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Philips Xenium E2301: the perfect companion for outdoor activities

Philips Xenium E2301


  •  Fans of hunting, fishing and hiking face several difficulties in nature at once. Due to the lack of access to electricity, it is important that the mobile phone has a high autonomy – otherwise there is a great risk of being left without communication. In addition, it is necessary that the device is durable and can survive a fall or moisture. Philips Xenium E2301 combines both of these characteristics. Read more in the review.

Contents of delivery

IMG_0826No surprises here:

  • phone,
  • removable battery,
  • mains charger,
  • Micro-USB cable.

  •  In general, the usual set for a push-button device.


IMG_0825The model weighs quite impressively for its class – 153 g. It's understandable: the case is reinforced, made of thick plastic with additional reinforcement in the corners. All to ensure that incidents in nature do not cause damage. Of course, the device will not survive a fall from a cliff, but falling out of a backpack pocket or getting small splashes is easy. The dimensions of the device are quite standard: 142 * 59,7 * 18 mm – a little more than average.

  •  Philips Xenium E2301 comes in two colors: dark gray and green. The edition turned out to be a gray phone.

  •  The control and dial keys are separated from each other, it is convenient to use them.


IMG_0822This is the strength of the entire Xenium line in general (by the way, it got its name from the energy-saving technology of the same name), and since the E2301 is made with an emphasis on fans of outdoor activities away from civilization, the model was equipped with a 3000 mAh battery. Due to this, the phone will easily live for more than two days in talk mode and more than a month in standby mode – you don’t have to worry that you will be left without communication in the forest, even if the trip drags on for several weeks.

  •  For convenience, the device is additionally equipped with a USB-A connector and can be used as a portable charger for other gadgets.


IMG_0821Everything is good here too. The screen of the model has a diagonal of 2,8” – perhaps the largest indicator among push-button devices – and a resolution of 320*240. The text is read well, but you should not expect more from a regular dialer. The brightness is adjustable in the settings – with the maximum value set, you can use the phone even in the sun. In the settings, you can choose your image for the desktop background – Philips Xenium E2301 has support for microSD memory cards.

Camera, flashlight, SIM card support

IMG_0827The camera in the model is more nominally available: at 0,3 megapixels it is hardly possible to take a highly artistic picture, but users of such devices do not buy them as a replacement for a camera.

  •  And from the convenience for outdoor enthusiasts – a bright flashlight located on the top of the phone. It will definitely come in handy in the forest, especially considering that the phone is usually at hand.

  •  In order not to leave the user without a connection, the engineers equipped the model with two slots for SIM cards. So you can combine tariffs from different operators: they have different coverage farther from settlements.

  •  Additional features include FM radio and MP3 player.


  • Large battery and power bank function
  • Fortified Corps
  • bright flashlight
  • Weak camera