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The most comfortable prisons in the world



  •  When you think about prison, I bet that images of iron bars, dark corridors, poor quality food and an atmosphere of horror dominate your thoughts. After all, a prison is a place that you want to leave as soon as possible and never come back. Is it true? Not when it comes to the most comfortable prisons in the world. They are more like a resort for a homebody misanthrope.

10. Otago Penal Colony, New Zealand

Otago Penal Colony

  •  The top 10 most comfortable prisons in the world are opened by the New Zealand Otago, which provides its inhabitants with cozy cells and attaches great importance to rehabilitation through advanced training.

  •  Through light engineering, dairy farming and cooking classes, Otago is committed to effectively engaging inmates in meaningful activities that they can benefit from on the outside.

9. Comfortable prison Sollentuna, Sweden

Comfortable Sollentuna Prison

  •  Sweden is going through an interesting time when it has to close prisons due to a shortage of prisoners. The money saved is used to prevent and reduce crime.

  •  Sollentuna Prison is very revealing in this regard. There is a fully equipped gym, and inmates can cook their own meals and enjoy it on the couch while watching TV. It is like living at home, but it is still a prison, which means that you cannot leave here at will. But the "rooms" are very good, so some prisoners may not want to leave!

8 Halden Prison, Norway

Halden Prison

  •  Norway is known for its humane justice system, which includes respect even for criminals and respect for basic human rights. Not surprisingly, Halden Prison, which holds over 250 prisoners, follows the same principle.

  •  Each prisoner in the cell has designer furniture, a TV set, large windows without bars, and a refrigerator. The guards don't even carry weapons because it creates a hostile environment. The purpose of the prison is to rehabilitate people during their detention and, if possible, to make them more useful members of society after their release.

7 Addywell Prison, Scotland

Addywell Prison

  •  This is the most expensive and comfortable Scottish prison. However, it has become expensive not because the prisoners pay for luxurious cells, but because of the construction costs (130 million pounds).

  •  Addywell is a little different from other prisons because it is meant for "learning". This means that prisoners go through a rehabilitation program in order to understand the mistakes that led them down the slippery slope of breaking the law.

  •  The prison is immaculately clean, and the cells are more like an IKEA storefront, with modern decor and furniture, which makes life more comfortable for prisoners.

6Aranjuez Prison, Spain

Aranjuez prison

  •  Number six on our list of the most luxurious and expensive prisons in the world is Aranjuez Prison. Usually, if a woman gives birth while serving a prison term, the child is given to her family members or even to a foster family. But Aranjuez is the only prison that has cells equipped with cribs and Disney characters on the walls. In fact, a child can stay with his mother in prison for up to three years.

  •  In this way, close contact is established between the mother and her child, and the child has peers with whom he or she can play on the playground.

5Fuhlsbüttel Prison, Germany

Fulsbüttel Prison

  •  The German Fulsbüttel is more like a fairy tale than a prison. In appearance, it is very similar to a castle, and the prisoners who are serving a long term have a rather quiet life.

  •  They have access to washing machines and dryers and live in comfortable cells with a bed, a desk and a separate shower. The inmates even have a living room! Their "rooms" are more like college dorms.

4. Prison Champ-Dollon, Switzerland

Champ-Dollon Prison

Switzerland is one of most prosperous countries in the world, and even serving a sentence here may seem like a vacation, especially compared to the worst prisons in the world.

  •  The Champ-Dollon Prison, located in Geneva, Switzerland, has undergone a $40 million renovation. There were problems with unrest, disease and overcrowding. Plus, the institution received bad reviews from the Committee of the Council of Europe on Combating Torture.

  •  Now the prison has a new wing with triple cells, each with a private bathroom and beautiful linens.

3 Luxurious Leoben Prison, Austria

Luxurious prison LeobenThe prison is designed for 205 places. The high-tech prison building was designed by the famous architect Joseph Hohenzim. In the courtyard there is a garden with tennis tables and a horse farm, the building has a gym, a library.

2. Federal Correctional Institution Butner, USA

Federal Correctional Institution ButnerThe men's prison is designed for 3600 prisoners. Among the famous "guests" of the prison are the founder of the largest financial pyramid, Bernard Madoff, John Hinckley, who attempted to assassinate Reagan, and leaders of large companies convicted of economic crimes. Cable TV has been installed in the cells, and there are centers for medical and psychological assistance on the territory.

1. Five-star prison Bastoy, Norway

Bastoy five-star prisonThe comfortable establishment with 115 places is the first green prison in the world. Here, electricity is obtained from solar panels, garbage is sorted, and fruits and vegetables are grown on its territory. All prisoners are involved in the maintenance of the prison, so maintenance is inexpensive. Convicts are allowed to swim in the sea and take horseback rides.