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Where to go for May holidays 2021



Despite all the viruses of the world, the tourism industry is alive. Borders between countries are gradually opening, air traffic is being established, and tourists are beginning to leaf through guidebooks – where to go for the may holidays in 2021?

  •  Especially for you, we have selected 18 of the most interesting destinations, where everyone will find something to their taste.

Where to go on May holidays

  •  In May, 19 working days and 12 days off, including holidays (May 1,2,3 and 8,9,10). You can spend these days in different ways, since there are many options for where to go on vacation in May.

3. Journey through the Altai Mountains

Journey through the Altai Mountains

  • When: 3 May
  • Where: Altai
  • Cost: from 26 500 rub. per person
  • Can be ordered:

  •  Altai is a very beautiful place; rocks, pine trees and many lakes beckon you to immerse yourself in the fragrance of the forest and forget about civilization. It is no wonder that this area is so popular with tourists, especially outdoor enthusiasts.

  •  Those who wish can go on foot walks to the foot of Belukha – the highest and most beautiful mountain of Altai, or to the unique Alla-Askyr lake, the water of which has a beautiful aquamarine color. And you can float in a whirlwind of spray along three rivers (Chuya – Katun – Ursul) on catamarans.

  •  Let's add here all the joys of camp life: dinner with songs by the fire, a forest bath, and clean air, full of aromas of pine needles and flowers that have just begun to bloom. Do not forget to dress warmly and take a well-insulated sleeping bag with you – although it is May, it still freezes at night.

2. Crimea


  • When: with 1 on 5 yeast
  • Where: Simferopol
  • Cost: 47 800 for two people
  • Can be ordered:

  •  Crimea has long been a popular holiday destination, first of the Russian Empire, then the USSR, and now the Russian Federation. The Black Sea, pebble beaches stretching for many kilometers, mountains, the smell of wormwood heated in the sun, secluded quiet bays and the Swallow's Nest – all this is close and dear to the heart of a post-Soviet person.

  •  But not only beach holidays and excursions attract the peninsula, there you can still have a very tasty drink, snack and taste a variety of seafood dishes. Therefore, wine and gastronomic tours to the Crimea are so popular. And since not every person can manage to eat and drink continuously for several days, usually such tours are diluted with excursions and visits to famous places.

1. Golden Ring of Russia

gold ring of Russia

  • When: with 1 on 5 yeast
  • Where: Moscow, Sergiev Posad, Aleksandrov, Uglich, Yaroslavl, Kostroma
  • Cost: from 20 850 rub.
  • Can be ordered:

  •  One of the most popular May holiday destinations is the Golden Ring. It includes 8 ancient cities, with the most beautiful monuments of ancient architecture and a lot of evidence of how our distant ancestors lived.

  •  Spiritual food – visiting sights – can be combined with bodily food, which is in abundance in the ancient cities of Russia. Kostroma cheeses, Yaroslavl donuts, Suzdal mead and much, much more – all this amuses the heart of a weary traveler and adds strength and good spirits.

May holidays at sea

  •  In the first half of May, in many countries of the Mediterranean coast, the tourist season is only gaining momentum. And if the air temperature is already more than comfortable for the body, then the sea is still a bit cold. In the countries of Southwest Asia, the rainy season begins, high humidity and rough waves are not very suitable for lying on the beach. But you can still find places where to go to the sea in May.

3. Turkey

restricts air traffic with Turkey from April 15 to June 1.


  • When: 1-8 May
  • Where: Istanbul, Ankara
  • Cost: from 45 000 rub. per person
  • Can be ordered:

  •  In May, tourists in Turkey expanse is not yet so hot that the weather has beaten off any desire to admire the sights, but in the south of the country the sea has more or less warmed up to a pleasant temperature.

  •  May holiday in Turkey has other advantages. The season is just beginning, so you won’t find prices for vacations in hotels that cause a convulsive sigh of horror. Plus, beach holidays can be combined with excursions. Turkey is a country with an ancient history, there is something to see there – from ancient ancient cities to medieval fortresses.

2. Thailand


  • When: with 1 on 8 yeast
  • Where: about. Phuket
  • Cost: 57 000 rub. for one person
  • Can be ordered:

  •  In May, the rainy season begins in Thailand, and the sea is worried under the pressure of the wind. Why then did we put Thailand on the list of the best May beach destinations? Because it is this time that is considered one of the best for an active beach holiday. Waves surging on the Phuket beach can cause pleasant excitement in the surfer's body.

  •  But lovers of a relaxing holiday can also find a cozy place to sunbathe. For example, on the east coast of Malacca, dry and warm weather will last for a long time.

  •  It is better to learn about coronavirus restrictions in the country in advance.

1. Egypt

Egypt for May holidays 2021

  • When: with 1 on 8 yeast
  • Where: Hurghada
  • Cost: from 80 000 rub. for two
  • Can be ordered:

  •  Timeless beach classics, golden sands and silhouettes of the pyramids on the horizon. Love for Egypt in the national consciousness of Russians is second only to Turkey. In early May, it is good in Egypt, although the air temperature reaches frightening figures for Russians at + 30 °, but the winds blowing from the sea are pleasantly refreshing.

  •  And the water temperature is so pleasant that you just don’t want to get out of the sea. In mid-May, it is already getting heavy from the heat, so we advise you to seize the moment before it's too late!

Where to fly for the May holidays abroad

  •  The "evil virus" has hit tourist destinations the hardest – most popular European countries have sealed their borders for everyone. Now you can go there only on business, and then you will have to stay in a hotel (sometimes at your own expense) for a good half of the trip. Therefore, if you decide where to go abroad in May 2021, we recommend that you choose the countries of the very near abroad (such as neighboring Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, and so on), a number of countries on the Balkan Peninsula, Latin American countries and such exotic as Kenya with Ethiopia.

3. Belarus


  • When: 1-2 May
  • Where: Excursion tour in Belarus
  • Cost: from 9 000 rub. per person
  • Can be ordered:

  •  The climate there is a little warmer than, so snowfalls on May 9th do not threaten you, although it can freeze at night. Tours there are quite budgetary, which even large families can afford. Yes, and not far away – this means that part of the precious weekend will not have to be spent sitting in the airport lounge.

  •  May is the start of the tourist season.

  •  The most popular destination is excursions. Tourists visit ancient castles, museums, look into Belovezhskaya Pushcha, see places of military glory and taste local cuisine.

  •  The second most visited destination is wellness, since in Belarus many sanatoriums have been preserved since Soviet times, and new ones have been built in large numbers. Usually this is a quiet place where treatment can be combined with outdoor walks, excursions, fishing or just a sound sleep after working days.

2. Cyprus


  • When: with 5 on 12 yeast
  • Where: Larnaca
  • Cost: from 57 thousand rubles for two
  • Can be ordered:

  •  Another country on the Mediterranean Sea, which hospitably opened its borders to Russians who suffered from a long winter. At the very beginning of May, the air temperature in Cyprus beckons for walks, and the sea has already reached a quite comfortable temperature of 20 °.

  •  When viewed from a satellite, Cyprus is divided into two parts – the southwestern, completely covered with mountains, and the northeastern, flat and completely open to the sun. In summer, it doesn’t hurt much like excursions there – it’s too hot. But in May and September – the most expanse for lovers of antiquities and recreation with children. Moreover, since the season is just beginning, there are almost no queues and you can slowly inspect and climb everything.

1. Africa safari

Safari in Africa

  • When: discussed individually
  • Where: Tanzania, Zanzibar, Kilimanjaro
  • Cost: discussed individually
  • Can be ordered:

  •  Europe tired? From Asia reduces cheekbones from boredom? America does not attract? We offer you a real exotic – a trip to a country where elephants, giraffes and lions, familiar to all of us from children's books, live.

  •  You will be able to observe them with your own eyes, in natural conditions, against the backdrop of the stunning beauty of African nature. Moreover, you can comfortably stay in a bungalow or a specially equipped campsite in the national park.

May holidays in Crimea

  •  The gentle sun, the aroma of flowers and herbs, and the opportunity to rent a good room at an affordable price – that's what the Crimean peninsula is like in May. And so that you have time to decide where to go to the Crimea in May, we have selected three options for a different style of vacation.

3. Aeronautics Festival "Crimean Spring"

Aeronautics Festival "Crimean Spring"

  • When: 1-5 May
  • Where: in Belogorsk at the White Rock
  • A flight in a group will cost: 7000 rubles for 1 person
  • You can order:

  •  Yes, humans don't have wings. But you can look at the earth from a bird's eye view, while on board a huge balloon!

  •  This is exactly what the organizers of the Crimean Spring event propose to do. Of course, you will not fly alone, but as part of a group of 4 to 12 people. The flight will last an hour, and certificates and champagne await the daredevils. Reservations are scheduled to start on March 28.

  •  Also during the festival, up to 20 balloons will rise into the sky to please the audience with a demonstration flight. Food and souvenirs are also waiting for guests.

2. Wine tour "Tasty Crimea"

Wine tour "Tasty Crimea"

  • When: April 30-May 3 or May 7-10
  • Where: Simferopol
  • Cost: 28 000 rubles for 1 person
  • You can order:

  •  If you like not only healthy, but also tasty rest, then a short gastronomic and educational tour of the Crimea is what you need to have a great May weekend.

  •  The tour program includes such activities as hiking to the top of Mount Ai-Petri, walking along the evening Yalta, admiring the sunset on a yacht in the open sea, a tour of Balaklava Bay, visiting champagne, wine production and the largest enoteca in the world.

  •  And now for the delicious: during the tour, you will be offered to taste farm cheese, taste freshly caught and cooked fish, as well as feast on mussels, oysters and taste over 5 types of champagne.

1. Bus tour "To the Crimea for May"

Bus tour "To the Crimea for May holidays"

  • When: 1-6 May
  • Where: Kerch, Feodosia, Yalta and Livadia
  • Cost: from 20900 rubles for 1 person
  • You can order:

There are few holidays in May, but there is something to see in Crimea. And to combine the pleasant with the fast, see the most beautiful places in Crimea, we recommend taking a sightseeing bus tour with departure from Moscow.

  •  The tour program is very rich, and includes visiting the famous Crimean sights:

  • Alupka Palace of Count Vorontsov,
  • Palace of Alexander III
  • Livadia and Massandra palaces,
  • Genoese fortress,
  • the graves of I.K. Aivazovsky.

  •  As well as wine tasting in Massandra, a sightseeing tour along the Yalta embankment and viewing mountain and sea landscapes.

Car ride

  •  A trip by car on the May holidays is not only busy roads, but also the freedom to break away at any moment, for new entertainment. And so that you can choose the option that suits you, we have compiled the top 3 most popular May car routes.

3. Dream Island

dream island

  • When: of your choice
  • Where: Moscow
  • Cost: from 2300 rubles for adults and 1900 rubles for children on weekends and holidays, for children below 90 cm admission is free
  • You can order:

  •  This amusement park is simply huge (over 100 hectares), so you can spend more than one day in it. It consists of several thematic zones, including:

  • Castle of the Snow Queen.
  • Mowgli in the land of dinosaurs.
  • Hotel Transylvania.
  • Villages of the Smurfs.
  • Fairytale village Pinocchio and others.

  •  Each zone has unique rides, shows and characters from popular cartoons. And those who get tired of vivid impressions can spend time in a cafe, shop, cinema, or simply wander through the pedestrian zones-gallery, stylized as the streets of famous cities.

  •  Parking in front of the park entrance is free if you already have a ticket.

2. Peterland


  • When: of your choice
  • Where: St. Petersburg
  • Cost: 1700 rubles for an adult ticket on weekends and holidays, 900 rubles for children, children under 5 years old are free
  • You can order: at the checkout or

One of the largest water parks open all May holidays. He has:

  • thermal zone with baths and saunas,
  • SPA-center,
  • children's town with a safe pool, wooden bridges, climbing nets and other entertainment elements,
  • swimming pools and jacuzzi, including wave, diving and disco pools,
  • lazy hand,
  • and the pearl of Peterland – a huge pirate ship 16 meters high. He looks like a copy of the Black Pearl from Pirates of the Caribbean. Five multilevel water "roller coasters" depart from it.

  •  And if you get tired of water procedures, you can recuperate in a cafe or restaurant, which is also located on the territory of the water park.

  •  The first three hours of parking are free, for an additional 9 hours of free parking, you must present a parking ticket at the ticket office of the water park.

1. Volgograd-Elista-Stavropol


  • When: of your choice
  • Distance: ~ 553 km
  • Cost: about 20000 rubles per person, including expenses for gasoline, meals on the road, sightseeing

  •  If the path itself is more important to you than the final goal, then we recommend that you take a trip along one of the most beautiful roads for the May holidays. On both sides of it are the Kalmyk steppes, which in mid-April – early May are covered with a carpet of wild tulips and herbs. Sometimes you can see cows, sheep and even camels grazing by the road.

  •  But if flora and fauna alone are not enough for impressions, then we recommend staying in Elista for a couple of days. This distinctive city boasts the largest Buddhist temple and Europe – the Golden Abode of Shakyamuni Buddha, as well as the largest Buddhist prayer wheel in Europe, it is located in the rotunda of the Seven Days Pagoda. And these are only the most famous of the many sights of Elista.

  •  In the hero-city of Volgograd, we recommend visiting Mamaev Kurgan, on which one of the highest statues in the world is located – “The Motherland Calls”.

Where to relax in May inexpensively

  •  Tired of the slushy spring, the Russians in May, families and singly go to the sea, to the Crimea and the Krasnodar Territory. But these are not the only popular destinations. If you choose where to go for the May holidays, we will suggest options that are interesting and not ruinous for the family budget.

3. Therapeutic rest in the "Sanatorium Zdorovye"

Therapeutic rest in the "Sanatorium Zdorovye"

  • When: of your choice
  • Where: Zheleznovodsk
  • Cost: from 4800 rubles for 2 people for 1 night, with treatment, full board
  • You can order:

  •  The resort towns of the Caucasian Mineral Waters are not only affordable, but also a health-improving vacation. You can get medical treatment before new labor achievements during the May holidays in many sanatoriums, we have chosen one of the most inexpensive and with good reviews.

  •  "Health Resort" specializes in the treatment of digestive organs, kidneys, urological and gynecological problems, metabolic and musculoskeletal disorders.

  •  The minimum stay with treatment is 10 days, without treatment – 5 days. Moreover, the institution accepts both adults and children from 4 years old.

  •  On the territory of the sanatorium there is its own mud bath, physiotherapy and various therapeutic baths: coniferous-pearl, cedar, steam carbonic and underwater shower-massage.

  •  Visitors note the beautiful nature and the proximity of the sanatorium to drinking springs, friendly and attentive medical staff and good food.

2. Beauty of Karelia

Beauty of Karelia

  • When: May 1-3 or May 8-10
  • Where: Petrozavodsk + various sights
  • Cost depending on hotel accommodation: from 18 500 rubles for 1 person
  • You can order:

  •  Although the tour takes only three days, it includes many points, including a sightseeing tour of Petrozavodsk, a visit to a souvenir shop with shungite and the House of Dolls, which sells doll products of Karelian masters. And that's just the first day.

  •  On the second and third day of the trip you are waiting for:

  • Ruskeala mountain park with its most beautiful nature and “waterfall at three bridges”, or a tour “Visiting Husky” with dog sledding along a prepared track.
  • Inspection of a part of the crater of the Girvas volcano.
  • Visit to the Kivas waterfall and a picnic with fish soup and shish kebab.
  • A trip to the farmer's shop, who has been raising and selling rainbow trout for over 20 years.

1. Beach holiday in "Skif Delfinia"

"Scythian Delphinia"

  • When: May 1-6
  • Where: Nikolaevka (Crimea, Black Sea)
  • Cost: from 4184 rubles for 2 people, excluding meals and flights
  • You can order:

  •  If your goal for the May holidays is a relaxing holiday on a clean beach, then Skif Delfinia is the best fit for this purpose. This mini-hotel is located on the territory of the Skif recreation center, close to the sea (at a leisurely pace to the beach – 10 minutes), the water in the sea is clean.

  •  According to the reviews of the guests, the territory of the establishment is green and well-groomed, the rooms are clean, they have a refrigerator, a toilet and a shower, a bed, a kettle and cups. There is an iron on the floor. Free Wi-Fi is available at Delfinia. The hotel has a barbecue area and a small playground.

  •  Near the hotel there is a market, canteens and cafes, and the hotel itself has a large communal kitchen where you can cook your own food.

  •  Of the water activities on the beach, there are “bananas” and jet skis, but a sun lounger and an umbrella are paid there.