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The Best and Worst School Backpacks of 2023



  •  It is difficult to choose a school backpack – it must be beautiful and stylish so that the child proudly wears it to school. And also comfortable, roomy, not too bulky and still not spoil your posture. And most importantly – made from safe materials.

  •  How to find the best quality and safest school backpack in 2023 – in this ranking based on materials from Roskachestvo.

Top 10 best quality and safest children's backpacks in 2023

10. Like Me School, Black Foxes


Price: 3490 rub.

  •  The first in the list of the best children's backpacks in 2023 is a model made in friendly China, which is sold in online stores. If the young audience is attracted by cute foxes, then adults pay attention to other things: strength, resistance to friction, how firmly the parts of the backpack are sewn to each other, and so on. From this point of view, the quality of the backpack is at its best – it is not only durable, but also made of high-quality non-toxic materials, it does not electrify. There are even reflective elements on the belts, which are necessary in urban conditions.

  •  Alas, the reputation of the backpack was spoiled by non-compliance with two rules.

  1. Firstly, the manufacturer "forgot" to indicate what age the backpack is intended for. You can guess, because in terms of weight and size it is suitable for elementary school students, but is it necessary to pass the quest for quick wit when buying an ordinary household item?
  2. And, secondly, despite the undoubted quality of tailoring and materials, bottom protection is missing – there are no rubber pads that lift the bottom of the backpack above the surface, and nothing protects the delicate belly from contact with the outside world. So the backpack will not only get dirty faster, but also wear out from below.

9. "Watercolor", Gulliver


Cost: 1498 rub.

  •  Delicate young ladies of school age will undoubtedly be attracted by the colors and shape of the backpack – it stands out against the background of others with its delicate coloring and light pastel colors.

  •  Alas, a number of shortcomings of the backpack are not redeemed by a pleasant appearance – despite the durable tailoring and dense, friction-resistant fabric, not all lines are of sufficient quality. And the manufacturer, it seems, generally decided to save on fittings – on a prototype purchased by Roskachestvo experts, the coating of small metal and plastic parts was already beginning to peel off. You can imagine what will happen to him after a couple of months of intensive use.

  •  Well, at least the bottom is properly protected – there are plastic cones with anti-slip inserts. And also correctly indicated the target group – children of primary school age.

8 Hatber


It is worth: 3031 rub.

  •  The problems of a backpack manufactured by the Chinese company Quanzhou Manufactory are in direct contrast to Gulliver, the ninth place in the ranking of the best backpacks for school in 2023. It is made of durable fabric, lightweight, compact, with acceptable quality fittings, even stitching (except for the slack in a couple of pockets).

  •  However, there is no bottom protection, and the back is not rigid enough, because of this, the child may begin to slouch. Well, Minnie Mouse in 2022 – seriously? It's time for producers to go beyond the notions of what kind of characters and stories are popular with children.

7. "Seals" Light, Attache


Price in online stores: 2258 rub.

  •  Pleasantly colored oval backpack with two cute cats not only looks good, but is also well sewn – the experts of Roskachestvo have practically no complaints about the quality of seams, fabrics and accessories. Unless it would be nice to pay more attention to moisture protection – in heavy rain, the backpack can begin to let water through.

  •  Summed up "Seals" back. Despite the fact that it (like the lining of the belts) is tightened with a mesh fabric (it gets less dirty, it lets air through), the back is not rigid and the child may begin to slouch.

6. Tiger Family


Can be bought for: 1879 rub.

  •  This backpack will immediately attract the eyes of others! Bright, shiny, with a mother-of-pearl shell on the front wall, and high-quality – there are no questions about the density of fabrics, the strength of seams and the coating of accessories. The fabric is not only safe, but also water-repellent – even in the heaviest rain, water will not penetrate inside.

  •  The disadvantage of a shiny backpack is its low tear strength by Roskachestvo standards. Despite the strong seams connecting the handle and shoulder straps, under heavy loads, the backpack can tear – the vertical tear strength is lower than standard.

  •  However, the manufacturer honestly indicated that the backpack is for school supplies – textbooks, notebooks and everything else that weighs a lot – so this indicator can be neglected. For sports equipment and household use, a bright backpack will do just fine. But it’s better not to put it on the ground or on the floor – there is no bottom protection.

5. Ergoline, ErichKrause


Roskachestvo experts purchased for: 2172 rub.

  •  The top 5 best children's backpacks according to Roskachestvo are opened by the product of the ErichKrause company, which still cannot decide whether it is German or Finnish. In fact, of course, this is a Russian company that sews its products in China, but what difference does it make if it produces high-quality goods according to its own patterns?

  •  So even the eagle eye of the Roskachestvo experts could not find any flaws in the Ergoline backpack: the item is perfectly sewn, the lines are even and dense, the material is of high quality, the accessories are even and shiny. There is even an anti-slip bottom protection. Only water-repellent impregnation spoiled the idyll – it is not enough, and in heavy rain the contents of the bag can get wet.

4. SkyName


average price: 4658 rub.

  •  If the previous places in the top 10 school backpacks for girls and boys were mainly focused on the tastes of young ladies, then the backpack from the Chinese company is clearly designed for gentlemen – moreover, football fans.

  •  The backpack looks good, stylish, the material is dense, of high quality, the lines are even and strong. The fabric is durable, which is not afraid of rain, sweat and friction, resistant to deformation, and the bottom is protected from contact with the outside world. The back is dense, even, rather rigid.

  •  However, all this wealth exudes, though not strong, but tangible specific chemical smell, which is often found in Chinese products. However, a couple of days on the balcony should correct this.

  •  To attract the buyer, the manufacturer added small gifts – there is a special plate for the schedule in the pocket, and a watch is also included with the backpack.

3. "Cats meow", Grizzly


Average cost: 4479 rub.

  •  Starting from the top 3, there are fewer and fewer flaws in children's backpacks. So “Meow Cats” are good for everyone – a tough, durable shape, good dense fabric with water-repellent impregnation, high-quality plastic and metal parts, flawless zippers, bottom protection.

  •  There is even a rare detail – a chest strap (the manufacturers of the previous rating backpacks considered it an insignificant detail), as well as a small gift to attract attention – a fabric purse-handbag in the form of a pink cat's muzzle.

  •  This collection of perfections was let down by a small design miscalculation – the soft gasket on the back wall is slightly skewed, apparently, when sewing, the direction of the shared thread of the material was not taken into account.

2. Herlitz


Price: 5600 rub.

  •  The Herlitz brand belongs to the Pelikan company, which is located in Germany, but sends its goods in China, from where they enter our country. The backpack is sewn perfectly, it not only meets the standards, but even the strict standard of Roskachestvo. The fabric is of excellent quality with water-repellent impregnation, there are no complaints about tailoring, accessories with a durable coating and no sharp corners. There is even a separate protection for the main compartment – it closes with a cord with a drawstring – and a shoulder strap.

  •  The only “disadvantage” of the backpack is its rather high price compared to other products in the rating. And Roskachestvo was not satisfied with the foreign origin of the product from Herlitz – such a product cannot qualify for the Russian quality mark.

1. Cosmocar, Erhaft


Price: 4599 rub.

  •  The Erhaft brand is owned by JSC Detsky Mir, and production has been established in China. Like the second place in the rating, Cosmocar meets all the virtues of a good backpack – high-quality water-repellent fabric, strong seams, excellent fittings and thoughtful design: for example, side pockets are protected by flaps from the main fabric. Even the zippered pawls are covered with a rubber patch to make it pleasant for the child to open them.

  •  There are no rubber or plastic elements that protect the bottom, instead it is covered with durable leatherette. True, the manufacturer decided not to add a chest strap to the design.

The most toxic school backpacks of 2023 according to Roskachestvo

5. Acoola


Price: 1799 rub.

  •  And let's move on from leaders to outsiders – the worst school backpacks on the Russian market, according to Roskachestvo experts. A khaki bag from Acoola (China), although it looks like a backpack, is soft, the back is not tight, the length is less than standard, and the tear strength is low. Such a backpack can hardly be used as a school backpack, it simply cannot withstand the mass of textbooks and notebooks that schoolchildren are forced to carry on their backs every day.

4. No. 1 School Kitty


Price: 3853 rub.

  •  Good looks are not enough for a backpack. Although the "School Kitten" is made of good quality fabric with rain protection and even equipped with a bottom protection, however, two important elements let it down in the first place. This is the strength of the seams (it is low) and non-compliance with standards.

  •  Although the backpack is designed for primary school students, its dimensions exceed the standards – it is too heavy and too bulky for small owners.



Price: 2883 rub.

  •  It's hard to even say where the Across backpack meets the standards – except for the quality of the fabric. Yes, and even that one has, albeit a weak, but pronounced “chemical” smell, strongly associated with cheap Chinese goods. Not only is there no water-repellent impregnation and bottom protection, but the seams are defective, the material is skewed in some places, and the total weight of the backpack is above the norm.



Price: 1299 rub.

  •  The main drawback of the backpack is toxicity in the aquatic environment, it does not meet the standards. The remaining problems of the Chinese product – loopy uneven lines, skewed fittings and fabric parts – fade against this background.

1 Lego


Price: 9999 rub.

  •  Wow, the manufacturer broke the price for this backpack! It is almost twice the amount that is requested for the best backpacks for children in the Roskachestvo rating. And although the model looks good – bright, pleasantly shaped, with dense high-quality material, durable fittings and soft closed pockets with Velcro – however, not all that glitters is gold. And this "gold" is also harmful to the child – the toxicity index in the aquatic environment exceeds the permissible values.