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15 places to go for the New Year 2022 inexpensively



  •  December is here and the long winter weekend is getting closer and closer. I would like to spend them in such a way that it would be pleasant for the soul and body, and not too expensive for the wallet. For you, we have selected some of the most interesting options for where to go for the New Year holidays of 2023, ranging from the hot southern seas to the snow-capped mountains of Siberia.

Where to go for the New Year holidays 2022 in the suburbs

5. Base or holiday home

  •  The most expensive accommodation will be in luxury hotels very close to Moscow, but if you want peace, quiet and save money, we advise you to pay attention to recreation centers located 70 km from the capital or further.

  •  Of the options with good reviews on Yandex, one can note the eco-hotel "Emerald Forest 5 *", "Istra Cottage", "Watercolors 4 *", "Snegiri 3 *" and the base for extreme recreation and tank riding "Photon".

  •  You should not expect special frills and entertainment, but there are more than enough cozy rooms, delicious lunches and dinners, walks along the forest edges and other joys of well-established citizens.

4. All-inclusive hotel

  •  In addition to hearty breakfasts, lunches and dinners, large hotels outside the city also offer gym services, swimming in pools, saunas and spa services. Of the winter activities, there are ice skating, ski slopes, as well as children's animators and even small zoos.

  •  Such hotels are often located in the most beautiful corners of the Moscow region, often close to iconic cultural places – so you can combine relaxation with learning new things.

  •  Tripadvisor reviews praise Zvenigorod Park Hotel, Vozdvizhenskoye Park Hotel, and Areal Congress Hotel.

3. Sanatoriums

  •  The Moscow region is famous for its sanatoriums and boarding houses. There are also very budgetary institutions, such as Lake Beloe 3 * or the Polushkino Health Complex, where health programs are basic, but you can eat deliciously, sleep well, go fishing and celebrate the New Year walking through the snowy forest.

  •  There are real temples of health, such as Verba Mayr or "Mistral Hotel and Spa", with spa centers, body cleansing, weight loss and general wellness programs, a variety of baths with therapeutic compounds, physiotherapy and much, much more.

  •  There are also specialized professional treatment centers with diagnostic services, medical consultations and even intensive care units for people recovering from surgeries.

2. Ski resorts

  •  Of course, you should not expect steep slopes in the Sheregesh style, but the ski resorts near Moscow, such as the Lisya Gora ski complex, the Freestyle extreme park, the Krasnaya Gorka ski resort, etc., can offer something. The slopes are well-groomed, brightly lit, the lifts and cable cars are the most modern, equipment rentals and instructors are also present.

  •  Here anyone – both a beginner and an experienced athlete – will find something to do. Great, inexpensive place to go here for New Year 2022 with kids. For children there are group lessons with instructors. Of course, in addition to sports, there are other pleasures for vacationers – baths, swimming pools, cafes and restaurants.

1. Hotel with a New Year's program

  •  Each hotel, inn and camp site is preparing for the New Year to the best of its ability – the options depend both on your preferences and the thickness of your wallet. But if you want to relax with children, then we advise you to choose something grandiose – with music, concerts, circus numbers, ballet, fireworks and, of course, fair festivities.

  •  The cost of such entertainment will be approximately 30 rubles for two (including breakfast and a New Year's banquet). Of the preferred options offering a New Year's program from December 000 to January 31, we note the Ashukino Spa Hotel, the Ershovo Park Hotel and the Tropicana Park country complex.

Where to go for the New Year holidays 2022 at sea

5 Mexico

  •  In January, the beach season in Mexico is in full swing. There are a lot of resorts there for every taste, however, you should have a thicker wallet: one flight across the Atlantic Ocean will cost money.

  •  It is worth counting on an amount of 140 thousand rubles, and if you want five stars and all-inclusive, you will have to pay even more. But to visit the country of the Aztecs, Mayans, tortillas and tequila, you do not need any tests and certificates – just take care of an electronic permit in a few days.

  •  One of the best options for where to go for the New Year holidays of 2023 with children is the Mexican resort of Cancun. Its beaches are famous for their soft and white sand, and the Interactive Oceanarium, Nizuk Park and Mexico City Magico amusement park can be distinguished from entertainment.

  •  And if you want to embark on an exploration of the unknown world outside the beach, then Mexico will not let you down. At the end of December, the most fun is here: Mexicans love Christmas and know how to celebrate in a big way. Carnivals, fairs, processions with statues of saints, scenes from the Bible on the streets ... you won't be bored!

4. Maldives

  •  In January, there are few people in the Maldives, the service is excellent, the nature is amazing, and the hotels are secluded and comfortable. The weather directly whispers that it's time to go to the beach: the water is warm (28 °), the air warms pleasantly, the sun fries with might and main, but does not burn.

  •  If you wish, you can save money by choosing a place that is not the most popular among tourists – for example, the island of Maafushi, where the sun is as gentle and the water is as azure as that of more promoted counterparts. But the prices are lower, and the service is quite a level. For comparison, a trip through a tour operator to a reputable all-inclusive hotel will cost you about 190.

  •  If you get on your own two feet, then a flight from Russia to the country of palm trees and beaches and back will cost about 39. And then, as knowledge of the area and your own wallet will allow you. Well, two days before boarding the plane, you will have to do a PCR test.

3. Sri Lanka

  •  A good place to go abroad on New Year's Eve. Unlike neighboring Thailand, holidays in Sri Lanka are less crowded, the nature is wild and beautiful, there is a lot of surfing and diving, you can find very budget options (which, given the increase in ticket prices for the New Year holidays, looks very attractive).

  •  In winter, it is best to go to the south of the country – from Tangalle to Negombo; it is warm, the sea is calm and there are no monsoons. Popular with tourists are Bentota (peace, peace, luxury hotels with giant recreational areas) and Wadduwa (a more budget option, but with good infrastructure).

  •  As for the coronavirus, the restrictions in Sri Lanka are quite lenient. They accept vaccinated people (the vaccination must be done no later than two weeks before arriving at the border), then you will have to spend a couple of days in a special hotel and take a test. These hotels are of all categories, so staying in them will not be burdensome for the planned budget. After two days, it will be possible to travel freely throughout the country, wherever your heart desires. As for the unvaccinated, the rules are a little stricter here.

  •  You will have to take a PCR test upon arrival and spend two weeks in the sandbox. Both vaccinated and unvaccinated will need to make another online visa (or get it already on the spot, at the airport) and buy corona insurance for $ 12.

2. Dominican Republic

  •  There are many resorts in the tiny Dominican Republic – for any season, budget and tourist hobbies. And, most importantly, neither a visa nor a PCR test is needed when entering the country. The second advantage of this tiny country, lost in the Caribbean, is the weather. You can relax there all year round, but from mid-autumn to mid-spring is the time. The rainy season has died down and for half a year wonderful gentle weather is established with an air temperature of 28-30 °, and water 26-28 °. Why not heaven on earth?

  •  The resort of Boca Chica is especially popular among Russian tourists. It is cheaper, the bay is fenced with reefs, so the water surface is smooth as a mirror, and the entrance to the sea is smooth and almost imperceptible. True, the local Boca Chica is also appreciated, so you will have to have a lot of contact with the Dominican population. And if you want to see people less often, that is, the Samana Peninsula.

1. Thailand

  •  It seems that in 2022, Thailand will become the most popular overseas travel destination for the New Year 2022 by sea. Finally, after a year and a half of fencing, the country of tom pit, elephants and other oriental exotics hospitably opened its borders for tourists.

  •  All the main resorts popular with our compatriots are ready and waiting for waves of Russian (and not only) tourists, and for our compatriots entry is still visa-free. True, in connection with the coronavirus, there is a specificity here.

  •  In short, entry is allowed only to those vaccinated with a recent PCR test, and only Sputnik V is recognized as a vaccine. Then you will have to spend five or seven days in the "blue zone", it is also a "sandbox". But the "sandbox" is not a quarantine within four walls; real resorts are allocated for them, where you can lie on sun loungers on the beach, swim in the sea, go shopping and have fun in every possible way. You can't just travel outside the "sand" province.

  •  In addition, you will have to pay another amount for the “sand” PCR test and after seven days an antigen test – and you can travel around the country, anywhere.

Where to go for 2022 New Year

5. Perm Territory

  •  In winter in Perm, you can admire the snow-covered nature while drinking tea in a cozy tourist house, or you can go in for active recreation. The border between Perm and the Sverdlovsk region is divided by the Ural Mountains, which tourists and locals explore for their own pleasure.

  •  There are ski resorts with a well-developed infrastructure, there are tourist bases from where you can go to explore the world around you on snowmobiles, dog or reindeer sleds, take a steam bath or, finally, just breathe in fresh, clean air for the year ahead.

4. Kemerovo region, Sheregesh

  •  All ski fans know what Sheregesh is. Its main attraction is soft, dry, crumbly snow, which is popularly called "powder". It will be appreciated by both experienced skiers and beginners – it is easy and pleasant to ride it from November to April.

  •  As for the infrastructure, it is developed by five – there are hotels, and renting houses, and all sorts of spa centers for you, and inventory rental points, not to mention the usual bars and restaurants.

  •  Residents of the European part of the country will have to get to Sheregesh in two steps:

  1. first fly to Novokuznetsk,
  2. and then buy plane tickets to the resort.

3. Leningrad region

  •  In winter, St. Petersburg is very popular, but do not forget that the Leningrad region is also a very worthy option. Only Peterhof in snow-white winter attire is a miracle how good it is, and there are not so many people as in summer.

  •  Of the sights, we also recommend visiting the Maryino estate and the Ilya Repin Museum. As for the choice of hostels, hotels and hotels, it is huge – from modern centers of relaxation medicine to traditional and cozy family houses in the forest.

2. Krasnaya Polyana

  •  Where to go in the Krasnodar Territory for the New Year 2022? Of course, Krasnaya Polyana. One of the favorite places for Russian tourists – both sports lovers and those who want to walk a branded ski suit, see people and show themselves. The resort itself was built with an eye on Courchevel and achieved its goal – now it is an extensive network of hotels, cafes, restaurants, spa centers with entertainment for every taste and budget.

  •  You can go down skiing with a breeze on excellently groomed slopes, swim in outdoor pools, go on excursions along the snow-covered mountain slopes on dog sleds and, of course, just walk along the streets intricately decorated for the New Year.

1. Kaliningrad

  •  The best place to go in winter 2023. A fabulous city, as if descended from the pages of the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm – the German past of Kaliningrad is still visible to the naked eye. The second plus of the city is the mild climate (usually from 0 to +10°), so even in winter you can safely wander around the city and see the sights.

  •  Among the city's most popular attractions are the Brandenburg Gate, the Cathedral, the Fish Village, the Museum of the World Ocean, the Marzipan Museum and the B-413 Submarine Museum.

  •  You can stay both in the city itself and in many sanatoriums and boarding houses on the Baltic coast, or even rent an entire spa center with family and friends.