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Overview of the Morphy Richards 502000 Premium Plus Bread Maker



  •  On the eve of the bright holiday of Easter, we decided to prepare a review of the Morphy Richards Premium Plus 502000 bread machine, since this model is able to bake not only classic bread, muffins and jams, but also offers several programs suitable for baking Easter cakes.

Specifications and equipment

Baking weight 450 gr, 670 gr, 900 gr
Built-in dispenser yes, automatic
Number of programs 19
Number of baking levels 5
Housing material Stainless steel, eco-friendly BPA plastic
Blade material Duralumin
Material of the bowl Aluminum alloy with non-stick coating
Power 600 W
Heating Yes
backlight Yes
Viewing window Yes
Turn-on delay timer 12 hours
dimensions 38 x 35 x 30 cm
Dimensions in packing X x 42,8 38,4 33,2 cm
The weight 6.8 kg
Shipping Weight 7.6 kg

  •  The bread maker comes in a cardboard box with all the basic information printed on it.

The bread maker comes in a cardboard box.

  •  Inside we are waiting for the following equipment:

  • Bread maker, with removable bowl and paddle, dispenser
  • Measuring cups (2 pcs)
  • Measuring spoons (2 pcs.)
  • Instructions
  • Recipe app.

measuring utensils

Design and features

  •  The metal case looks stylish, the black plastic inserts are strict, the touch controls are modern.

  •  Black inserts are made of BPA plastic, which is safe and does not emit any harmful substances when heated. The first launch showed that the manufacturer did not deceive – there was no unpleasant smell, which was a pleasant surprise.

DesignThe stainless steel case appears to be quite durable. We did not check with a nail, we decided to leave this moment for operation, which, as practice shows, can be very active.

  •  On the top cover there is a viewing window to control the cooking process, and a special dispenser for toppings (nuts, raisins, etc.). It is a box with an opening bottom. It is quite convenient to wash it, there are no hard-to-reach and poorly washed places. It works interestingly – the bottom opens smoothly for even distribution of the filling. You will not get such that all the stuffing in one place. Great solution!

Filling dispenser

  •  Touch buttons – they, unlike conventional convex ones, will not need to be constantly washed with a brush and special equipment. Which is a huge plus for kitchen appliances. The top cover has a viewing window.

  •  The display is bright enough, the characters are clear. It is almost impossible to get confused: you choose a program, there are already 19 of them, then the weight of the product is 450, 680 or 900 gr, this is indicated on the display by the loaf icon – small, medium and large (lower left corner). Next, we choose the color of the crust, there are as many as 5 options for the intensity of roasting – light, light, medium, dark and very dark degree, indicated by stripes on the loaf. And finally, the launch of the program by holding the "start" button and turning on the "waiting for hot bread" mode.

  •  Special thanks to the manufacturer for the backlight button – it is convenient to turn on the lamp and check through the viewing window whether everything is in order in the bowl. We can say that this is a kind of entertainment, spying on the process.


  •  The removable non-stick bowl is made of aluminum, so it is lightweight and nothing sticks to the coating, no matter what product you are cooking. The handle is strong and easy to put on and take off. In more often there is a metal kneading blade, it is rotating. The blade is made of their duralumin, has a smooth non-stick surface, kneads the dough very well. And its main feature is that it folds during baking, i.e. it often stays in the bowl and not in the bread! The possibility of damaging the blade with a knife when cutting freshly baked bread is practically reduced to zero. And even if the blade remains inside the loaf, it is very easy to remove it.

Baking programs

3 easy stepsThey need a separate paragraph, because. the main baking programs, as I said earlier, as many as 19 pieces! 19 Carl! And as many as 40 different recipes in the instructions. No fitness center will help if you decide to try them all. Only next summer can wait for you prepared for it!

  1. white or brown bread
  2. whole grain (whole ground)
  3. sweet
  4. sandwich
  5. French with crispy crust
  6. dough
  7. jam and marmalade
  8. baking mixes
  9. special for bread mixtures
  10. gluten free
  11. quick baking I (own recipe)
  12. quick baking II (own original program)
  13. extra baking
  14. Pizza dough
  15. express
  16. home I
  17. home II
  18. keks
  19. dessert.

  •  Everyone will find their favorite recipe or be able to bake bread according to their own recipe using the "homemade" programs. It will not work to remain indifferent.

  •  For lovers of fresh bread for breakfast, there is a delayed start up to 12 hours. Just remember that you should not use milk in the recipe, because. it can go bad and sour rather than fragrant bread awaits you. And for those who, on the contrary, do not like to wait, there are express programs with bread baking in 70-85 minutes. There is also a temperature maintenance or heating of pastries after cooking.


  •  The process of preparing ingredients is simplified to the maximum. In the Morphy Richards 502000 bread machine, the recipes do not indicate grams, as we have all been used to for a long time, but the measuring cups and spoons that come with the kit. Thus, you do not need to buy a kitchen scale, saving the family budget. And, for me personally, it turned out to be very convenient and fast.

We tried French bread first. The recipe is simple: water, vegetable oil, salt, sugar, flour and yeast. The main thing is to follow the sequence – it goes in the same order as the recipe is written. The first ingredient is what you put in the bowl first. It is advisable to do this outside the bread machine itself in order to avoid ingredients getting on the heating elements and causing it to fail.

The result pleased us: the bread was soft and crispy, well springy. And it’s not worth talking about the aroma in the process – it created such warmth and comfort in the house. All the households barely waited for the cherished signals about the end of the baking process. A loaf of French bread was eaten with butter and jam in one tea party.

Then we decided to try the wholemeal bread recipe.. It turned out tender, structured and also very fragrant. Such bread came to lovers of dark bread or bread with bran. Was eaten in 2 teas. Test drive successful, let's move on.

Next, a recipe was chosen for sweet bread with raisins, an analogue of Easter cake, because very soon there will be a feast of Easter. In this recipe, we just saw the process of the dispenser. He spread the filling slowly and evenly. The cake itself turned out to be airy, perfectly holding its shape (when pressed, it quickly returned to its original state), nutmeg and cinnamon gave it a holiday flavor. It didn’t taste like bread or cake at all, it was just Easter cake. This is incredibly convenient, because all that remains for you to do is decorate the top of the baking with a festive white hat with sprinkles. Worry that the dough will not rise or that the taste will not be what you expect, now you do not have to Morphy Richards 502000 bread machine to make the cake for you!

Sweet bread with fillingWe also tried the option of making dough for Easter cake in a bread machine. The dough turned out very good, airy, well risen. However, we made a mistake, because read the recipe inattentively, and put the raisins in the dispenser, but it was necessary immediately when laying the ingredients. Therefore, we had to mix raisins into the dough that had already risen, which increased its density, depriving it of airiness. But we learn from mistakes, henceforth we will read the recipe more carefully. After that, we baked the cake in a conventional oven, it turned out to be gorgeous, the dough still rose, the texture was, although a little dense, but this did not greatly affect the taste.

  •  Of course, it is important in all recipes to find the right yeast and flour. But this applies to any baking, not just a bread machine.


  •  During operation, only one interesting nuance was discovered – at the end of the baking process, the bowl sometimes turns to the REMOVE position, and not LOOK. Initially, this fact confused me, but then, when I began to use the bread machine more often, this feature even seemed convenient, because there is no need to twist the hot bowl with effort in the hot case, it is easy to get.


  •  By the way, we specially kept the Easter cake at room temperature, covering it only with a thin towel for 24 hours, and it did not get stale. Only the cut dried up, which in itself is natural.

  •  The overall impression of the bread machine is definitely good. The recipes are simple, the ingredients are available, the loading is simple, clean, easy, she does everything herself. A 2-year warranty is an important argument in favor of buying this particular bread machine. For the happiness of the hostess, nothing more is needed!

The cost of the bread machine at the time of writing the review is 14 rubles. You can buy it in large online online stores or on the official website at a discount of 13%.

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