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Amazfit Bip U Pro review – smartwatch with up-to-date functionality

Amazfit Bip U Pro review


  •  Today in our review we will talk about the Amazfit Bip U Pro smartwatch from the Chinese manufacturer Huami Technology. We will identify all the pros and cons, check the relevance and quality of the indicators of all sensors, the completeness of functions, autonomy.

Contents of delivery

Amazfit Bip U ProThe Amazfit Bip U Pro box is made in the corporate style of the company. White packaging with iridescent lettering on the front and life size image of the watch. Brief technical specifications are placed on the sides and on the back. Inside, the watch is compactly packed in a white, cardboard lodgment. Separate closed compartments are provided for the charging cable and documentation.

  •  What is inside:

  • The watch itself
  • Charging USB cable
  • Documentation

Specifications Amazfit Bip U Pro

Size X x 40,9 35,5 11,4 mm
The weight 31g (with strap)
Housing material Polycarbonate
Strap material silicone rubber
Strap length 118 mm (long version), 76 mm (short version)
Band Width 20 mm
impermeability 5 ATM
Display 1,43" full color TFT, 320 x 302 resolution
Touch screen 2.5D glass + oleophobic coating
SENSORS BioTracker™ 2 PPG biological optical sensor, acceleration sensor, gyro sensor
Microphone There is
communication GPS, Bluetooth, BLE 5.0
Battery 230 mAh lithium-ion polymer battery (typical)
Charging time About 2 hours
Charging method Stand / 2-pin POGO contact
Battery life About 9 days
Operating systems RTOS extension
Supported devices Android 5.0 or iOS 10.0 and above
Accessories Stand User Manual
application Zepp

Body materials

Case Amazfit Bip U ProThe case of Amazfit Bip U Pro is entirely made of high-quality and pleasant to the touch plastic. The manufacturer offers a choice of 3 colors: black, pink and turquoise. Moreover, not only the strap and case, but also the side button will be painted in the selected tone.

  •  On the back side, you can see heart rate and blood oxygen sensors, charging contacts, information about the model, and fastening levers on the straps near the loops.

Sensors on the back

  •  The side button performs the function of "Home" and "Back", which makes it easier to use the device. There is also a microphone hole on the case, which is necessary for interacting with the Alexa voice assistant, but this function is currently not available for Russia.

  •  The weight of the watch with the strap is only 31 grams – this is an indisputable advantage, since the watch is practically weightless and does not cause discomfort when worn.

  •  The Amazfit Bip U Pro watch has a WR50 (5 ATM) water and dust resistance rating, which means water resistance to a depth of 50 meters, which also confirms one of the training modes – swimming.

  •  There is also built-in GPS and GLONASS, which clearly track the path of movement during training.


ScreenThe Amazfit Bip U Pro display is made in the form of a rectangle with rounded edges, covered with scratch-resistant glass. There is a special oleophobic (grease-repellent) coating on the outer surface of the screen, so fingerprints are removed much easier and appear at a slower rate than in the case of ordinary glass. Judging by the reflection of objects, the anti-glare properties of the screen are quite good.

  •  The screen diagonal is 1,43", with a resolution of 320 × 302 pixels. Slight rounding of the glass edges (2.5D) is present, but minimal. When viewed from the side, it is barely noticeable. The screen does not occupy the entire front of the watch, the Amazfit logo remained in place. The rendering quality of the interface, text and watch faces provides excellent visual display, thanks to which all incoming calls, messages and reminders become extremely clear.

  •  The screen of the watch is dark, in this regard, the watch copes well with the summer sun, even small information will be easy to read. Unless in direct sunlight it can be difficult. At night, it is better to use the minimum brightness settings, since the screen brightness is quite high and can interfere with sleep at night. Therefore, you can turn on the maximum brightness only on the sunniest days. And in all cases, this will have to be done manually, this model does not have an auto-brightness function.

Strap Amazfit Bip U ProThe Amazfit Bip U Pro uses a classic watch concept: a clasp and a trench coat. The standard strap is made of silicone, removable, sufficiently elastic and soft. The fastening and size of the straps is 20 mm, which allows you to replace them with various models, of which there are a large number on sale today. There was no discomfort during daily use, during swimming, or during sleep.


app ZeppTo work with this watch model, you need to install the Zepp app, which is compatible with iOS and Android. Synchronization with a smartphone takes place via Bluetooth 5.0. The application, in addition to the standard tracking of daily activity, sleep, PAI and women's cycles, allows you to customize the watch interface to suit your needs. This is where the dials change. You can choose from 65 different options, from arrows and digital, to cartoonish and futuristic. To download the application, the first time you start the watch, a QR code with a link to the application is displayed on the screen. Very comfortably. Installation takes a couple of minutes. The application is simple, all tabs are informative and clear.

  •  The main functions of the Zepp application are the display of notifications, control of music playback on a smartphone, sleep and heart rate tracking. All notifications arrive promptly, the Cyrillic alphabet is displayed correctly. But if the message is long and does not fit on one screen, it cannot be opened in its entirety, which is a minus.

  •  In addition, Amazfit Bip U Pro can be connected to Strava. This is not just an activity tracking app, but literally a social network for athletes. All your routes – running or cycling – get here automatically and are compared with other people. However, in the application, the watch is marked under a different name – Huami Amazfit Pace.

Functionality and testing

  •  In terms of functionality, from the common with analogues, one can note a pedometer, calorie counting, heart rate, sleep tracking, notifications, workouts, an alarm clock, music and camera control on the phone, a timer, a stopwatch, and more. Among the distinctive features of the Amazfit Bip U Pro watch are SpO2 and stress levels, breathing exercises, cycle tracking (a handy app for beautiful ladies), Pomodoro Tracker and a compass.

Clock face

  •  Swiping down shows the connection with the smartphone, the charge level, date and time. You can also set the Do Not Disturb mode, turn on the alarm, adjust the display brightness level (four levels), call up the settings. To view the time, you need to wave your wrist, or press the side button.

Purpose of activities

  •  Here you yourself indicate what activity you would like to achieve every day, namely how many steps you want to take daily, how many calories to burn, what weight you want to achieve.


  •  More than 60 sports modes and high-precision GPS navigation: walking or running sports (3 types), cycling (3 types), indoor sports (15 types), outdoor sports (5 types), swimming (2 types), winter sports (3 types), ball sports (11 types), dancing (7 types), boxing/martial arts (10 types) and other sports (3 types). Everyone will find something for their occupation. There are even such trainings as archery and fishing (for which special thanks to the manufacturer), but at the same time there is no skiing in the watch, but there is snowboarding and skating, which for some may be a minus. When exercising outside the gym, the built-in GPS is turned on. In most cases, tracking is limited to measuring the pulse. In the case of walking, running and cycling, the watch tracks movements using GPS. When the signal is lost, the training is paused, after recovery it automatically resumes.


  •  There is nothing unusual here, you get information about the weather conditions for today and the next week. Convenient and informative. The weather widget on the watch only updates when paired with a phone.

Heart rate

Heart rateIn the current pandemic time, heart rate and SpO2 measurements are important indicators for many people. Comparison of heart rate measurements was carried out with an Omron tonometer. The Amazfit Bip U Pro watch made the measurement faster than the blood pressure monitor and showed absolute accuracy in terms of performance. You choose how often the watch will measure this indicator – at your request or around the clock.

Blood oxygen level

  •  Regarding the SpO2 measurement function, I would like to note that the smartwatch is equipped with a recently updated BioTrackerTM 2 biological optical sensor that measures blood oxygen saturation. If you are feeling unwell, under emotional stress, exercising intensely, you can immediately measure your blood oxygen saturation and understand your physical condition. But, unfortunately, we cannot say that the results are completely plausible. In this case, with a difference of 30 minutes, we got the following values: 97%, 92% and 95%. At the norm – 95% – 98%. Note that 100% is, in principle, an unlikely result, but 95% for a healthy person is also.


StressThe smartwatch measures your stress levels based on your heart rate and your breathing. If suddenly your indicator is average or high, they will offer you to perform breathing exercises in order to calm down, or, on the contrary, to perform physical exercises to slightly invigorate the body.

PAI™ Health Assessment System

  •  It is a health assessment system that uses algorithms to convert complex information such as heart rate data, active time and other health data into digital values and presents this data to the user. The functionality of PAI is not limited to time, place or activity. In addition, it creates a personalized system for scoring user activity based on their unique data, so that everyone gets their own individual results.

  •  The HUNT Fitness Study has shown that people who consistently maintain a PAI above 100 are less likely to develop hypertension, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. In general, a good “kick” to maintain your health.

Sleep monitoring

Sleep monitoringThis watch can track sleep. In the Zepp app, you can find a detailed description of the stages of sleep, various tips for improving sleep, and detailed statistics. The watch accurately tracks your sleep phases, including deep sleep, light sleep and REM sleep, awake time, and daytime naps, and interprets the corresponding characteristics to provide an assessment of sleep quality and data on possible improvement.

Music control

  •  Controlling music from the watch turned out to be quite a convenient option, as well as controlling the camera of a smartphone. You can quickly switch the track, add or decrease the volume, pause, take a picture and there is no need to take the phone in hand. These features work on both iOS and Android.


Autonomy Amazfit Bip U ProThe autonomy of the watch was tested for 7 (seven) days. The brightness was set to maximum, heart rate was measured every 30 minutes, training, all activity, sleep and breathing monitoring and tests were carried out simultaneously. As a result, we can say that the watch consumes an average of 10-12% of the charge per day.

  •  The manufacturer promises up to 9 days of battery life with “normal use” and 5 days with “active”. In reality, "heavy use" simply means default use, i.e. with automatic heart rate tracking, receiving notifications and other options. If you use workouts, obviously, the watch will work even less.

  •  I think one of the main reasons for a fast discharge is in a color, fairly bright screen, which is much more voracious than a transreflective one.

  •  In general, the Bip U Pro is not for those users who strive for maximum battery life, although we cannot say that they are completely bad in this regard.


  •  From all of the above, we can conclude that the Amazfit Bip U Pro is almost an ideal smartwatch in terms of training and health indicators for the price / quality, but not very tenacious in terms of charge.

  •  Amazfit Bip U Pro in training modes benefit greatly due to the presence of a GPS module.

  •  The screen is very bright, viewing angles are good. I wear it with minimal illumination, no complaints. But in sunny weather, you will most likely have to add backlighting. It's a bit dim in the sun at minimum. The only thing you can notice when looking at the watch is that the glass is slightly convex and can be damaged when it collides with obstacles. Hope the tempered glass holds up. Well, or hydrogel films or covers will come to the rescue.

  •  The watch responds instantly to touch. The oleophobic coating is good, tactilely pleasant, the traces are removed well, no scratches appeared in a week of operation.

  •  The settings are clear, the pairing with the phone is good, but the first days were really a problem – they fell off periodically, but it passed after updating the watch firmware.

  •  Messages and calls on the watch are displayed promptly, according to the selected settings.

  •  Magnetic charging is very convenient, it takes about 2 hours to charge. If you turn off all sensors and use the smart watch as a watch, then the charge will most likely last for 15 days.

  •  The watch can track location separately from the smartphone. The GPS sensor works quite accurately, as in principle, all sensors.

  •  I really liked the music and camera control from the watch. The alarm clock can be set on the watch itself, it is not necessary to use the application for this. Also on the watch itself, you can set the notification schedule, set the “do not disturb” mode.

  •  Perhaps someone will not like that there is no automatic activity detection, training has to be started manually. But this is not difficult at all, you just need to hold the side button and then select the type of training you need.

  •  Girls will appreciate the built-in cycle tracking app. Simple and clear, it predicts the cycle by indicating the fertility window, the day of the expected ovulation. You can also write down the symptoms here. The data is available only on the watch and is not synced with the smartphone.

  •  Another feature that the fair sex will appreciate is the Find My Phone feature. Because in the bowels of their beautiful handbags and the wind in their heads, the “loss” of the phone happens several times a day.

The indisputable advantage is the price of the device – only 4 rubles per .

Pros and consuniversal design;variety of body colors;interface adapted for a small display;full-fledged moisture protection 5 ATM;wide health monitoring;built-in GPS in the advanced version;stable operation of the Zepp companion.small autonomy;vibration motor is very rattling, which causes slight discomfort and creates toy" hours. unfinished Russification (day of the week on the main screen in English); lack of automatic brightness.