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The richest writers in the world in history

Stephen King


  •  In a world where Hollywood stars are honored and celebrated for their roles in movie adaptations of well-known books, the authors of the books themselves are usually left out of the picture. But that doesn't mean they haven't amassed a huge fortune while writing bestsellers that eventually become blockbusters on the big screen.

  •  Some of the world's most popular authors have earned over a billion dollars over the years. And experts at luxatic did a little research to determine the top 10 richest writers of all time, with an updated net worth for 2019.

10. Jeffrey Archer

  •  Former politician and current writer Geoffrey Archer was forced to leave the English Parliament in 1974 due to the bankruptcy of the Canadian company Aquablast, in whose shares he invested all his funds.

  •  Archer's refocusing on writing has earned him fame as one of the best-selling authors in the world. His books (the Clifton Chronicles series, the Cain and Abel series, children's literature, The Prison Diaries, etc.) have sold over 330 million copies worldwide.

9. John Grisham

  •  The famous American writer John Grisham is known all over the world for his amazing legal thrillers. His books have been translated into 42 languages.

  •  If that doesn't impress you, before becoming one of the richest book authors in the world, he worked as a plumber, asphalt paver, men's underwear salesman, trial attorney, and attorney in the Mississippi House of Representatives. That is, he has seen life in all its manifestations.

8. Nigel Blackwell

  •  This writer co-authored several New York Times bestsellers with Diane Capri.

  •  After Blackwell Publishing was sold for €2006 million in 572, Nigel Blackwell received most of that amount. Currently, his net worth is $292,5 million.

7. Barbara Taylor Bradford

  •  Barbara began her writing career at the age of 7, and at the age of 10 she sold one of her stories to a children's magazine. Even then, she told her mother that she was going to become a writer.

  •  Now, with over 80 million copies sold in 90 countries, Barbara Taylor Bradford has achieved any writer's dream of becoming the author of dozens of bestselling books. Moreover, Queen Elizabeth II awarded her for her contribution to literature.

6. Daniela Steel

  •  Bestsellers by American novelist Danielle Steele have sold over 800 million copies worldwide. She publishes from 4 to 6 novels a year, and Daniela takes ideas for them, including from her own life.

  •  So, in the novel "The Promise of Passion" the main character falls in love with a drug addict, and Steele herself was married for two years to former drug addict William Toth. Her other novel, Malicious Intent, is about the destruction of a happy marriage when the tabloids unearthed information about the heroine's past.

  •  Similarly, the marriage of Daniela and writer John Traina was destroyed when William Toth released a book in which he revealed that he was the biological father of Nicholas Traine, which the other children of the writer couple did not know about.

5. Nora Roberts

  •  This American writer is known for her love and detective novels about Lieutenant Eva Dallas. She began writing them in the late 70s and has since written over 200 novels.

  •  And her writing career was greatly helped by ... a blizzard. Finding herself with the children in a snow-swept house, Nora, having nothing to do, began to write down the story that was spinning in her head.

  •  Roberts is now the fifth richest writer in the world with a net worth of at least $390 million.

4. Stephen King

  •  One of the most popular writers of all time, especially when it comes to horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and suspense, has found success with books like The Shining, Pet Cemetery, or It, which have since been adapted for the screen.

  •  A funny story is connected with the adaptation of "It" that happened on the Internet. In 2017, US President Donald Trump banned Stephen King from his Twitter, as the writer was often not shy when criticizing Trump and his policies. In response, the "father of horror" forbade the American president to watch the films "It" and "Mr. Mercedes", with the words "No clowns for you, Donald."

Banks and ATMs

3. James Patterson

  •  Known for his thriller novels (more than 300 million copies in circulation), this American writer holds the Guinness World Record for the most best-selling hardcover novel by a single author.

  •  However, Patterson does not shy away from co-authorship. But his co-authors, in agreement with Patterson, are not entitled to disclose the terms of their working relationship. For example, they are required to remain silent about what role they play in each co-authorship. In one of the interviews, Patterson said that his co-authors usually write the initial draft, and the eminent writer himself is engaged in subsequent work.

2. J.K. Rowling

Without JK Rowling, the world would never have met one of best series of children's books, which was filmed and gathered so many followers that the Harry Potter franchise was among the highest grossing films of all time.

  •  Even nearly 19 years after Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone premiered, the remastered version of The Boy-Who-Lived is breaking records, grossing over $1 billion at the box office. A new billionaire movie showing in 4K 3D has been released in China as part of a campaign to bring audiences to theaters after coronavirus restrictions eased.

1. Elizabeth Badinter

  •  French writer and historian Elisabeth Badinter, best known for her philosophical treatises on feminism and the role of women in society, is the richest book author of all time. One of her latest books, Conflict: How Modern Motherhood Undermines Women, became a bestseller in Europe.

  •  However, Badinter cannot boast of the laurels of the best-selling author. The fact is that she inherited most of her fortune thanks to a large stake in the large French media group Publicis Groupe.

  •  Her fortune in 2019 was estimated at $1,3 billion, making her the richest author of all time, although not thanks to bestsellers.