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Children's camps on the Black Sea 2021 – rating, prices

Children's camps on the Black Sea 2021 – rating, prices


Sun, air and water are the three main components of a healthy holiday. And on the Black Sea, all this is in abundance. If you want your child's vacation to be not only useful, but also fun and safe, we will help you choose the best children's camps on the Black Sea in 2021.

  •  All rating participants have a lot of positive feedback from parents on the largest Russian services for finding and booking children's camps – incamp and vlagere.

  •  The Artek camp is not included in the list, because in order to purchase a ticket, even on a commercial basis (80 rubles), a child needs to participate in various city, regional or all-Russian competitions, olympiads and other events.



  • Age – 7-17 years old
  • Price per shift (starting from June 12 until the end of summer) – 61 rubles
  • Where is located: Sochi, OOC Ilona
  • Website:

  •  One of the best summer camps on the Black Sea offers not only a carefree vacation by the water, but also learning English, which will allow children to better prepare for the new school year.

  •  The camp program includes: a daily visit to the water park with water slides, sports games (tennis, football, bowling, aqua aerobics, etc.), interest classes, role-playing games and many other activities aimed at the physical and mental development of children.

  •  On the territory of "VTOCHKU" there is a private small-pebble beach, and umbrellas and beach towels are included in the price of the tour. The territory of the camp is under round-the-clock security, there is a medical unit with an isolation room.

  •  Meals in the camp are five times a day according to the "buffet" system, and children are accommodated in 3-4-bed rooms with a shower and a bathroom in a single box.

  •  The presence of a pool with sea water, interesting excursions, high-quality teaching of English 2 times a day – that's what parents like in VTOCHKA. I do not like the presence of old furniture in the rooms, a large number of floors and a small number of elevators.

9. Mandarin

DOL Mandarin

  • Age – 7-17 years old
  • Price per shift (from May 31 and for the whole summer) – 71 rubles
  • Where is located: Simferopol, DOL "Mandarin"
  • Website:

  •  A good health-improving children's camp on the Black Sea focuses on the comprehensive entertainment of its guests.

  •  They are waiting for master classes in acting, vocals, choreography, journalism, design, decoupage, photography, hand made and many other areas.

  •  The sports component of the holiday has not been forgotten either, from water slides, aqua aerobics and maxi chess to arm wrestling, rock climbing, boxing and table tennis.

  •  Six-bed rooms have a balcony and all amenities, children are fed 5 times a day, and in the medical building they will provide all the necessary assistance if needed. The territory is under round-the-clock surveillance of webcams, and parents can watch what is happening.

  •  The reviews praise the excellent food, thematic shifts and interesting programs. However, there are complaints about cramped rooms and rare swimming in the pool, as well as an overpriced store located on the territory of the Mandarin. In addition, children in this camp are given a lot of freedom of action, which not all parents like.

8. World of skill. Path in Crimea

world of skill. Path in Crimea

  • Age – 8-18 years old
  • Price per shift (starting from May 27 until the end of summer) – 66 rubles
  • Where is located: Yalta, sanatorium Kirov
  • Website:

  •  The sea, the sun, hiking in the picturesque places of the mountainous Crimea, what could be better to spend the summer with benefit? In this camp, children will learn the rules of personal and collective safety in nature and in the city, learn how to use camping equipment and navigate the terrain.

  •  And, of course, they will enjoy daily swimming in the Black Sea, as well as visiting various city events and attractions.

  •  Before the trip, the children are at the Polyana base, in the ecologically clean zone of Crimea in the Belbek Valley. At the third (city) stage, they live in the Kirov sanatorium, in 3-4 room suites with private facilities per block, and receive five meals a day. On hikes, at sea and on the road, children are accompanied by a physician.

  •  The reviews note that during your stay in the "World of Skills" there will be no connection with the child (gadgets are prohibited). Parents will receive a daily report from the organizers. The conditions at first base are spartan, the food is not too varied and you have to wash your face with cold water.

  •  But children receive the most valuable teamwork skills, are constantly busy with some business, and become more independent.


MCamp kids camp

  • Age – 8-18 years old
  • Price per shift (June 2-22, June 24-July 14, July 16-August 5, August 7-25) – 65 rubles
  • Where is located: Tuapse, DOK "Starfish"
  • Website:

  •  This camp is focused on learning English, but not in the form of boring classes. Native speakers work with the guys, and communication is built in a playful way. Psychological games, workshops, competitions, songs, performances and other activities in English will help children learn a foreign language quickly and effortlessly.

  •  And parents receive daily photo and video reports about what their child is doing.

  •  The camp has circles for chess and checkers, acting and fine arts, modern sports dancing, football, volleyball and basketball, and many other sports and creative areas.

  •  On the territory of MCamp there are pools with sea and thermal water, an aqua park with water slides, and children are taken daily to a small-pebble beach.

  •  Children live 3-4 people in a room, meals in the camp are five times a day, according to the "buffet" system. There is a round-the-clock medical center, and in the fenced area of ​​the camp there is constant video surveillance and there are security posts.

  •  Adults are pleased with the creative and varied program, the opportunity to contact children by phone twice a day and the highly qualified teaching staff of the camp.

  •  Negative reviews speak of creaking beds, in which springs are felt and not very tasty food.

6. OK "Seagull"

OK "Seagull"

  • Age – 7-17 years old
  • Price per shift (from June 1 and for the whole summer) – 43 rubles
  • Where is located: Tuapse, OK "Seagull"
  • Website:

  •  The camp is located in a picturesque green area, just 150 meters from the sea coast. The shallow bottom and sandy shore are ideal conditions for swimming for both primary school children and older children. Children bathe 2 times a day under the supervision of instructors, lifeguards and a health worker.

  •  In addition to "sea procedures" leisure activities for children include:

  • sport games,
  • hobby groups (wood burning, beading, painting on stone and wood, etc.),
  • contests,
  • theatrical performances,
  • participation in concerts and many other activities.

  •  Children are accommodated in 4-6-bed rooms with European-quality renovation, a balcony and all amenities. Feed 5 times a day. On the territory there is a first-aid post with its own ambulance, and the territory itself is fenced and guarded by employees of the private security company.

  •  According to reviews, excursions and trips for 14-17 teenagers are not enough, they want a more active holiday. However, daily bathing and a rich entertainment program compensate for the lack of excursions.

5. Football Academy Vanguard

Football Academy Avangard, Sochi

  • Age – 5-16 years old
  • Price per shift (from June 1 and for the whole summer) – 46 rubles
  • Where is located: Sochi, Sports complex "Youth"
  • Website:

  •  If your child is passionate about football, then in the summer he will be able to combine business with pleasure – to swim to his heart's content and improve his football technique in a circle of like-minded people.

  •  The Avangard Football Academy program includes training under the guidance of professional coaches, matches with local youth sports schools, interactive football seminars, control tests and other events.

  •  Groups of 10-15 people are recruited based on the age and skills of children, goalkeepers train in a separate group.

  •  The children who have visited this camp, and their parents, like caring teachers and a rich training program, comfortable rooms and a varied menu.

  •  Rooms in the camp are 2-3-bed, four meals a day. The territory of the sports complex is under round-the-clock security, and the health of children is monitored by doctors from the medical center.

4. Another dimension. king of the hill

Another dimension. king of the hill

  • Age – 10-16 years old
  • Price per shift (starting from June 11 until the end of summer) – 52 rubles
  • Where is located: Sochi, Panda Shelter Hotel
  • Website:

  •  This camp offers a program for active children who love hiking, quests and seeking to develop their horizons. The program includes 10 trips and excursions to the Olympic Park, the Caucasian National Reserve, the Trout Farm, the Galaxy Water Park and other interesting places in Sochi.

  •  The guests of the camp are waiting for camping trips with an overnight stay in tents, swimming in the Imeretinskaya Bay, concerts, classes on the basics of tourism, healthy eating and preparing products for the trip, creative workshops, laser tag and many other active and useful entertainment.

  •  Children are accommodated in 2-3-bed rooms with private facilities, receive five meals a day, and the territory is guarded around the clock by the internal security department. On the territory of the camp there is a stationary first-aid post with an ambulance, and 10 km from the city hospital.

  •  The reviews praise good food, clean rooms, stunning nature and a rich program of activities. Parents are informed daily about what happened during the day.



  • Age – 10-17 years old
  • Price per shift (starting from May 31 until the end of summer) – 80 rubles
  • Where is located: Crimea, pos. Peschanoe, MDMC I&Camp
  • Website:

  •  The top 3 best Black Sea camps for children are opened by an ultra-modern base, on the territory of which there is a VIP beach, a climbing wall, a SPA center, an area for barbecue parties, a quest room, a swimming pool with 25-meter lanes and a number of other interesting places.

  •  Children live in designer 4-bed rooms, but they have no time to sit in the rooms, because the stay program includes:

  • parties,
  • talk show,
  • master classes,
  • Watching movies,
  • meeting famous people
  • study of Chinese culture,
  • English language learning,
  • learning the basics of business,
  • hip-hop, waltz, ballroom dancing and a huge number of other activities.

  •  The food at I&Camp is delicious and varied, 5 times a day. There is a medical department in a separate building, and the territory of the camp is constantly guarded.

  •  The reviews say that there are no air conditioners in the rooms – this is the policy of the camp administration, which is afraid that children may catch a cold. There is air conditioning in the detachment halls and halls of the restaurant.

  •  Otherwise, there are no complaints about I & Camp, children are given the freedom to choose circles and studios, the staff is friendly, there are classes for every taste and level of physical development.

2. Camp of TV presenters and video bloggers Telemore

Camp of TV presenters and video bloggers Telemore

  • Age – 10-16 years old
  • Price per shift (June 3-16, June 16-29, July 28 – August 10) – 53 rubles
  • Where is located: Sochi, Apart-hotel "Polyana"
  • Website:

  •  This camp is aimed at the leisure of children who are fond of YouTube and television. For them, classes and master classes on working in the frame are organized, tips are given on creating interesting content, well-known bloggers are invited as mentors.

  •  Excursions are organized to Rosa Khutor, Sochi Park, the Olympic Park, the Galaktika water park and other interesting places in Sochi.

  •  And activities such as cycling, climbing the mountains on a cable car and riding electric scooters will help future bloggers to keep fit.

  •  The reviews praise comfortable double rooms and delicious four meals a day, friendly and responsible organizers and interesting events. A stranger will not enter the Camp territory, access to the territory is carried out only with electronic passes, and security is monitored by employees of the private security company.

1. VDC Eaglet. Olimpic village

VDC Orlyonok is the best children's camp on the Black Sea

  • Age – 11-16 years old
  • Price per shift (from June 23 until the end of summer) – 69 rubles
  • Where is located: Russia, Tuapse, VDC Orlyonok
  • Website:

  •  This camp is part of the All-Russian Children's Center "Eaglet". Every month, over 400 children rest in it, they are accommodated by 4-5 people in a room with air conditioning and amenities on the floor. Five meals a day.

  •  A feature of the camp is a complex of medical and recreational procedures, which includes:

  • phytotherapy,
  • thalassotherapy,
  • climatotherapy,
  • taking multivitamins and oxygen cocktails,
  • physiotherapy.

  •  In the Olympic Village, children learn acting, put on plays and musicals, try themselves as journalists and bloggers, and participate in musical and literary events. Each shift in the camp is thematic.

  •  Phones in the "Olympic Village" give out for an hour, this is enough to talk with parents.

  •  Judging by the reviews, the territory of the camp is well-groomed, the counselors are attentive, and there are many interesting events.