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Philips Xenium E227: more than a "grandmother's phone"



  •  Typically, phones that are designed for the elderly do not stand out in terms of design: the main thing is that the screen is bright and the buttons are deliberately large. Appearance is secondary. But with Philips Xenium E227 – a novelty in the Russian market – everything is different. We will talk about all the features of the model and several unexpected use cases in the review.

What is in the box?

P1070467I would like to say that the delivery package is quite standard: in addition to the phone, there is a removable battery, a network adapter, a microUSB cable, instructions and a warranty card.

  •  But that's not all. The buyer will also find a docking station in the box that can be used for charging instead of a wire. It looks like the base of a stationary home phone (DECT phone), Philips Xenium E227 is connected to it using pin connectors and is held very tightly. It is the docking station that makes it possible to use the mobile in different qualities – we will talk about this later.

IMG_5793The phone itself has the usual weight for a pushbutton – 119 g – and quite comfortable dimensions for use – 142,3 * 56 * 15,7 mm. In general, both in the pocket of pants or jacket, and in the bag, the device will definitely not interfere and will remind you of itself only with the sound of a ringtone when an incoming call.


P1070473The body of the phone is made of high-quality plastic: the panel with numbers imitates chrome-plated steel, and the back is completely matte. Due to this, the device feels in the hand, if not like a premium, then exactly like a classic device. In addition to black, there are also red and blue options for those who like to stand out.

  •  It is comfortable to hold in your hand, it does not slip out of your hands and does not feel too small – the elderly will definitely like it.

  •  Of the features that distinguish the Philips Xenium E227 from the mass of "grandmother's phones", the keys of the model are located close to each other. Due to their size and the presence of backlighting, there will be no problems with use, but for people of advanced age and / or with vision problems, it is better to choose options with separated buttons.

  •  The tactile keyboard is comfortable to use: the key travel and clicks from pressing are pleasant, and the joystick control for navigation is mastered intuitively.


P1070478The display parameters of the model compared to other mobile phones are quite outstanding: the screen has a diagonal of 2,8 ″ – one of the largest among the push-buttons – and a resolution of 240 by 320 pixels. The brightness and quality of the picture also do not raise questions. The text is large and easy to read, which is especially important for older people, and the phone can be used even in the sun.

  •  In the phone settings, you can adjust the screen brightness and change the desktop background. Since Philips Xenium E227 supports microSD memory cards, you can choose your own image.


P1070482It's definitely not worth waiting for records here. The model has a camera module with a resolution of 0,3 megapixels – a standard indicator for push-button phones.

  •  Of course, it is unlikely to make a bright, juicy and detailed picture, but such mobile phones are not bought for such purposes. But to photograph ads or the title of the book is quite possible.

  •  In other words, taking into account the price and class of the device, the camera is quite ordinary and gives a normal result.


P1070483The Xenium line from Philips is famous for its battery life. And it even inherited its name from energy-saving technology – in fact, Xenium. It optimizes device settings and helps you get the most out of your battery – Philips Xenium E227 is equipped with a 1700 mAh battery.

  •  Thus, the phone without recharging will work a little less than a day in talk mode and up to 25 days in standby mode. Smartphones never dreamed of such a thing.

  •  At home, the device can be kept on the docking station all the time: so it will never be discharged. Plus, the phone is always in its place.

P1070480And you can take a microUSB cable when you travel. Although if you forget it, there will be no problems: the connector is so popular that almost everyone can find the wire, and you can buy it in almost any grocery store.

For whom?

  •  There are two answers to this question: the obvious and the non-obvious.

  •  Evident. For the elderly or their relatives who want to make a gift for mom-dad-grandfather. In addition to ergonomic features such as a large screen and large keys, the phone has another feature that is quite typical for “grandmother phones” – the SOS button. This is a physical button on the rear panel, pressing which automatically makes a call or sends an SMS to a pre-selected number. Its presence allows relatives to worry a little less about the safety of the owner.

  •  Non-obvious. Due to the docking station and support for two SIM cards, Philips Xenium E227 will easily become a replacement for a landline phone at home, in the country or in the office. We can say that this model is 2 in 1. If necessary, you can put it in your pocket or bag and go on business. And during the working day or just being at home, the phone takes its place on the docking station and waits for incoming calls.

  •  An obvious use case immediately comes to mind: the device is suitable for a small business, when it is important for an entrepreneur to stay connected both at home and in a small office. Interfering with personal calls and contacts with workers inside one phone is not very convenient, and here Philips Xenium E227 comes to the rescue.


  •  "Grandmother's phone", a phone at the reception, a second mobile – Philips Xenium E227 is truly universal. Its characteristics: a large screen, convenient buttons, impressive autonomy, support for two SIM cards and the presence of a docking station allow the model to solve maximum problems. At a price of 3 rubles, this is an excellent offer.