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20 DIY gift ideas for New Year 2022



Store-bought Christmas gifts can be necessary and beautiful, but sometimes you want to add a piece of your soul to a gift and somehow make it stand out from the rest. Time to roll up your sleeves – that is, start doing gifts for the New Year 2022 do it yourself. Especially for you, we have selected twenty of the best (and not too difficult) ideas for adults and children.

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20. Patterned towel

  • paint,
  • stamp,
  • one-color towel without a pattern.

How to do it: dip the stamp in paint and create! You can either buy ready-made stamps or cut them yourself from any material – from polystyrene foam to raw potatoes. Most importantly, do not forget to fix the paint afterwards according to the instructions on the package.

  •  Children can also take part in the creation of such towels, because few things touch the hearts of grandparents so much as children's drawings or prints of small hands.

19. Man-made vase

wkp1j3o4It is easy to turn a simple vase into a real work of art – your addressees will definitely not have another one like it!

  • modeling clay packaging
  • base for a vase (we recommend buying the most ordinary glass in the store).

How to do it: with wet hands, knead the clay until it becomes soft and elastic, cover the base with a layer of clay and start creating! You can apply textural prints from textured fabrics to clay, or use a stack to squeeze figures on it. By the way, clay can also be painted.

18. Giant scarf

yt2m3barThe perfect combination of chic and practicality. Such a thing not only keeps the neck warm, but also looks luxurious. And it is also a very simple DIY New Year's gift, which anyone can create, even those familiar with a thread and a needle only approximately.

  • a couple of meters of warm fabric – flannel, fleece, woolen fabric,
  • scissors.

How to do it: you don’t even have to sew – just beautifully ruffle the edges (if the fabric allows it). Perfectionists can additionally process the edges with a hem or trim, and if desired, turn the scarf into a two-layer one. We advise you to make the inner layer thinner and lighter from a fabric that is pleasant to the body.

17. Key to the heart

s54jnencHomemade keyrings are made from a variety of materials – from metal to polymer clay, but we believe that a leather keychain is a classic.

  • a piece of thick genuine leather,
  • scissors,
  • awl,
  • thread with a needle.

How to do it: cut and sew a leather figurine, weave a macrame knot from leather cords or decorate a leather sheet with an embroidered window – there are many options.

16. Patterned tea party

rbmp2revDo you want to be remembered with a kind word all 365 days a year? Present a hand-painted cup, from which the addressee will drink a portion of hot tea or coffee every morning.

  • paints for painting on porcelain or glass that do not require firing,
  • cup, mug or glass.

How to do it: prepare the surface (usually it needs to be degreased, but other procedures may be required according to the instructions for the paint), apply a sketch and create! Do not be afraid that the drawing made with such difficulty will fade or disappear – the current paints for painting are such that they can even withstand the dishwasher.

15. Photo frame

qclgulk4Pictures from a New Year's Eve or other family celebration will look great in a handmade photo frame.

  • base – an ordinary wooden or plastic photo frame,
  • paints,
  • Pictures,
  • glue and varnish for decoupage,
  • threads, fabric and so on – depending on the method of decoration you choose.

How to do it: a simple white frame can be either hand painted or covered with gold paint with silver stars, decorated with decoupage flowers, strategically placed small plastic toys on it with a glue gun and then covered with a layer of spray paint on top.

14. Scent bag

nty4axinEvery person wants the wardrobe to smell not of fabric and wool, but of delicate lavender, or citrus, or maybe even a light aroma of cloves with spices. Give your friends or relatives hand-sewn sachets filled with dry aromatic herbs.

  • fabric of your choice – from silk and organza to practical cotton, cozy flannel or felt,
  • sachet template,
  • scissors,
  • needle with thread.

  •  The template can be anything – from simple bags on a lush ribbon to figurines of birds, animals, or even airplanes.

How to do it: we cut the fabric according to the pattern, sew it incompletely, stuff it with an aromatic mixture, sew it up. This is one of the easiest DIY gifts for the New Year – quick, simple, and at the same time useful and enjoyable.

13. Hand-decorated diary

2whnauacAnyone will need a notebook or diary – especially cute ones. The secret is in the decorative adhesive tape, which can give individuality to any serial product.

  • ready-made diary or notebook,
  • decorative adhesive tape in different colors.

How to do it: ribbons are applied to the cleaned surface, as your creative instinct tells you.

12. To make the tree sparkle

pbqsr13lDo your friends love baking? Give them Christmas decorations made from Christmas-themed cookie cutters. The toys will look especially impressive when paired with a box of baked cookies of the same shape.

  • pre-made cookie cutters
  • colorful ribbons,
  • bugle,
  • beads
  • buttons and other decor.

How to do it: we wrap the cookie mold with multi-colored ribbons, fix it with a glue gun, then glue or sew on a variety of decor. Do not forget about the loop with which the new Christmas tree toy can be used for its intended purpose.

11. Paper basket

srcpr3yIt is no secret that we often find various newspapers and sale offers in our mailboxes. So that they do not lie scattered on the shoe shelf, give your friends a hand-woven waste basket.

  • the basis for the basket is a metal lattice, which can be bought at a stationery store,
  • cotton or jute rope from an office supply store.

How to do it: braid the lattice base with the selected cord, fixing the ends with a glue gun. If you chose a cotton cord, then the finished basket can still be painted.

10. New Year's Treasury

hj4wd5nsYou may not be able to buy a diamond set for your girlfriend, but you are quite capable of creating a lovely (and convenient) treasure trove. This is a simple and effective DIY gift idea for the New Year 2022, which can serve as a room decoration in itself.

  • photo frame or frame from a small mirror,
  • paint,
  • base – plastic canvas or decorative metal grille,
  • glue gun or screws
  • plastic or cardboard sheet for the back.

How to do it: paint the frame, cut the plastic canvas or grate to the size of the frame, insert it, fasten it with a gun or screws, close it with a back.

9. Green spaces

nyv2k0o2In winter, do your friends miss summer and their garden plot? Give them plant pegs. And so that they can plant a small fragrant garden right now, along with the tags, present them with a set of pots and bags of seeds.

  • seed pack,
  • polymer clay,
  • letters – stamps for embossing,
  • acrylic paint,
  • paper and cardboard for packaging.

How to do it: form flat strips from clay, sharpen one end, print the name of a grass or flower on them with stamps, cover the end of the peg with acrylic paint. For each peg, make your own separate decorative bag.

8. Set of decorative plates

qcmwaquaYes, not simple, but on a New Year's theme. No, we do not offer you to breed a glass furnace! Let's get by with simpler tools.

  • glass transparent plates,
  • pretty napkins,
  • pictures or cloth,
  • paint,
  • decoupage glue,
  • varnish.

How to do it: glue is applied to the prepared (cleaned and degreased) surface of the plate, then the napkin or cloth is pressed tightly with the decorative side down and varnished. If desired, you can revive the picture by painting over the edges of a napkin or fabric, slightly singeing them, or applying an additional layer of paint.

7. For man's best friend

ttn1oh5qDo your friends or relatives have a dog? A gift to a furry pet will surely be to their hearts too. It is best to give several toys at once, so that as soon as the dog wears one, the next one is ready.

  • cotton threads or cut strips from old t-shirts or jeans.

How to do it: twist the threads tightly together to make a rope. And from fabric strips weave a pigtail or a column using the macrame technique.

6. Cozy slide

  • thick, easy-to-wash fabric,
  • decorative elements – braid, cord,
  • finished embroidery,
  • thread with a needle or sewing machine,
  • ready-made small pillows.

How to do it: cut out two square pieces of fabric, decorate to your liking, sew. You can sew on decorative stripes of cotton lace and braid (it will look especially good against the background of large-weave linen fabric), you can decorate along the edge with a cord (if the fabric is decorative tapestry), you can make an application in the form of windows, a door and a roof of a house – as your fantasy tells you .

5. The Magic Garden

ybbhrkkzOne of the most original DIY Christmas gifts is the florarium. This is a closed or semi-closed mini-garden of ornamental plants, and although its creation will require preparation, the result will be one of the most original DIY gifts for the New Year.

  • actually, a florarium – it can be an aquarium, a terrarium, a beautiful glass jar or a vase. The easiest way is to take a ready-made aquarium – the presence of a cover and lighting will facilitate the care of plants.
  • ready ground,
  • drainage,
  • Activated carbon,
  • decorative stones for decoration,
  • the plants themselves.

  •  We advise you to get by with succulents for the first time – they are aesthetically expressive, and it is easier to care for the desert landscape.

How to do it: think over the composition of the plants (it is important that they require the same care conditions – this is how the garden will live and prosper for a long time). Rinse, dry and degrease the glass container. We lay out drainage at its bottom, then activated carbon – it will counteract bacteria, then soil.

  •  We plant a set of plants at a distance of about 2-4 cm from each other, and lay decorative pebbles and sand on the surface.

4. Smartphone stand

4ed5nfkkSuch a stand is easy and simple to make from an ordinary cutting board.

  • board,
  • wooden block,
  • sandpaper,
  • hand saw,
  • if desired – varnish or paint.

How to do it: in front of the bottom of the board, a bar is attached horizontally, on which the lower part of the tablet will be located. A stand is cut out of the rest of the bar and attached at the back. The finished product is recommended to be coated with stain or varnish.

3. Splashes of champagne

sytkbq3eIn order for wine not drunk on New Year's Eve to retain its taste longer, give your friends a set of decorative wine corks.

  • finished corks,
  • beautiful handles for furniture of the right size.

How to do it: Simply glue the handles to the corks with a glue gun. A very simple gift for the New Year – 2022 with your own hands, but how cool it looks!

2. Warm place for the cat

pevmsw2nAnd if your friends, colleagues or relatives are happy owners of a cat, give their pet a cozy house made especially for her.

What is required and how to do it: You can create a house for a cat in many different ways – from the simplest house-sleeve made of fabric to a complex structure of cardboard tubes wrapped in jute rope or a real palace made of wood. One of the easiest options is in the video below.

1. Note holders

  • plastic animal figurines,
  • acrylic "metal" paint,
  • wire loop or metal latch.

  •  How to do it: screw the holder into the body of the plastic figurine, clean and degrease its surface, then cover it with acrylic gold or silver paint.