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The best paid games for PC and consoles

Borderlands 3


  •  Wargaming and SuperData companies studied the data of the Russian gaming market in the first half and named the best paid games for PC and consoles. We bring this list to your attention.

  •  One of these games can be a great Christmas present to brighten up a few long winter evenings.

Best Paid PC Games

10 Rainbow Six Siege

Our rating is opened by one of best games of all time, which set a new quality bar for tactical first-person shooters. It is one of the best paid games, even despite the rather high entry threshold.

  •  You can play this special forces simulator solo, but it's not interesting. RSS is a team game with all the obligations that come with it, like mastering all the gameplay features so as not to be a burden on your team. You can play with both friends and random players.

  •  The very same idea of a shooter is very simple (in words). One team of 5 players must take a hostage or mine the premises, fortifying their positions with traps and barricades, and the second will have to storm all this disgrace. An interesting fact: almost all objects on the level are destructible, so if you wish, you can make a hole in the wall or floor and stuff the enemy with lead from there.

9. The Division 2

  •  The continuation of the story about the fight between good guys and bad guys in a world devastated by the "Green Poison" (a pandemic due to a super-strong strain of smallpox) was received very favorably by the gaming community.

  •  And no wonder, because the world with many wide and open spaces began to look much larger and freer than in the first part, and most importantly – worked out to the smallest detail. The arsenal of weapons available to players is very wide, and the battles have become more interesting and more difficult than in the first part, since the AI is now acting smarter, and whether you like it or not, you will have to pay attention to resource management and thinking through battle tactics.

  •  The Division 2 may not have been the breakthrough of last year, but so far it has held its own in the top XNUMX most popular pay-to-play games due to its novelty, solid and refreshed gameplay, and the difficulty that many players enjoy.

8. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

  •  This online battle royale game has a Metacritic score of 86 out of 100. It was named Breakout Game by PC Gamer in 2017, and won the 35 2017th Golden Joystick Awards for Best PC Game of the Year and Best multiplayer game.

  •  At the disposal of the players (and there can be up to 100 people) a huge battlefield with bunkers, military bases and other objects, as well as a variety of weapons, armor and equipment. The last survivor of the battle wins.

  •  Do you dream of crushing the enemy in a UAZ, feeling the adrenaline from chasing a motorcycle or chasing on a motorboat? In PUBG, all this and more is at your service!

7 Half Life: Alyx

  •  The events in the new "Half" unfold five years before the history of Half-Life 2. The main character Alyx Vance, along with her father, is actively fighting the Alliance. However, the father is captured and Alix, armed with gravity gloves and a barrel, goes to his rescue.

  •  On the one hand, it's a pity that only owners of VR equipment can enjoy the new part of Half-Life. On the other hand, active experiments with virtual reality are the new realities of the rapidly developing gaming industry.

  •  It's funny that enthusiasts, with the help of console commands, still managed to launch the game without a VR helmet. True, in this form it is greatly curtailed and it will not work normally to play.

6. The Sims 4

  •  A virtual life simulator is still more interesting for many than real life, otherwise why is The Sims 4 still in the top of the best-selling computer games?

  •  Emotional and multi-tasking sims, a chic character editor, a beautiful and vibrant city, an improved building mode and a good economic balance – these are just the main, but not the only advantages of the fourth part of the game.

  •  There are a huge number of mods for The Sims 4 on the Internet (houses, clothes and furniture, cosmetics, etc.) that allow you to create houses with a unique design, equip locations and create scenery for video clips and creative screenshots.

  •  Basically, The Sims 4 is a blank slate on which players can write their own stories.

5. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

  •  One of the games in which the plot is so-so (for Russian users), but it's still interesting to play.

  •  Modern Warfare's strong points are its "gray morals", a lot of content, and a great co-op mode for 4 players, each of which has its own character with unique mechanics, as well as complex and interesting group tasks (although there are not many of them).

4. Grand Theft Auto V

One of most popular games 2004-2020 was released in 2013, but still holds positions in the list of the best gaming projects.

  •  Thanks for this is not only the developers who release huge DLC, but also a dedicated fan community that creates a huge number of mods for your favorite game. And, of course, the success of GTA 5 rests on the network game, because in the company of friends it is much more fun to make a frenzy in the state of San Andreas than alone.

3. Red Dead Redemption 2

  •  The story about life outside the law in the Wild West was released in 2018 and immediately became a hit. Its main features are historicity, attention to detail, the elaboration of a huge open world and harsh realism.

  •  For example, at first the hero has to count every dollar, and in order to have more of them in his wallet, he has to scour the bodies of the shot opponents without a twinge of conscience. And even this is not always possible to do, because representatives of the law may appear at the place of dismantling, who are unlikely to approve looting.

  •  Add to that atmospheric cutscenes, beautiful landscapes, frequent chases and shootouts, and rollicking songs, and you'll realize that RDR 2 is definitely worth playing.

2. Eternal DOOM

  •  The second most popular paid game in 2020 was a shooter with a “guy from hell”, which came out of the bowels of id Software. In the role of the Executioner of Doom, players will have to protect the Earth from the demonic hordes, destroying the Deag cult and thwarting the plans of Kahn the Maker.

1.Borderlands 3

  •  The best-selling PC game in our country was the fifth part of the Borderlands series, released in 2019. It is a fantastic first-person shooter with RPG elements and has a high rating of 81 on metacritic.

  •  According to the plot, the game takes place 7 years after the events of the second part and Tales from the Borderlands. Players (together with friends or alone) will have to fight the Calypso twins, who intend to unite bandit clans and seize power over the entire galaxy.

  •  In addition to the main villains in the game, there are a large number of mini-bosses, so gamers will not be bored without worthy opponents.

  •  Fans of console games are also not left out, Borderlands 3 is available on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The best paid games for consoles

10. Red Dead Redemption 2

  •  Several contributors to this compilation of the most popular paid games for Xbox and PS4 echo the list of the best paid games for PC. So RDR2 is one of those. And according to Digital Foundry experts, Red Dead Redemption 2 looks best on Xbox One X.

  •  It allows you to run the game in Ultra HD (4K) resolution and delivers stable 30 fps even in busy locations such as cities and towns.

9Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

  •  The novelty was released on the platforms Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (as well as Windows) and is a mixture of a role-playing game and a slasher. It is praised for its elaborate and spectacular combat system with super attacks, high-quality Russian localization, as well as a great combination of music, story and characters, which creates an interesting world in which you can spend 40 hours or more.

  •  Not only those who are familiar with the Dragon Ball universe, but also beginners will like Kakarot, as the plot is presented as accessible as possible, and loading screens provide information about what is happening so that the player does not get confused about what is happening with his character.

8.Animal Crossing: New Horizons

  •  This exclusive to Nintendo Switch is a life simulation. And a very successful life, judging by the score of 90 out of 100 on Metacritic.

  •  There is no grief and illness in the simulator, all that the player needs to do with the hands of the characters is to turn the piece of land allocated to him into a piece of paradise. And for this you need to collect resources.

  •  Yes, it's constant grinding, crafting and trading, but at the same time relaxed, safe, and even cute, given the atmosphere and graphics of the game.

7. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

  •  The third-person action game features a complex melee combat system, a lot of platforming and puzzles. And how else, because the future Jedi Knight must be strong, dexterous and smart.

  •  Fallen Order may seem a bit old-fashioned to some, but most gamers liked this style of play, judging by the fact that it entered the top ten best-selling games.

  •  By the way, this game can be played not only on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but also on PC.

6. NBA 2K20

  •  Compared to the previous part, a lot in this sports game has changed for the better. The physics of collisions has improved, the work with the ball has become more realistic, and each player has become unique thanks to the badge system. And in NBA 2K20, basketball players from the Women's National Basketball Association appeared.

  •  And if not for the obsessive donation, NBA 2K20 might have taken a place in the top five best paid console games.

5.Borderlands 3

  •  If in the top 10 paid games for PC, Borderlands 3 took first place, then in the console environment it is only fifth.

4. The Last of Us: Part II

  •  This PlayStation 4 exclusive is the sequel to Naughty Dog's masterpiece. And it didn't disappoint fans, judging by the number of sales and a rating of 93 out of 100 on Metacritic.

  •  However, there are also those who accuse the second part in The Last of Us of a failed plot, and "not such" relations between Ellie and Dina. Well, whether you love this game or hate it, it will remain in your memory for a long time anyway.

3. Eternal DOOM

  •  Merciless to the demons, the Executioner of Doom with an iron hand holds a position in the top three of the best paid games, both on consoles and on PC. Is that "computer" buy it a little more often, advancing to the second line.

2. Grand Theft Auto V

  •  But this game on consoles is doing much better than on PC. Therefore, the difference is two lines – 2 and 4 places in each of the top 10, respectively.

1. FIFA 20

  •  Spanning all platforms, from Windows to Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, FIFA 20 has climbed to the top of the hit parade of the most popular paid console games.

  •  In terms of graphics, the updates are minor, but what sets the game apart from its many predecessors is the Volta street football mode, which offers the player quick matches on courts of various sizes in 3-on-3, 4-on-4 or 5-on -5.

  •  In fact, Volta is a separate game within the game, and despite its whirlwind pace, it evokes a pleasant feeling of nostalgia (if you played as part of a yard team as a child).