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2020 Coronavirus Essentials List

Goods and medicines for coronavirus


On Thursday, March 25, Russian President Vladimir Putin in his address to the people reported that the week from March 28 to April 5 was declared non-working. This is done to prevent rapid spread coronavirus symptoms which have already been identified in 658 Russians (as of March 26).

  •  But before going on a sudden vacation, Russian citizens will have to stock up on food, medicines and household chemicals for at least a week. To make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of items to buy in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic.

Coronavirus essential food list

Essential food listCereals, pasta, semi-finished products, sugar and salt are in demand every day. For one person, we recommend purchasing a couple of kilograms of the most popular food products for the period of quarantine.

Buckwheat, rice and other cereals

  •  Ask 10 different people what to buy during the coronavirus lockdown, and most likely, all 10 will name buckwheat among the most necessary.

  •  The popularity of this product is explained not only by the high content of useful micro and macro elements and vitamins (B2, B1, B6, K, alpha-tocopherol, boron, vanadium, manganese, choline, etc.), but also by the ease of preparation. Rinse a glass of buckwheat, pour two glasses of boiling water, wrap the container with something warm and leave overnight. In the morning, get a healthy breakfast for the whole family.

  •  In addition to buckwheat, it is advisable to buy rice, oatmeal, bulgur or any other type of cereal that you prefer. Just do not buy too much, you will not eat only cereals for the entire quarantine week.


  •  Two kilograms of potatoes, a kilogram of onions, three heads of garlic, a couple of beets and carrots – this is the necessary minimum that one person needs for a week. It is not necessary to stock up for the future, these are perishable products.


  •  Although the content of nutrients in pasta is much lower than in buckwheat, it is just as easy to cook them. Please note: the best, that is, not unhealthy pasta, is made from durum wheat. It contains slow carbohydrates, and pasta made from top-grade baking flour contains fast carbohydrates that can provoke obesity and increase blood glucose levels.

Chicken eggs

  •  A couple of dozen eggs should be enough for a week of quarantine. The color of the shell does not affect the taste of eggs, only the nutrition of the birds themselves.

Fish and meat

  •  In the recommendations for the population drawn up by the German authorities, in the event of a 10-day quarantine, it is advised to purchase 1,5 kg of fish and meat. Divide fresh meat into several pieces and store in the freezer so that it does not spoil in a week.

Frozen vegetables, canned food and convenience foods

  •  Anything that lasts a long time is a great choice for a grocery basket during the coronavirus quarantine. Stew, frozen mixed vegetables, canned fish, etc. will allow you to cook meals for the whole family without much effort.

Milk and dairy products

  •  One liter of kefir, ryazhenka, milk and 500 ml of cream and drinking yogurt is enough for a week of quarantine.

Drinking water

It is advisable to take at least 20 liters of drinking water per person. Just be aware that this is one of most counterfeit food, therefore, make sure that the GOST or TU is indicated on the label, as well as the number of the artesian well and its source – water supply or well.

Dried fruits and canned fruits

  •  Eating buckwheat and drinking water is, of course, good, but you also need to treat yourself to something tasty. And at the same time, support the body with useful substances, which are less in dried fruits than in fresh fruits, but still enough. Yes, and dried fruits are stored much longer.

  •  Just keep in mind that dried fruits sold in stores undergo chemical processing to give them a brighter color and increase their shelf life. Therefore, wash them thoroughly before use.

Nuts and canned vegetables

  •  One more recommendation, drawn by us from the manual for the Germans. In this case, what is good for a German will not hurt a Russian either.

  •  The health benefits of nuts are the topic of a separate large review. In short, let's say that they contain almost all the useful substances that the human body needs – from omega-3 to iodine, magnesium, zinc, calcium, potassium, iron, etc. However, nuts are very high in calories, so it will be enough to eat no more than 10-20 pieces per day.

Salt and sugar

  •  These products do not need to be introduced, they will not deteriorate soon. For one person, 1 kg of sugar for a week is enough, and a kilogram package of salt will be enough for you for the entire period of isolation, and for a couple of months after. If you want to save a little, take 5 kg of sugar right away.

Tea and coffee

  •  Waiting out the forced vacation, drinking tea and enjoying funny comedies is much more fun than reading news about the spread of coronavirus on the Internet. So don't forget to buy one pack of your favorite drink.

Butter and vegetable oils

  •  The fat content of high-quality butter is 82,5 percent. In one of its studies, Roskachestvo awarded a solid five in terms of quality to the following brands of butter 82,5% butter:

  • Ruzskoe,
  • Arla Natura,
  • Carat,
  • fine life,
  • love product,
  • The right oil
  • Prostokvashino,
  • Rovenky,
  • The estate of Ilyinskoye.

  •  As for vegetable sunflower oil, the products with the quality mark from Roskachestvo are:

  • Caroline,
  • Kuban Favorite,
  • generous summer,
  • Compound,
  • Freedom.


  •  One kilogram is enough for a week if you are not too fond of baking.

Chocolate and biscuits

  •  Although these are not essential goods, but their use improves mood. And even more necessary if the family has children with a sweet tooth.

A bottle of good cognac, liquor or wine

  •  Another way to cheer yourself up during a forced vacation. Even doctors do not argue with the fact that one glass of red wine before a meal improves appetite and is useful for anemia. The main thing is to only slightly disinfect the body from the inside, and not to alcoholize it.

Baby food and pet food

  •  Relevant if the family has children and (or) pets.

Household chemicals and hygiene products

Hygiene products for coronavirusWith the first reports of the coronavirus escaping China, people around the world began buying up toilet paper on an incredible scale. We are sure that you have already stocked up on it, and if not, do it as soon as possible. But this non-food item is not the only one to stock up on during the coronavirus epidemic.

Washing powder

  •  A small package of washing powder is enough for a week. But if you buy a 5-kilogram package for a promotion, then who will judge you? Just do not forget to check the expiration date, this product also has it.

Alcohol wipes

  •  A scarce product that has become difficult to find in stores. It is convenient to take such napkins with you if you have to leave the house, for example, to the store. Wipe your hands after every visit to public places – alcohol-containing products kill the virus.


  •  Hands should be thoroughly washed with soap upon arrival from the street. This is one of the WHO recommendations for preventing the spread of coronavirus infection.

Garbage bags

  •  A necessary thing in the household, which, nevertheless, is very easy to forget while you are gathering "products of panic demand."


  •  We will not advise anything here, you yourself know very well which shampoo suits your hair best.

Antiseptic and disposable wipes

  •  If you can’t find alcohol wipes, you can get by with an antiseptic and a disposable wipe. Be sure to dry your hands after visiting public places, and even after going outside for a short time, such as to and from a trash can. The virus can live for some time even on the railing or doorknob.

Dishwashing liquid

Most people use this household cleaner every day. Recommend to choose dishwashing detergent approved by Roskachestvo.

Women's and children's hygiene products

  •  If the family has small children and women, do not forget to buy diapers, panty liners and panty liners for critical days.


  •  A 100 ml tube is enough for the whole family for a week.

Pet Tray Filler

  •  It is relevant if your house has a cat, a rodent or any other pet that uses a tray with filler as a toilet.

Government list of essential goods from 27.03.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX: (.pdf).

The most important drugs during the epidemic of coronavirus Covid-29

What medicines to buy for coronavirusThere are regular reports in the media that scientists have finally found an effective coronavirus medicine. But so far, none of them is produced on a mass scale, and the Russians have to stock up on drugs that can only relieve some of the symptoms of the disease.

  1. Paracetamol
    This agent is recommended by WHO for the treatment of symptoms caused by the SARS CoV-2 virus in place of Ibuprofen.
  2. Materials for bandaging and disinfection
    The list of things that you need to buy in case of a Covid-19 epidemic includes: bandages, plasters, cotton wool and hydrogen peroxide.
  3. Medicines for flu and cold symptoms
    We have already written about the best remedies for SARS symptoms for adults and children. You just have to choose from them the most suitable for the price and age.
  4. Remedies for Indigestion, Cramps and Stomach Pain
    These funds include: activated charcoal, Festal, Maalox, No-shpa, Papaverine.
  5. Remedies for headache and toothache
    Do not forget to buy such time-tested medicines as Aspirin, Analgin, Nimesulide, Nurofen or Ibuprofen for your first-aid kit.
  6. Thermometer
    Fever is one of the main symptoms of coronavirus in humans. And a thermometer will help to notice it in time. The list of symptoms also includes: shortness of breath, body aches, severe dry cough and shortness of breath.
  7. Antihistamines
    Allergies due to severe stress, viral disease, reduced immunity and a number of other reasons can begin suddenly, even in a previously perfectly healthy person. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to have such anti-allergic drugs as Suprastin, Zirtek, Zodak, Cetrin, etc. in the home medicine cabinet.

Important! All of the above drugs from each category have their own side effects and contraindications. They should be taken only after the approval of the attending physician. It will be possible to receive such advice during the week-long quarantine on March 28-April 5, as health facilities will work as usual.