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The best frying pans of 2023, price / quality rating



  •  A frying pan with a non-stick coating, or made of almost eternal cast iron, is an indispensable thing in the household.

  •  And so that you don’t get confused in the huge variety of pans in 2022, I made a rating that included the most popular models, with a lot of reviews on Yandex.Market, Wildberries and Ozon.

Which is better: a cast iron skillet or a non-stick skillet?

  •  A new cast-iron skillet requires prep – roasting in the oven or on the stovetop with salt, so be prepared for a foul odor. In addition, cast iron cannot be washed in the dishwasher, and it is heavy. But if you want the most durable and safe pan that you can pass on to your children and grandchildren, then cast iron is the perfect candidate to buy.

  •  And if you like variety, and want to change the pan at least every year, then the choice is obvious – non-stick!

The best non-stick pans of 2023

10. Esperto pan with ECLIPSE HB non-stick coating


  • Material: aluminum
  • Non-stick coating: yes
  • Features oven safe, dishwasher safe
  • Top diameter: 24/26/28 cm

  •  I have been using this pan for about two months now, so I will tell you first-hand about its advantages and disadvantages.

  •  The advantages of Esperto include the height of the walls (5,5 cm), so that when cooking, fat and oil do not splash onto the stove. The pan itself is made, but its three-layer coating was developed by Whitford.

  • It is made on a water basis, has a thickness of up to 60 microns and, according to the manufacturer, is reinforced from the inside to increase the resistance of the coating to abrasion and abrasion.
  • In laboratory tests, Eclipse HB withstands up to 60000 cycles in the abrasion test.
  • The coating does not contain perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), which releases caustic substances when heated.
  • The pan can be washed in the dishwasher, the non-stick properties of the coating will not be affected.

  •  But what I didn’t like about Esperto was the heated and non-removable handle. With a long cooking process, I do not recommend taking the handle without a pot holder, you can get burned.

Pros and cons high-quality non-stick coating – can be cooked without oil high walls are inexpensive handle heats up not suitable for induction cookers

9. Frying pan Kukmara Tradition


  • Material: aluminum
  • Non-stick coating: ceramic
  • Dishwasher safe, detachable handle, oven safe, cool handle
  • Top diameter: 24/26 cm

  •  The products of the Kukmor Metalware Plant have long been respected and loved by Russian users. They do it in good faith, which is confirmed by numerous reviews in online stores. And the price is acceptable.

  •  Model Kukmara Tradition is made of die-cast aluminium. It costs less than 1500 rubles, while it is equipped with a removable and non-heating handle, has high walls (6 cm) and a thick bottom (6 cm), which evenly distributes and retains heat for a long time.

  •  The ceramic coating is environmentally friendly, meaning it does not contain PFOA. It withstands high temperatures – up to 450 degrees, is resistant to mechanical stress (even steel spatulas) and does not require the use of specific cleaning agents.

  •  According to customer reviews, with the most active use, this pan "lives" for a year and a half.

Pros and cons Thickened bottom High walls Dishwasher safe Removable handle can play Not suitable for induction cookers

8. Frying pan Kukmara Granit Ultra


  • Material: aluminum
  • Non-stick coating: granite
  • Features: dishwasher safe, cool handle
  • Top diameter: 22/24/26/28 cm

  •  Another quality non-stick frying pan from Kukmara. But this time the coating is not ceramic, but granite. Such coatings are created in a similar way to ceramic coatings – granite particles are added to the polymer composition. But there is no carcinogenic PFOA in the granite coating.

  •  Due to the strength of the granite coating, even stainless steel spatulas, as well as stainless steel spoons and forks, can be used when cooking.

  •  Users praise Kukmara Granit Ultra for its comfortable wood-look bakelite handle, ease of maintenance and decent bottom and wall thickness (6 mm and 4.5 mm respectively). In such a pan, food stays warm for a long time.

Pros and cons handle does not heat up high (6 mm) walls and thick bottom very durable non-stick coating can be washed in PMM not suitable for induction cookers

7. Frying pan Rondell Mocco RDA-550


  • Material: aluminum
  • Non-stick coating: titanium
  • Suitable for induction cookers: yes
  • Top diameter: 20/26 cm

  •  Need a non-stick frying pan for your induction cooker? Pay attention to the Mocco RDA-550 model. It is made of extruded aluminum with a three-layer TriTitan Spectrum titanium coating. And the handle is made of stainless steel with silicone non-heating inserts.

  •  The titanium coating allows the use of metal accessories when cooking. The height of the walls of this pan is 4.2 cm, the thickness is 3.5 mm, and the thickness of the bottom is the same.

  •  In reviews on Yandex.Market, users note that such pans serve them for 3 or even 7 years.

Pros and consdurabilityfrying pan is lightweight yet durable beautiful designsuitable for induction hoblow sidescannot be washed in the dishwasher

6. Frying pan Tefal Resist


  • Material: aluminum
  • Non-stick coating: titanium
  • Dishwasher safe, oven safe, cool handle
  • Top diameter: 20/24/28 cm

  •  Tefal was the first company in the world to introduce a non-stick Teflon coated pan. But she did not stop there, and now she offers a wide range of all kinds of pans, from pancakes to universal ones and woks.

  •  The Tefal Resist frying pan belongs to universal models. It has a Titanium Pro non-stick coating that is dishwasher safe. You can also put this pan in the oven.

  •  In the middle of the pan is the Thermo-Spot heating indicator, it turns red at the optimum temperature for frying meat, fish and vegetables.

  •  Tefal Resist is not cheap, but it lasts a long time. Its warranty period is 2 years, and some buyers note that the pan lasts 3 years or more.

Pros and cons long life stay cool handle high quality french production not too heavy (about 800 grams) price not compatible with induction cookers

5. Frying pan Polaris Kontur


  • Material: aluminum
  • Non-stick coating: granite
  • Suitable for induction cookers: yes
  • Features: cool handle
  • Top diameter: 20/24/26/28 cm

  •  This is a very light (690 grams) pan, with a wall height of 4,5 cm and a bottom thickness of 3.5 mm. The handle of Polaris Kontur with Soft Touch coating is not removable, but it does not heat up when it is on the stove for a long time. The pan cannot be used in the oven, but it is suitable for all types of stoves, including induction.

  •  The manufacturer does not recommend washing this model in the dishwasher. As a non-stick coating, a two-layer Pfluon, based on granite, was chosen here. It does not emit PFOA and is safe for humans and the environment.

Pros and cons the handle does not heat up the warranty period is 2 years it is easy to wash some models there is a marriage – a slightly curved bottom, due to which the oil rolls to the edges of the pan

4. Frying pan Dream Granite 18


  • Material: aluminum
  • Non-stick coating: granite
  • Features: oven safe, dishwasher safe, cool handle
  • Top diameter: 18/20/26 cm

  •  A small non-stick frying pan is ideal for cooking for 1-2 persons. It has a thick bottom (6 mm), but not too high 4 cm walls, so if you like to cook foods with a lot of sunflower oil, then it is better to choose another model. But for cooking scrambled eggs and pancakes, stewing vegetables and meat, warming up yesterday's food, Mechta Granit 18 fits perfectly.

  •  This frying pan has a high-quality non-stick coating without PFOA, up to 55 microns thick. Of course, scratching this pan with a fork is not recommended, but you can use a steel cooking spatula if you are careful.

Pros and cons compact keeps heat well can be washed in PMM suitable for oven handle not removable not suitable for induction cookers

3. AMT Gastroguss Diamond Crystal pan


  • Material: aluminum
  • Non-stick coating: diamond
  • Features: cool handle
  • Top diameter: 20/24/26/28 cm

  •  Under the proud name "diamond coating" hides a Teflon coating with the addition of diamond dust. Such a "hybrid" is stronger than ordinary Teflon and has a characteristic sheen. And the presence of diamond dust gives the coating strength, so you can safely eat from the pan with a fork or use a steel spatula.

  •  Also, the diamond coating allows you to cook without oil at all or with a minimal addition of it. And the service life of Gastroguss Diamond Crystal is solid – about three years.

  •  Due to the thick walls (5 mm) and the bottom (10 mm), this pan evenly distributes and keeps heat for a long time.

Pros and cons bakelite handle does not heat up when used very durable and resistant to abrasion coating durability easy to clean high price not suitable for induction cookers manufacturer does not recommend washing the pan in PMM

2. Frying pan Woll Diamond titan best 1532TB


  • Material: aluminum
  • Non-stick coating: diamond
  • Features: oven safe, dishwasher safe, cool handle, removable handle
  • Top diameter: 32cm

  •  If your choice is a large frying pan with a reliable non-stick coating, then you can recommend the product of the German company Woll. Thanks to a very thick bottom (8 mm), the pan retains heat for a long time and evenly distributes it over the contents.

  •  The handle of the Woll Diamond titan best is removable, so the pan can be easily placed in the oven or dishwasher. The manufacturer does not allow this.

  •  The absence of carcinogenic perfluorooctanoic acid in the composition of the non-stick coating of this model is confirmed by the TÜV audit company and tests by the German Federal Ministry of Health.

Pros and conshigh-quality German productionremovable and cool handledurable and durable coatingeasy to cleancan be fried without oilheavy (2,25 kg)not suitable for induction cookers

1. Frying pan NEVA N/ NG


  • Material: aluminum
  • Non-stick coating: marble
  • Features: dishwasher safe, cool handle
  • Top diameter: 26/28 cm

  •  The best non-stick frying pan in terms of price and quality. It was made by the St. Petersburg company Neva Metal Ware (NMP), and the support of a domestic manufacturer is very important these days.

  •  The coating on NEVA N/NG is three-layer, water-based, PFOA-free. According to experts, such a coating belongs to the safest fourth class according to GOST.

  •  Separately, I also note the height of the walls – 6,5 mm. So this pan is also suitable for those who like to fry with a lot of oil, hot drops will not fall on you or the stove.

Pros and consoptimal price/performance ratiohigh wallscomfortable handle, does not heat upcan be washed in PMMheats food evenlyhandle is not removablenot suitable for induction cookers

The best cast iron pans of 2023

10. Frying pan on a wooden stand "Cow"


  • Material: cast iron
  • Top diameter: 24 cm.
  • Oven use: yes

  •  I would like the dishes to be not only practical, but also pleasing to the eye, so that it would not be a shame to put it on the table and give it to people. "Cow" fully meets these requirements. It is made – you can guess – in the form of a cow, with a flat bottom, and it comes with a wooden stand. The manufacturer added clamps to the smooth wooden surface so that the pan held firmly on it and did not slip.

  •  The “Cow” has a removable cast-iron handle, which means that the pan can be used in the oven. Buyers are very satisfied with the commercial qualities of the pan, and add that there is no better gift for steak lovers. However, the pan is not processed at the factory, so you will have to carry out a number of procedures before the first use – ignite with salt, wipe with oil, and so on.

Pros and consOriginal designStand includedRemovable handleSuitable for ovenNo

9. Saucepan Staub Cast Iron ChisTera


  • Material: enameled cast iron
  • Top diameter: 24 cm.
  • Oven use: yes

  •  The most expensive stewpan in the "cast iron" rating. This is an impressive product made of enamelled cast iron (which means you don’t have to bother with surface treatment) of a pleasant cherry color (it’s not a shame to put it on the table). The manufacturer still rests on manual labor and the uniqueness of products – they say, each is cast in its own form of sand, which is destroyed after use. Which is understandable for the European market, where cast iron cookware is more of an expensive exotic for gourmets.

  •  The pan is suitable both for the oven (the handle is brass or nickel, it will not suffer from heating), and for induction cookers. Enamel two layers – both external and internal. However, despite the treated surface, some operations will still have to be carried out: slowly warm the dishes and wipe the inside with vegetable oil. And cast iron, even processed, is a capricious material and is afraid of sudden changes in temperature.

Pros and consquality of materials and workmanshipbeautiful appearanceenamelledcan be used in the ovenprice

8. Frying pan Lodge Moose L9OGWLMO


  • Material: cast iron
  • Top diameter: 26 cm.
  • Oven use: yes

  •  The main decoration of the frying pan from Lodge is the artistically executed bottom with the image of an elk. However, when viewed from above, this is an ordinary pancake pan with low sides and a molded handle, dense, high-quality, without cavities, with a smooth matte surface.

  •  The small size will allow you to put it on the stove, but for optimal performance it is better to use a large induction hob or gas stove. Cast iron is heavy, so it is best suited for baking dense yeast pancakes and pancakes – for ordinary thin pancakes, you need to raise and tilt the pan, and this is not so easy for a woman's hand.

  •  And the molded handle cuts into the palm even with a towel, so I recommend buying a silicone one. The surface has already been treated, but you still have to warm it up after washing – so that rust does not form.

Pros and Cons

7. Cast iron saj BARAKA


  • Material: cast iron
  • Top diameter: 40 cm.
  • Oven use: yes

  •  The saj frying pan is an invention of Central Asian cuisine, from where it penetrated to the Balkans and to us. It is a slightly concave or nearly flat cast iron product that can be used on both sides.

  • With a concave – cook meat and vegetable dishes;
  • with a convex – bake cakes (plain or stuffed), pita bread or pita bread.

  •  It is best to use a frying pan in the country (brazier) or gas stove – most modern induction cookers simply do not have burners of a suitable diameter that would evenly heat the entire surface. The handles of the pan are also cast iron, which means you can safely put it on the fire. Customers really like to use it in the country – especially when cooking on charcoal. They say it tastes divine.

  •  An additional plus of the saj from Baraka is that it can also work as a lid for a cauldron (12 l), which is produced by the same company. So, if you have plans for grand gatherings in the country with a full cauldron of pilaf, you know what dishes to take.

Pros and cons high-quality casting thick-walled can work as a lid from a cauldron too large for apartment use

6. Pancake pan Maysternya T301


  • Material: cast iron
  • Top diameter: 24 cm.
  • Use in the oven: no

  •  A dense, heavy, high-quality frying pan of good casting and with a plump wooden handle that does not heat up and fits well in the palm of your hand. The surface perfectly holds the temperature, and the pancakes turn out to be what you need – openwork, evenly colored and very tasty.

  •  A comfortable wooden handle makes cooking very easy – this will be especially appreciated by those who have dealt with molded handles and constantly falling potholders.

  •  And although the manufacturer claims that the pan has already been treated with oil at the factory, it is better to carry out all the usual operations for cast iron – ignite, grease several times with oil, dry it on the stove after washing.

  •  Maysternya T301 costs very little by cast-iron standards, I advise you to carefully examine each copy before buying – judging by some reviews, the handle can be drilled crookedly, it is inconvenient to hold.

Pros and cons good molding comfortable wooden handle price there are instances with a crookedly drilled handle

5. Frying pan Seaton Ch2440d


  • Material: cast iron
  • Top diameter: 24 cm.
  • Oven use: yes

  •  A distinctive feature of this pan is a removable wooden handle. Now not only do you not have to mess around with oven mitts, but the pan can be used both on the stove and in the oven.

  •  Due to its small size, the product weighs a little for cast iron cookware – 1.7 kg. It has a thick bottom (4.5 mm), which evenly distributes heat. But the walls are low – 4 mm, so it is better not to cook food with a lot of oil. Seaton Ch2440d is suitable for all types of plates.

Pros and cons high-quality molding wooden removable handle can be used in the oven handle attachment is flimsy

4. Grill pan Kama dishes gs8063


  • Material: cast iron
  • Top diameter: 28 cm.
  • Oven use: yes

  •  It would seem that a frying pan is such a simple thing, but just a couple of additional tools – and it will shine with new colors. A grill pan from the Kama plant is one such example. This is a round pan with a ribbed bottom that is great for cooking meat and fish steaks and frying vegetables.

  •  But two significant additions distinguish it from other grill pans: a removable handle and a press lid. Judging by the reviews, the steaks come out just great. Also, the pan can be used for baking in the oven. The model from “Kamskaya utensils” is good for everyone, however, it has one tiny drawback – the shape is round, but for the maximum number of steaks per unit surface, a square is still better.

  •  The pan doesn't have the factory non-stick coating, so you'll have to handle it by hand. But after a couple of hours of torment, you have practically indestructible, eternal dishes in which nothing burns.

Pros and conshigh-quality castingcap-pressremovable handleno

3. Lodge grill pan L8SGP3


  • Material: cast iron
  • Non-stick coating: yes
  • Top diameter: 26 cm.
  • Oven use: yes

  •  An imposing square side with a ribbed bottom that marketers claim allows you to cook healthier food – excess fat accumulates between the metal "ribs". In addition to frying on the stove, the pan can be used in the oven, on the grill and even in the usual traditional grill, since the molded one-piece handle allows.

  •  The steaks, according to customers, are excellent, with beautiful dark stripes on the surface. And, most importantly, the pan is already non-stick coated, so no dancing with roasting and oiling is required.

Pros and conshigh-quality castingthick and durable wallsnon-stick coatingprice

2. Frying pan Brizoll HoReCa H181825


  • Material: cast iron
  • Top diameter: 18 cm.
  • Oven use: yes

  •  A very tiny frying pan with low sides is perfect for breakfast – a single serving, scrambled eggs, a couple of toasts (since the frying pan is square, not round, three slices of bread fit without problems), one sausage.

  •  The dimensions of the pan will allow you to comfortably use it as a plate. The handles at Brizoll HoReCa are made with “ears”, so you should either buy a separate removable handle or use silicone tacks.

  •  For those who want beauty, there is a variation of the same frying pan, but with a separate wooden stand. It can be used both for cooling and serving – serving. The model with the Brizoll H181825-D stand is called and, of course, it will cost more.

Pros and Cons

1. PROFFI Kitchen cast iron pan


  • Material: cast iron
  • Coating: Teflon
  • Top diameter: 26 cm.
  • Oven use: yes

  •  Not so commonn kitchens are frying pans that take the best of both worlds: traditional cast iron cookware and modern non-stick coating. This means that you do not need to ignite the pan with salt, rub it with oil, dry it carefully so that it does not rust. Just take it and use it as is.

  •  Moreover, the bottom of the pan is treated in a special way from the inside – it resembles a honeycomb. This was done in order to prevent the surface from being scratched by sharp objects, and the oil to spread evenly over the entire diameter.

  •  And yet, according to Proffi Kitchen marketers, the latest technologies make it possible to reduce the wall thickness of a cast-iron product without sacrificing its advantages – long-term heat retention and strength. The frying pan has a metal handle that gets very hot when used – so you will have to get oven mitts or silicone gloves.

Pros and consTeflon coatingTextured bottomComfortable long handleLight weight handle heats up