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Most anticipated books, release dates



  •  Contrary to skeptical sociologists who claim that reading is disappearing from the life of a modern person, literary novelties are quite popular.

Today we present most anticipated books . Among the novelties are works of different genres – from comics by Chuck Palahniuk to previously unpublished classics by Jerome Salinger.


10 Fight Club 2 Chuck Palahniuk

gv3rxnfzThe exact title of the sequel to Palahniuk's cult novel is still unknown. But it has already been announced that the book will be released in the form of a graphic novel. The plot will focus on the midlife crisis. The publication is scheduled for April 8th.

9. Biography of Beyoncé, Randy Taraborrelli

pg3lw3lmThe first biography of the famous singer will be published by Grand Central Books. The book will be written by Randy Taraborrelli, one of the best contemporary biographers. The American journalist and writer has already presented biographies of such stars as Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Madonna and Elizabeth Taylor to the readers' judgment.

8. The Last and Best of the Peter Pans by Jerome Salinger

dndt4grqA previously unpublished novel by Jerome David Salinger was announced last year by writer biographers David Shields and Shane Salerno. The exact release date of Salinger's book is still unknown.

7. Planet Magnon, Life Randt

1yyqwoxzThe young German writer made his debut in 2009 with Light Theater. This was followed by a second book, The Ghost Glitter of Cobe County. The author was awarded several national German prizes. The Coming Novel is Randt's third book.

6. Blood Oath, Brian McClellan

f4qr0trjMcClellan's books are very popular among English-speaking fantasy fans. In 2015, Russian readers will have a chance to get acquainted with the novel "Blood Oath". If the book sells well, translations of several more works will be ordered.

5. "Dark Apprentice", Christy Golden

s14eclurGolden is one of the authors of the Fate of the Jedi series of books dedicated to the iconic Star Wars. The new novel "Dark Apprentice" will be based on a script that was not filmed. The planned release date for the book is July 2015.

4. Collection of poems, Ian Banks

a5vcgvz1Banks is on the list of the best British authors according to the Times. In 2014, the science fiction writer died of cancer. Banks' friends have put together 50 never-before-published poems that will now be included in a collection slated for release in 2015.

3. Autobiography of Burt Reynolds

mouz1duoThe Hollywood star's popularity peaked in the 1970s. Bert is a two-time Golden Globe and one-time Emmy winner. In his book, the actor plans to talk about relationships in the "dream factory", about the difficult path to the top and about life after fame.

2. "The Beatles: All These Years, Tune In" by Mark Lewisohn

0fvix1fxIt took the author more than 10 years to write this encyclopedia. Lewisohn had unparalleled access to the archives of Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and Starr. The result is the most complete history of the Liverpool Four that took the world by storm. The start of sales of the encyclopedia is scheduled for May.

1. The Winds of Winter by J.R.R. Martin

5rmio2opThe sixth book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series should be the penultimate one. The author has already promised that the story will begin with two big battles – a battle on the ice and a battle in Slaver's Bay. Heroes climb farther and farther into the northern regions, and others reappear in the book. Sequel to Game of Thrones most anticipated book .