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The best games of 2023 on PC



  •  You can spend dozens of hours a month fighting other players in PUBG or conquering the vast expanses of Genshin Impact on your smartphone, but no one has canceled computer games. What new products to treat yourself in 2022 so as not to waste precious time in vain?

  •  Here are the top games of 2023, rated highly by PC Gamer, Metacritic, Tom's Guide, and more. All participants in the selection are in random order. The list includes both new releases this year, and the most popular games of the past year, which you may not have had time to play yet. Many games can be downloaded for free on torrent trackers (which, of course, the editors do not call for).

20.Monster Hunter Rise


  • Metacritic rating: 87%
  • Genre: Action/RPG
  • Modes: Singleplayer, Multiplayer

  •  The top games of 2023 are opened by a project that is a continuation of Monster Hunter World. And his game cycle consists of defeating monsters, getting loot, and upgrading your equipment to prepare for the next hunt. Your Palamut mount and the new grappling hook will help you achieve this, giving you a new way to experience travel and combat.

  •  Unfortunately, the PC version does not offer the ability to transfer saves from the console. But if you haven't played Monster Hunter Rise yet, or want to take another trip to Kamura, it's well worth your time.

19.Little Nightmares II


  • Metacritic rating: 83%
  • Genre: survival horror
  • Mode: Single player game

  •  The sequel to "Little Nightmares" got into the rating of games in 2023. Little Nightmares II once again puts you in the shoes of a small child trying to escape from a strange and scary place full of monstrous adults. This time you are not alone.

  •  You play as Mono, a boy with a paper bag on his head, but Six, the girl in the yellow jacket who played the main role in the original game, joins you.

  •  Little Nightmares II has monstrous enemies, challenging puzzles, and most importantly, an engaging storyline. The visual design and sound design is very atmospheric, helping to create a constant sense of menace as you travel through the Pale City.

18. Tiny Tina's Wonderlands


  • Metacritic rating: 79%
  • Genre: first person shooter
  • Modes: Singleplayer, Multiplayer

  •  It is a spin-off from Borderlands 2, which first introduced the fan-favorite character Tiny Tina, and is the successor to the Borderlands 2 DLC Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep.

  •  Developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games, the game retains the original Borderlands humor and successfully integrates elements of Dungeons and Dragons.

  •  Tiny Tina's Wonderlands features six different character classes, and the developers have altered the typical Borderlands formula by allowing players to mix and match class skills for their character. Previous Borderlands games had specific classes tied to characters, but Tiny Tina's Wonderlands allows gamers to create their own characters and play as any class.

17. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition


  • Metacritic rating: 86%
  • Genre: Action/RPG, third-person shooter
  • Mode: Single player game

  •  After a non-triumphant appearance on the latest generation of consoles, the original Mass Effect trilogy is back with a remastered edition for PC, as well as for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

  •  However, this is not just a new coat of paint on old games. Bioware has tweaked the controls and gameplay to ensure all three games run smoothly. And yes, these improvements have affected the infamous Mako tank from the first game.

  •  The Legendary Edition also includes all DLC, whether it's just weapons and armor or a complete story expansion. Given the large amount of high-quality content, this is undoubtedly one of the best games of 2023.

16. Dying Light 2: Stay Human


  • Metacritic rating: 76%
  • Genre: survival horror, Action/RPG
  • Modes: Single-player, Co-op

  •  Anyone who loves zombies and/or parkour is likely to have a good time playing Dying Light 2, a game with tons of interesting missions and many variations of the infected that want to kill you.

  •  If you get tired of parkour, you can use ground vehicles. But there is no firearm in Stay Human, so you will have to crush zombies and people trying to stop you with melee weapons.

15. God of War (2022)


  • Metacritic rating: 93%
  • Genre: hack and slash, action-adventure
  • Modes: single user

  •  God of War: Ragnarok is on its way (estimated release date is September 30 this year), and now is the perfect time to return to the original game, or play it for the first time.

  •  A gripping storyline, well-written characters, and highly addictive gameplay make God of War one of the best games of summer 2023. More recently, the developers have released a patch that fixes some technical issues, and also added support for FSR 2.0, AMD's resolution scaling technology, to the game.

14. Total War: Warhammer III


  • Metacritic rating: 86%
  • Genre: turn-based strategy, real-time strategy
  • Modes: Singleplayer, Multiplayer

  •  One of the kings of turn-based strategy games, Total War broke into 2022 on PC with Warhammer 3. Players will have to travel to the Realms of Chaos to save the bear god Ursun, who has been captured by the demon prince.

  •  This is a really addictive game, so be aware that it can take a lot of your time!

13.Halo Infinite


  • Metacritic rating: 80%
  • Genre: First Person Shooter
  • Modes: Singleplayer, Multiplayer

  •  After a mediocre fifth part, was it worth waiting for a masterpiece? Halo Infinite proved that yes, it was worth it. She was the real return of the Master Chief to form. If you find yourself losing interest in the franchise, then Halo Infinite can bring it back.

  •  A small but pleasant highlight was the introduction of a grappling hook into the game, which makes it possible to attract the necessary objects to oneself and increases the character's mobility. Beautiful landscapes, extensive exploration, a rich arsenal of weapons, a great co-op mode – all this is in Halo Infinite, and makes it one of the most popular games of 2023.

12. Evil Dead: The Game


  • Metacritic rating: 75%
  • Genre: survival horror
  • Mode: Multiplayer game

  •  Think Friday the 13th or Dead by Daylight, only with so many Bruce Campbells that they dazzle. And get Evil Dead: The Game.

  •  In this game, four players will team up to complete tasks, fighting the hordes of the dead, and trying to take over the Necronomicon. Meanwhile, a single player will take control of a Kandarian demon and walk the path of evil while trying to thwart the other players' plans.

  •  Fans of Sam Ramey's cult trilogy will surely find a lot of interesting things in this horror, but fans of PvP co-ops will also like Evil Dead. Glory to the king, baby!

11. My Time at Sandrock


  • Metacritic rating: Not yet
  • Genres: simulation, role-playing game
  • Modes: Singleplayer, Multiplayer

  •  This story will take you to a post-apocalyptic community that is struggling to thrive. In Sandrock, you can mine resources, craft machines, and grow crops to breathe new life into the old city.

  •  Visually and content-wise, this game features an open world to explore, 30 new characters to befriend, and a redesigned combat system that lets you switch between ranged and melee combat.

10. Psychonauts 2


  • Metacritic rating: 89%
  • Genre: platformer
  • Mode: Single player game

  •  The top 10 games on the PC of 2023 are opened by an unusual platformer – the ideological heir to the once cult Psychonauts.

  •  With reworked and customizable psychic abilities, playing as Raza is even more fun a second time. And with the power of a modern PC, every unique location and enemy looks fantastic. In addition, since the plot of the second part begins immediately after the original (it is described in detail at the beginning of the game), there is no discomfort when trying to understand what exactly is happening.

9 Citizen Sleeper


  • Metacritic rating: 82%
  • Genre: role-playing game
  • Modes: Single player game

  •  This is a narrative RPG inspired by cyberpunk tabletop RPGs. Playing the role of a sleeper (an android with an implanted copy of a human consciousness) who has escaped from a corporation, you must try to survive on a decaying space station located on the outskirts of civilization. You'll have to build relationships, hack into the archives of the station and improve your physical form.

  •  Citizen Sleeper requires a good knowledge of English, only then you will fully appreciate the magnificent, carefully written dialogues, with an abundance of details about the environment or the behavior of the characters.

8. Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition


  • Metacritic rating: 86%
  • Genre: Action/RPG
  • Modes: Single player game

  •  The most obvious point of comparison for this game is the Dark Souls series. The battles are fast and dynamic, any mistake will most likely lead to the death of the character. But you can enhance your abilities by creating new items, which will help you get to the next checkpoint.

  •  The new Yokai Shift mechanic allows you to take on the form of enemies you have defeated. Eze one feature – the demonic levels of Yokai Realm, in which the main character quickly loses stamina, and the demons, on the contrary, become stronger.

  •  The lethality of every battle and the number of complex mechanics in Nioh 2 mean it will take some serious diligence to complete this game.

7. Alan Wake Remastered


  • Metacritic rating: 77%
  • Genre: action-adventure
  • Mode: Single player game

  •  As a famous writer, you're on a journey to the cute little town of Bright Falls, with your wife and a writer's block in tow. And it turns out that the crisis is not the worst thing that can happen in your life, because the town is much darker than it seems at first glance.

  •  The graphics in the updated version has become better, but the plot has remained unchanged. The creators of the remaster tried so hard to preserve the spirit of the original that even the famous bug was left in the game – the disappearance of the language bar when the game starts.

6. Kena: Bridge of Spirits


  • Metacritic rating: 83%
  • Genre: action-adventure
  • Mode: Single player game

  •  This is Ember Lab's first video game, first released on PS5 as a console exclusive and later ported to other platforms. Its superb animation is complemented by an authentic Balinese soundtrack, a well-researched combat system, and the spirit of exploring dark forests and a warm, vibrant world.



  • Metacritic rating: 87%
  • Genre: action-adventure
  • Mode: Singleplayer, Multiplayer

  •  Opening the top five games of 2023 on PC is a chaotic, violent mix of Groundhog Day, My Super Ex and Dishonored. Deathloop offers all the favorite aspects of Dishonored: supernatural abilities, a flexible combat system with various types of massacre against opponents, and ruthless, annoying enemies who do not hesitate to call for help.

  •  However, Deathloop promises a more modern twist, ditching outdated 19th-century royal protector Corvo for a snide, temperamental Colt whose jokes will make you giggle.

4Resident Evil Village


  • Metacritic rating: 83%
  • Genre: survival horror
  • Mode: Single player game

  •  How could the best PC games of 2022 be without the sensation that Resident Evil: Village has become? In many ways, this part owes its success to the charismatic Lady Dimitrescu. This stately vampire inspires players not with horror, but with lust, and has spawned many memes, good cosplay and fanart.

  •  In terms of gameplay, Resident Evil Village is the love child of Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 7. However, in storytelling, Capcom managed to turn the isolated plot of Resident Evil 7 into a new story that is actively developed in the Village. It's like watching a fantastic gothic horror movie, only here you can influence the plot.

3. Tunic


  • Metacritic rating: 85%
  • Genre: action-adventure
  • Mode: Single player game

  •  Top 3 games of summer 2023 open with an isometric adventure game that is part Dark Souls and part Zelda. Tunic starts suddenly, the main character finds himself in a mysterious new place, and he does not have weapons to fight off enemies.

  •  This lack of direction pervades the entire journey, which, coupled with surprisingly difficult enemies, makes Tunic a challenging game to play. However, you will be able to improve your skills and unlock new weapons, and this is the key to making it all the way to the end credits.

2. Forza Horizon 5


  • Metacritic rating: 91%
  • Genre: racing game
  • Modes: Singleplayer, Multiplayer

  •  This is the largest game in the Forza series. It offers over 500 vehicles and miles of breathtaking views of Mexico. You will travel through a wide variety of locations (including volcanoes, swamps, jungles and more), completing many unique tasks and discovering new attractions.

  •  Forza veterans will love the large roster of cars, each providing a different driving experience, while newcomers will enjoy the constant sense of progress. Whether you're racing against the clock or simply driving past cacti, Forza Horizon 5 rewards you with experience points at all times.

1 Elden Ring


  • Metacritic rating: 94%
  • Genre: open world action/RPG
  • Modes: Singleplayer, Multiplayer

  •  The challenging exploration and combat in Dark Souls, Demons' Souls, and Bloodborne is finally moving into the open world in From Software's latest game. In the role of the Extinguished One, you have to explore many dangerous and beautiful locations in order to find a way to collect a powerful magic ring and become the lord of the Interearth.

  •  The top 10 game of 2023 is famous for its bosses. They will “break your face” at the slightest mistake. And tasks are scattered around the map, waiting for you to hunt them down yourself. This game is tough on newbies and won't lead the player by the hand, but that's a big part of its charm.