This model has a stylish and multifunctional interior. In the Russian market, the cost of a car starts from 1 rubles.

3. Peugeot 3008 – 520 l

Peugeot 3008 luggage compartmentThe honorable third place goes to the French Peugeot 3008 crossover. This car is not as popular as its predecessor, but it has a more spacious trunk of 520 liters with the rear seats raised and 1482 liters with the rear seats folded. The cost of this model starts from 1 rubles. For the maximum configuration, you will have to pay 749 rubles.

2. Toyota RAV4 – 577 liters

Trunk volume Toyota RAV4The second place goes to the popular Russian crossover from the Japanese reliable concern Toyota RAV4. This model has established itself as a universal vehicle with all-wheel drive. Its trunk can hold 577 liters. With the rear seats folded down, you get 1450 liters of free space. The basic equipment of the car includes front-wheel drive and a gasoline engine with a capacity of 146 horsepower. The cost of the Toyota RAV4 crossover starts from 1 rubles.

1. Volkswagen Tiguan – 615 liters

Trunk Volkswagen TiguanThe most compact crossover with a large trunk was the Volkswagen Tiguan with a maximum volume of 615 and 1655 liters, respectively. The car received a new gasoline engine with a capacity of 150 horsepower and an 8-inch TFT display. The redesigned look seamlessly blends into the jungle of the modern city. The cost of such a handsome man starts from 1 rubles.