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10 places to go on vacation in August 2021

Where to fly in August


  •  Like last year, the travel world is in the grip of a painful uncertainty. The map of open and closed countries for tourism is constantly changing, and you can’t even go to some regions of Russia that easily – regional quarantine restrictions apply.

64 countries are ready to accept tourists from Russia, while 63 others are not, or they introduce such strict rules that it makes no sense to go there. We have tried to find for you ten destinations for holidays in August at sea, and abroad, where tourists from Russia are welcomed with open arms.

10. Turkey

mq4dncbhIn one of the most popular places for a beach holiday – the countries of Southeast Asia – the rainy season is still going on, it is humid, stuffy and you can’t lie down on the sand for your pleasure.

  •  But who needs this Asia when, finally, on June 22, Turkey opened air communication with Russia! As before, our fellow citizens prefer the inexpensive resorts of Alanya and the golden sand of Side, where children play so nicely. Those who have more money in their pocket pay attention to five-star hotels in Belek.

  •  True, in the Mediterranean now the heat is on, the air temperature is from 30 ° and above, and the water is more like a warm soup – from 29 °. A little easier on the Aegean coast, which warms up later, and the water can still be pleasantly refreshing (26°). Yes, and there are fewer people there – in Bodrum and Marmaris, mostly young people crowd, and families with children choose Kusadasi.

9. Montenegro

igh42zyyThe beach resorts of small and hospitable Montenegro are perfect for families with children: it is not too hot, the waves are not strong, the beaches are clean, and some of them have been awarded the Blue Flag.

  •  And if your child has already left the age when the best entertainment is the construction of sand pies, no problem – just in August, many festivals are held in Montenegro. Youth, musical, gastronomic – there is something to see and where to have fun even for the most capricious teenager.

  •  As in Bulgaria, the air in Montenegro is rather dry, so even in the heat you can go sightseeing if you wish. Or make a knight's move, and instead of beaches go to the mountains, where it's just fresh, cool, a lot of greenery and nature itself beckons you to go for a walk. If you wish, you can even do eco-tourism and visit one of the country's national parks.

8. Crimea

2cnpenyhAccurately from the second half of August, the famous “velvet season” begins in Crimea. But the higher the season, the higher the prices, so prepare in advance to shell out a large amount for a few nights in a hotel.

  •  If the thickness of your wallet can only cause a mournful sigh, but you want to relax, you can save. There are economy housing options like hostels, guest houses, rooms from private owners. Plus, since Soviet times, there has been a tradition of "savagery" – rest in a tent. A portable house can be taken from the house itself or rented already on the peninsula itself – there are enough of them.

  •  You can go on a trip around the peninsula by car, either your own or rented.

  •  Where to go? As a rule, the southern coast is where there are many tourists, attractions and high prices. West Bank – sandy beaches, access to which is still free (therefore, it is better to take sunbeds, snacks and water with you).

7. Karelia

wu1ieqh2This is one of the most beautiful regions of Russia and a favorite place for tourists. In August it is warm there, the temperature is just right for excursions. And in the Karelian region there is something to see.

  • It is there that the island of Valaam is located – an ancient monastery founded in the XNUMXth century. You can look at the ancient architecture of our ancestors on Kizhi Island – a unique museum of wooden architecture.
  • And if you want to unload your head from history and art history, you can always go for a swim in the Ladoga skerries and admire the snow-white walls of the Ruskeala canyon made of marble.
  • Fans of outdoor activities also have the most expanse in Karelia in August: trekking, catamaran rides, horseback riding and much, much more.

6. Kaliningrad, Baltic

hlxinslyOf course, the Baltic Sea is far from being as warm as the Black or Azov, but it has its own unique charm. And the beaches here are a feast for the eyes – long, spacious, sandy.

  •  The Baltic air is incomparable, it is slightly salty and fresh. And rest here can be found for every taste – from ecotourism on the Curonian Spit to many health resorts and clinics (ideal for those suffering from pulmonary diseases).

  •  You can settle in Kaliningrad and go to museums. Or book a place at the Yantarny hotel, where you can indulge in a simple and pleasant beach holiday.

5. Yeysk, Krasnodar Territory

hltvvixrIf it is expensive in Crimea, and there is no desire to wander through the humid heat among thousands of crowds of the same tourists in Sochi, you can turn your attention to another sea – the Azov Sea.

  •  Yeysk is located in the north of the Krasnodar Territory, which means that the average temperature is slightly lower than on the Black Sea coast, and not so humid. The sea here is shallow, it warms up quickly and does not cool down for a long time, so both locals and visitors celebrate the swimming season from May to October.

  •  And since this place is still relatively unhyped, the prices here are much lower than those of the more famous resort counterparts. The coastline here is long, there is enough space for everyone – both residents of the city and visitors. If you drive further away, you can even find a place with almost no people.

4. Greece

jphf11i3August in Greece is the very embodiment of the Mediterranean heat. Mainland Greece has temperatures that the average Russian's northern body might find unpleasant.

  •  But there is a way out – the islands, where there is less greenery than on the mainland, and less humidity and stuffiness. Of course, you will have to forget about walks during the day and hide from the rays of the scorching sun in the coolness of a comfortable hotel. But in the morning and in the evening the weather is wonderfully good, the wind from the sea is pleasantly refreshing, and the water is warm and pleasant.

  •  We advise you to pay attention to the refreshing winds of Kos, as well as Rhodes and Crete – however, the air currents on the latter can be quite strong.

  •  It is worth taking care of tickets in advance, as not only locals, but also all of Northern Europe are eager to go to Greek beaches. To eat moussaka and drink wine, you will need a negative test, a completed form (will be issued on the spot), but at least you don’t need to be in quarantine.

3. Bulgaria

zxgvdm01If the very thought of the Greek heat plunges you into melancholy, but hunting on the beach is a must, we advise you to pay attention to Bulgaria. In August, it is warm there, but not too hot (the average air temperature is about 28-30 °), the water warms up to 25 ° and pleasantly refreshes the heated body.

  •  However, the main advantage of the beaches in Bulgaria is the climate, it is mostly dry, and the heat is much easier to bear. Therefore, Bulgaria is a favorite summer holiday destination for families with children or elderly relatives.

  •  Bulgaria is traditionally one of the most popular budget destinations for holidays in August, so you should take care of tickets in advance. Charters do not go there yet, so you will have to think for yourself how and where to get there.

  • For families with children, Albena is suitable – it is known for its spacious beaches and shallow waters, where the younger generation can safely and relish playing crocodiles. Adults may like Sunny Beach, where there is a developed network of hotels for every taste and budget.
  • Elderly vacationers will appreciate Pomorie, where you can relax, heal, and plunge into the healing mud lake.

2. Belarus

5atvm0muIn August, our neighbors are warm, and although sometimes a cloud or two will run into the sky, the rains in August are short and can hardly wet an umbrella. The most expanse for a sanatorium vacation, where you can relax, heal and breathe in the fresh and clean forest air. Yes, and the water in the lakes warms up well, and you can swim.

  •  The relic forest of the Belovezhskaya Pushcha reserve, which has remained since ancient times, is especially popular – tourists from all over the world come here to admire the remaining almost unchanged beauty of primeval nature.

1. Belokurikha, Altai Territory

vlrxpwdvIn August, in the Altai Territory, you can not only relax, but also improve your health. Since Soviet times, Belokurikha's sanatoriums have been popular, and now the city has turned into a whole medical complex.

  •  It was given the status of a resort of federal significance – a title that many Caucasian health resorts could not be awarded. The resorts of Belokurikha specialize in the treatment of diseases of the back, joints, but here you can treat both the heart and the stomach (although the Caucasian resorts are still more suitable for the latter).

  •  And here there are mineral waters and marvelous fresh air.