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Top 5 most successful billionaires



The American branch of Forbes magazine named the names most successful billionaires, for whom 2015 was remembered not by sanctions and import substitution, but by an increase in the share price of their companies.

  •  Here are five business fortune favorites who managed to increase their fortune by several billion dollars.


5. Michael Bloomberg

52h0pqgvThe top 5 most successful rich people are opened by the owner of TV channels, radio stations, and steamboats .... no, Bloomberg doesn't have steamships, but he does have a worldwide computer network of financial news. And all together they brought humble billionaire 5.5 billion dollars. Smaller than other participants in the rating, but also more than enough to mark the year of the Red Monkey so that there is something to remember the remaining 364 days.

4. Sergey Brin

igipqfzfThanks to this Internet entrepreneur and scientist, and his friend Larry Page, we can send each other to "google" to find the answer to any question of interest. The Google search engine has become for many people as an integral part of life as breakfast. Brin made $2015 billion richer in 8.9. He now oversees Google X, a lab designed to flood the world with fantastical inventions such as self-driving cars, Google Glass, and trainable neural networks.

3. Larry Page

ico05xirIn 2015, the founders of Google Inc. announced a change in the structure of their business. They created the Alphabet holding, of which Page became the CEO. The new structure includes several companies, including Google, and its Google X lab, which is engaged in unusual projects, such as drones for delivering goods. The news of the new project was well received by investors, and in August, Google shares rose 4.3%. And in just 2015, Page earned $ 9.2 billion and became one of the the most influential people .

2. Mark Zuckerberg

shdtprcyIn 2005, Facebook celebrated its first "birthday". Then the company was still called TheFacebook and Zuckerberg offered it to the popular social network MySpace for $75 million. MySpace CEO Chris DeWulf backed out of the deal. In 2006, Zuckerberg again made an offer to MySpace, adding a zero to the amount. And got rejected again. And in 2015, the creator of the “face book” earned $11.2 million and could have bought the former main competitor himself.

1. Jeff bezos

aceo12qhtop 3 richest IT businessmen on the planet.

  • The GDP of Burkina Faso, an African country with a population of about 18.4 million people, was $2014 billion in 29.3, according to the IMF.
  • The volume of GDP of Zimbabwe, in which 13 million inhabitants live, is 27.1 billion dollars (for 2014).

Why Zimbabwe, the head of Amazon this year earned enough to buy US presidential candidate Donald Trump 7 times if Forbes correctly calculated the net worth of the flamboyant businessman ($4.1 billion). And launch it into space, as Bezos suggested on his Twitter blog.